• New World: Equinox

    A few years ago it was just a song, today it's a reality: a New World.

    A New World in which our worlds, now divided, connect into one. A New World in which we forget everyday worries and let ourselves go with the flow of the indestructible power of rock n’ roll, hope and love. A New World is now and tomorrow, in it we can float, fly, slow down time and reverse it … A New World that will allow us to really open up our valves and return all the positive energy that you have given to us over the years. A New World which will give us the opportunities to create new, special chapters in this story of ours.

    We begin with Equinox; when day and night first sway in equilibrium and then the darkness gives way to light and the Nature awakens.

    Welcome to “New World: Equinox” on-line live performance.
    Saturday, 2021-03-20, @ 9 PM (CET).
    Log-in entrance to foyer opens @ 8 PM (CET).
    We kindly ask you to log-in within the first 30 minutes when the foyer opens in order to avoid unnecessary on-line traffic congestion and/or other technical inconveniences just before the start of the performance. Thank you!

    Ticket sales: tretjioder.si & mojekarte.si

    VOLKSWAGEN Proud partner of on-line live performance and Siddharta since 2008.

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  • ID20 vinyl has landed!

    #ID20 vinyl is finally here!

    It's available in Big Bang Mega Kranj, Maribor, Ljubljana (BTC), Novo mesto, Koper, Celje & Big Bang II Mega II Maribor. In Ljubljana you can also get it in Recordslo and Spinvinyl. You can also order it on-lin via  our label, Nika.

    Have a nice spin!

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  • ID20

    20 years after its initial release we decided to re-record our debut album ID during a 3-day live-studio-session that took place in Studio 22 in Maribor. It was produced (same as the debut album) by Dejan Radičević. Album is NOW AVAILABLE HERE as a free-download via our Volkswagen's website. Enjoy!

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  • Headlights in June

    We received two more awards today!

    Readers of Vklop magazine and Žarometi jury decided that we deserve a Žarometi (Headlights) award for song of the year (A.M.L.P.) and another one for artist of the year. We thank thee!

    Yours, Siddz

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