Maraton (live) (2007)

Four years had passed since the breathtaking Stadium concert and Siddharta were ready for a new venture. They placed it in Ljubljana's Hala Tivoli, packed with fans eagerly awaiting a new blow by Siddharta – and the show had been sold out within a couple of weeks. The Marathon was another “first-ever” in Siddharta’s long history of achievements. The band – with a little help of their music friends – performed their whole set-list from day one, a total of 56 songs, and was on stage for full 5 hours plus. Siddharta's first bass player Primož M., Big Foot Mama's singer Grega Skočir, rapper Nikolovski, legend of Slovenian rock music Vlado Kreslin and string quartet Godalika joined them on stage.

The concert was released in December as a collection of four CDs with a bonus DVD, which featured a documentary on the happening in- and outside the hall, both before and during the Marathon concert. The documentary was shot and cut by Dafne Jemeršič.

Wind of change(s)
Spring of 2008. Doing the undoable, Siddharta released a video of an unexistent song, Autumn Sun. The song had been only known and available as its own remix from the 2002 Silikon Delta album of remixes but was given its own form with this video.

Just as autumn's sun placed them in the marathonic spotlight, spring brought a wind of change for Siddharta. It was both the band and their supporting machinery that were struck with changes. Cene R., after over ten years as a member of Siddharta, decided to give it a go as a solo artist and the band in full friendly support accepted his decision. Another decision was made – Siddharta rounded up their cooperation with their yearlong manager Iztok Kurnik and entrusted this challenge to Veto Group.

With a new wind beneath their wings and the incredible eagerness of the new team, the band, now a group of 5 and without the sax, was armed and ready for their upcoming ventures.

Related Facts


  1. Autumn sun (eng)Directed by Igor Nardin, Mateja Kavčnik

2007 Awards

  1. Viktor award for Artist of the year 2006
  2. Gold record for the Petrolea album
  3. Platinum record for the Petrolea album