Silikon Delta (2002)

Just after the Križanke concert the remix album Silikon Delta was released. This album is a so-called “side project” and is not a presentation of Siddharta style as we know it. On this album various established artists were gathered to put their vision into Siddharta songs. Artists such as Laibach, Valentino Kanzyani, Umek, Random Logic and many others remixed songs from both ID and Nord. With this album Siddharta penetrated into the minds of the music-wise differently oriented crowd. The album cover was designed by Sašo Dornik.

Alongside the release of Silikon Delta, the video for Under Venus – an animation video created by Testtube Productions – was launched. The video won the Best Video 2002 award.

Related Facts


  1. Platina 9th RMX (slo)Directed by Testtube

2002 Awards

  1. Viktor award for Artist of the year
  2. Bumerang award for Group of the year
  3. Second platinum record for the Nord album