ID (1999)

By the end of 1996 Siddharta had 14 songs of their own ready to be recorded. In 1997 they took part in the Tivolski Pomp project, which resulted in a compilation, for which they contributed their song Lunanai. Siddharta’s debut album Id was recorded at Studio Tivoli in cooperation with Dejan Radičevič and Anders Kallmark between April 1998 and February 1999. With their eyes set on the future, Siddharta recorded two versions of the album – one for the home and the other for the foreign market. The Id cover, designed by two students of Design and fine arts – Maja Bagić and Ivijan Mujezinović – won the Zagreb Art and Design Triennial award. The debut album went platinum; it was sold in 13,000 copies.

Due to disagreements with their first record company they changed their publisher and their management in September 1999. They signed with Multimedia Records, a Universal Music Group licensee, which re-released Id with a bonus track added – the band’s first song Stipe. With the album in one hand and full support of their record company in the other the band began a media march and immediately became a sensation or a phenomenon in Slovenia. The video for “Pot v X” was recorded, which took the name of Siddharta from the local fan base to the general public. In a year, during the Id tour the band played in over 50 live concerts all over Slovenia. Their live performances gave the album a new dimension. The presence in the media increased considerably. There has never been a group that caused so much commotion with the first record release. This, however, was only the beginning.

Lunanai (EP, 2000)
The band did not stand still. In April 2000 they released their first EP Lunanai, to which besides two versions of Lunanai three live songs were added. They collaborated with the legend of Slovenian rock music, Vlado Kreslin and together they recorded a version of the title song and the video for it.

Related Facts


  1. Lunanai (slo)Directed by Igor Zupe
  2. Pot v X (slo)Directed by Igor Zupe

2000 Awards

  1. Bumerang award for Prodor (Breakthrough)
  2. Golden Rooster for debutant of the year
  3. Golder Rooster award for Rock album of the year
  4. Golder Rooster award for Album of the year
  5. The Zagreb Art and Design Triennial award for the Id cover
  6. Gold record for the Id album
  7. Platinum record for the Id album