• Planina pri Sevnici

    Performing at the height of 700-and-something metres offered a magnificent view of the neighbouring hills and valleys. The beautiful location allured some 5 thousand people. We performed quite late as we followed the performances of Neisha and Mi2 and some others. With the venue overcrowded, on stage we were in full swing, playing our thing very much in tune... It's great to hear the crowd cheer and sing along, while you can just go with the music and its charm, everything just falling into place. These were the feelings we had when it was all over. Under the full moon, the atmosphere was like magic. Literally. We arrived home early in the morning – some rest was a must!

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  • Žalec

    We arrived at the venue in Žalec in late afternoon to find it all set for sound check. Afterwards we had dinner and almost 4 hours spare time to rest a bit and get ready for the show. Before our show a large crowd gathered at the Žalec Night. Once on stage the party was on. It lasted about 2 hours and when the audience excitedly demanded more, we gave them encore. After the show we took some time to cool down and spend time with our fans...

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  • Hrastnik

    Friday's strenuous day was followed by Saturday in Hrastnik's cosy sports hall. It was our classic striking repertoire that we played in Hrastnik, with the encore coming on more gently and ending in the dizziness from the height. We spent some time with our fans after the show and raised our glasses to yet another successful concert weekend.

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  • Maribor

    On Friday we arrived in Maribor at around 1PM for the sound-check before the evening show. Our co-performers were Laibach, Dan D and Šank Rock. The Ledna hall was occupied by a crowd of six thousand, who sang along with us all to the end when we had a surprise prepared: Dan D joined us on stage and together we performed the Male Roke / Voda blend. It felt great! After our performance we indulged in the performance of Laibach and afterwards we slowly set off back home to Ljubljana.

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  • Impro League

     On Sunday, 10 June, 2007, KUD France Prešeren hosted the 2nd contest of the Impro leauge  great finale, a contest in theatrical improvisation. The teams of Veselička and Modro Nebo competed to win the title of the best in the game of spontaneity and vivid imagination. The show being governed by impulses from the audience as it is, received yet another surprise as Siddharta's Primož B., Tomi M. and Tomaž O.R. walked the stage to deliver a box to the show's host Gregor Gruden. The box contained instructions for the final scene of the improvisers' show. It is always in the last minute that the improvisers get these instructions (e.g. how many improvisers are to participate, what the audience's suggestions are, how long the scene should take). The so-called "delegate's challenge" is always delivered in an interesting, not to say spectacular manner. This time the Impro League members asked members of Siddharta to help, since all the delegate's challenges were named after the band's songs. Though improvisers in the audience tried to prevent the box from reaching the stage, in the end it was delivered to the hands of the right people and the audience gave all an enthusiastic round of applause.

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  • Nazarje

    Arriving in Nazarje in the afternoon hours gave us enough time to look
    around at the surrounding hills. The Rdeča Armada club is located in a
    valley of great natural beauty. The club - our respects to it - was
    overcrowded. We started the show at about half past 10, following Kačji
    and followed by Yogurt. We played for a good hour and 40 minutes, the
    crowd was great and accepted us wonderfully. They worked the show with us
    all the way t the end. After the show we spent some time with our fans and
    soon set off for Ljubljana. Such was another successful performing weekend.
    See you next week in Maribor, in the company of Šank Rock, Laibach, Dan D
    and others.

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  • Novo Mesto

    In Novo Mesto we played near the city market, in the garden of the San
    Sebastian club. Everything ran smoothly; the show was great and the garden
    filled with the Novo Mesto youth. We also prepared a surprise for the crowd:
    we had the singer of Dan D join us on stage. The atmosphere was great, the
    crowd went wild and we did too. We are glad for this show to have come about
    and we hope to do it again. The next day we were off to Nazarje.

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Planina pri Sevnici

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Koncert na višini 700m in še nekaj nadmorske višine, je omogočil lep razgled na sosednje hribe in doline. Lep okoliš je privabil okoli 5 tisoč ljudi. Naš nastop je sledil dokaj pozno, pred nami je nastopila Neisha in Mi2 in drugi. Prizorišče polno ljudi, mi pa na odru s polno energijo preigravali naš repertoar uigrano in suvereno. Res lepo je slišat množico, ki prepeva tvoje komade, pleše in nori, ti pa se enostavno prepustiš glasbi in njenemu čaru in se tako vse zlije v nekakšno popolno celoto. S takšnimi občutki smo koncert tudi zaključili, luna je bila polna in vzdušje prizorišča je bilo čarobno v pravem pomenu. Prihod je bil zgodaj jutranji, spanec več kot potreben!