VI & Stadion Stožice (2011)

2011 starts with preparations for new stadium concert. This time at the new stadium Stožice in Ljubljana. But even second time around, things are not as simple as they seem. Band members search for and of course also find an additional challenge that makes the event and its preparation even more interesting. The challenge is to record a new album and a DVD of the concert right there in front and with the public. New songs are being written and shortly they all, one after the other, appear on the web and radio airwaves. The band doesn't want to premiere them at the stadium concert but wants people to get to know them. On March 21 the fly overseas to LA and Ross Robinson, who will produce the album. 7 songs are being written there in less then 3 weeks, the band then returns to Slovenia. Shortly after their return, Ross arrives and the detailed work on the album begins with Martin Janežič – Buco, percussions & Gregor Budal and Boštjan Andrejc – Buši, both backing vocals. Siddharta invites diva Josipa Lisac and she accepts the invitation. They perform Neon (Shusuaglo) together. Laibach also accept invitation and they perform B Mashina together. Dancers under the leadership of choreographer Miha KRušič join the project and so do video designers for LED screens, pyrotechnics, … The show at stadium Stožice is visited by 11.000 visitors on June 18, 2011. Almost three and a half hours and 35 songs later the people leave the stadium and their opinions are variations of; high expectations, but we got so much more. The album is recorded. And so is the DVD. Photos are shot in 2 and 3D. Enter – postproduction. And silence. Until November when the band announces the date of the release of the new album VI (word play; vi in Slovene means "you" but it can also be interpreted as VI as in 6 and 6th album) and the double DVD. They are both released on Wednesday, Nov 23, 2011. The package of the album is overrun with photos from the event. Band and the fans are both caught up there. DVD package is entirely done with 3D photos and the bonus disc holds a 50-minute documentary about the making of the stadium project and 3D photo gallery. Up next are promotional signing session and instant No. 1 position on sales charts. A project that lasted for a good year is brought to a close with promotional concert at Cvetličarna in Ljubljana, where the after party of the stadium Stožice was also held.

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  2. HollywoodDirected by Siddharta