The Early Beginnings (1995)

Today the biggest name on Slovenia's music scene, Siddharta was formed in 1995, when four friends – Tomi M. (vocals, guitar), Primož B. (guitar, back vocals), Primož M. (bass) and Boštjan M. (drums) – got together and named themselves after a well-known book by Hermann Hesse because they liked the sound of it. Soon they started developing their own sound. They wanted it to be different – they enriched it with the saxophone and keyboards. Cene R. joined the band on sax and a while later Tomaž O. R. on keyboards. Together they developed their own sound, a sound they like to call Siddharta sound. Even before their first album was released one could get a taste of Siddharta sound in a project by RTV Slovenia and Studio Tivoli – Siddharta had been chosen among many promising Slovenian bands and ranked first on the Tivolski Pomp compilation.

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