Nord (2001)

After their headline performance at the Rock Otočec festival Siddharta retreated from public life and locked themselves up in the studio. They worked in total isolation. The new album was recorded again in Studio Tivoli, produced by the best production team Slovenia had to offer: Peter Penko and Žare Pak came out with flying colours. All the modern approaches (loops, sfx, programming) combined with the analog studio equipment resulted in what was to become Slovenia’s record breaker in every way. On May 9th, six months of Siddharta silence later, Nord broke out. Nord sales went skyrocketing. In only three weeks of sales activities Siddharta‘s new album reached gold record status (5,000 copies sold), in only three months the sales grew to fascinating 13,000 copies. Nord became officially the fastest selling domestic product in the history of Slovenia. What is more, the album also broke the record in number of weeks on top of the local album-selling chart (Slo Top 30). By June 2002 Nord went double platinum (over 20,000 copies sold). By now over 30,000 copies have been sold. Nord’s cover is once again the work of Ivijan Mujezinović and elegantly captures the essence of the audio in a visual form.

The band set sail on an all-Slovenian stage expedition, playing nearly 80 live performances, selling out even the largest sport halls. The Nord tour lasted 14 months and was wrapped up by a significant performance in the Ljubljana open-air theatre Križanke, supported by the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra on June 16th, 2002. The concert was broadcast live on national radio Val 202 and the video recording shown on national television.

Related Facts


  1. Klinik (slo)Directed by Saša Hes
  2. Samo Edini (slo)Directed by Sašo Podgoršek
  3. B Mashina (slo)Directed by Gonzo

2001 Awards

  1. Golden Rooster award for Best group
  2. Gold record for the Nord album
  3. Platinum record for the Nord album