Are there any special guidelines when it comes to Siddharta's presence in the media?
We ask that the following general guidelines be taken into account:
1. Siddharta should be mentioned as a 5-member band at any time, with no special focus on individual band members. In addition, this preference is to be taken into account with photo sessions, i.e. whole-band photographs are to be taken.
2. Band members are not giving out their surnames. Instead, only the first name and maximum the surname initial are to be used, like quoted in the album booklets.
3. Interviews are to be requested for the whole band. The band is to be given to choose a pair to represent them in the interview.
4. Siddharta’s music is always to be the main content. Personal lives of band members should not be part of the interviews or they will not be answered. No questions about politics and religious affiliation are to be asked. Cheesy questions are to be avoided.
5. All info about promotion activities is to be presented to Siddharta management beforehand. After description of promo activities, Siddharta make the decision as to who shall be available for the interview requested as the choice is topic-dependent.
6. All TV performances are to be fully live and using Siddharta's own equipment.

When is Siddharta available for interviewing?
1. By agreement:
Siddharta is available for interviewing before or after the performance as agreed with and on prior arrangement with Siddharta's Management. For the sake of setting up a schedule of interviews, accredited reporters are to be approved via email info@siddharta.net at least 3 days prior to the performance: please specify the reporter name, the representative medium and contact number.
2. By no prior agreement:
Siddharta Management will use their best efforts to include in the schedule all reporters who wish to do an interview with Siddharta but have for any reason failed to apply for accreditation. In case an unaccredited reporter distracts our work, they will be kindly asked to leave the area during soundcheck and/or performance of Siddharta.

Who should I contact if I need to set up an interview date?
Please contact Siddharta Management at info@siddharta.net.
Please check our Contacts page for detailed info.

Who should I contact if I require additional information, make a complaint, suggestion, etc?
Please contact us at info@siddharta.net.

Can I record a Siddharta performance?
1. By agreement:
Single photosessions or recordings are allowed by prior agreement with Siddharta Management before or around the stage during the first three numbers of Siddharta performance. After the third number the recording team must leave the area before the stage and discontinue recording anywhere in the hall or the venue during the performance of Siddharta, unless specifed otherwise. Recording teams, photographers and others are not by any means to use or walk on the stage during Siddharta performance.
2. By no prior agreement:
Any recording of the performance (audio or video) is prohibited. In case of violation of this condition Siddharta may discontinue the performance; all original recordings and any eventual copies of the performance are to be handed over to Siddharta's representative immediately in the venue.
Recording of the soundcheck is prohibited.
The media are kindly requested to send us published materials about Siddharta for our archives via email at info@siddharta.net or by post to Siddharta, p.o.box 179, 1236 Trzin, Slovenia.
Text and pictures in a resolution of at least 300 dpi or an appropriate resolution for publication.
Audio recordings on an audio CD or in mp3 format.
Video recordings on a DVD or mini DV or in avi format.
Can I download graphics and/or photographs from this site to use for my own site?
Yes, but only with our written permission. If you are selling, trading, or donating unauthorized merchandise or recordings of Siddharta for value, which is prohibited, we cannot give you permission to download graphics and/or photographs. Please submit your requests and inquiries regarding this subject to info@siddharta.net.

I have a site dedicated to Siddharta, can I have advertising banners too?
Yes, but we ask that you not use Siddharta's name for profit in any way if your site contains banner ads.

Can I register a domain name that has 'Siddharta' included in it?
If you have a website that is solely dedicated to Siddharta in compliance with these guidelines, the band will allow you to register and use a domain name with the name 'Siddharta' in it. Please submit your request and inquiries regarding this subject to info@siddharta.net.

Can I record concerts?
No. Recording is prohibited and recording equipment of any kind should not be brought in the venue. Should you try to bring or use recording equipment in the venue, Siddharta's representative shall have the right to either confiscate the equipment or recordings or erase them, while you will be asked to leave the venue immediately and escorted to the exit.

Can I take pictures at the concerts?
If you take photographs at a concert, you do it for your own personal use only and we ask that you not trade, donate, or barter the photographs in exchange for other goods or money.

May photographs I took at a Siddharta concert or when meeting with the band be put on the internet?
Yes. Should we however be notified of their inappropriateness, we shall have to ask you to remove them.

Can I sell Siddharta merchandise and recordings?
Yes, if it is original recordings or official and authorized merchandise, but the selling of unauthorized recordings and merchandise is strictly prohibited.

Can I offer Siddharta's recordings to be downloaded by visitors to my website?
No, we do not authorize any Siddharta music to be downloaded, but please feel free to stream Siddharta's music on your site (maximum streaming quality 28kb/sec) - just no downloading. Only official Siddharta releases may be streamed, no recordings from concerts or any other source.

Can I post Siddharta lyrics on my website?
Yes, you may post lyrics, but we ask that you do not post lyrics and chords in sheet music form because that would be copyright infringement. Our sheet music will be sold and distributed by our licensee when they are available.

Can I register Siddharta's name or a variation of it as a trademark?
No, you may not register Siddharta's name either alone, or with other words, or our stylized lettering or the flame logo, with any governmental agency, nor may you adapt any of those to use as representation of yourself without our written permission.
The audio and video won't play. Why?
The audio and video files require you have flash player (version 6 or higher) installed. Click here to download and install Macromedia Flash Player.

I have the flash player installed but no sound is heard / no video is seen. What's wrong?
If you are behind a firewall, make sure you give your player proper permissions to access the internet. If it cannot connect to the server, you will not hear a thing.

The page is not working properly. Is there anything wrong with my browser?
The page works properly in all known browsers but you do need to have cookies enabled to be able to view and use certain sections properly (including the online store).

I have forgotten my S.A.M.O. password and my registered email is not valid any more. I've locked myself out. Should I register again?
Please describe your problem and email it to forum@siddharta.net to reactivate your account.

I have a new email account and have tried to update my S.A.M.O. profile accordingly. But now I cannot post any messages and my status says Awaiting Authorisation.
An email has been sent to you asking you to click a link to confirm that the email address you have provided is valid. If the email address is invalid or if the email failed to be delivered for any reason, please contact forum@siddharta.net and explain your problem.

Where can I find information on Siddharta and Siddharta members?
All information on the band can be found on Siddharta's web page www.siddharta.net and the forums.

Can I have Siddharta members' autographs sent by post?
We have a policy of not sending autographs by post. Instead, if you pay us a visit back stage, we'll gladly give them to you.

I've heard about a Siddharta performance but I can't find it listed among the announcements on the web page. Can I email you for confirmation?
Please don't. All our performances are announced immediately upon agreement. If a certain concert date has not been announced, that's because it's either that we are not going to perform there or it has not yet been confirmed by the promoter. Please wait for a formal announcement on our web page.

Where can I buy Siddharta albums?
All our albums and other items such as T-Shirts, keychains and other, can be bought through our online store. When ordered, they will be delivered to your door by courier.

How do I become a member of Siddharta's fan club?
Please email your request to info@siddharta.net.

If I have more questions, who should I contact?
If you have questions about our website, or need information of any kind, email us at info@siddharta.net.