Infra (2015)

2015 marks the 20-year anniversary of the band's first live performance, which too place on March 17th, 1995. To mark the occasion the band decides to treat their loyal fans with 20 new song which are to be released on two separate album that form a whole.
The first album, Infra, is announced with its first single, Ledena, which is also released as a video on May 31st, 2015. Ledena is recieved with great success and instantly hits the top of the charts and has significant airplay, while the video keeps hitting a huge amount of views.
Infra is released on June 12th, 2015 and contains 9 more additional songs. Dejan Radičević returns after 16 years (after producing Siddharta's debut album, Id in 1999) as the producer, while the whole album is recorded in Siddharta's own studio, Studio 13.
Shortly after ther release of Infra, another song, Piknik, becomes a radio single on all its own. Meanwhole the band returns to the studio and starts working on their follow-up album that will bring the other 10 of 20 songs promised.
The band would return to Infra in late 2016 to record their 4th video off the two albums; Do Konca. The video was released on Oct 24, 2016 and was directed by August Adrian Braatz & Aron Hrovath.

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  1. LedenaDirected by Matej Grginič – Grga