Petrolea (2006)

Almost three years after the release of their last studio album, Siddharta returned with Petrolea, an album much different in sound and arrangement from its symphony-based predecessor. One could say that in a way this album was Siddharta’s return “to the garage” and thus came close to the band’s original sound. This, however, does not mean that the production was any less glamorous. On the contrary! A selection of domestic and foreign studios, combined with the experienced ear of Žare Pak and the musical perfectionism of the band members offered Slovenia an album, marked by many a critic as album of the year 2006.

Having kept their fans waiting that long for a new album, Siddharta rewarded them with a free cultural event – an opening concert at the Ljubljana Castle. It was at the same time the first rock concert ever to have taken place in the castle courtyard, the event thus placing a new milestone on the band’s path of achievements.

Autumn 2006 was spent on the road as Siddharta played 22 indoor concerts and a tour-closing concert in Ljubljana’s Prešeren Square just before New Year. The latter was filmed by the national TV in order to air it a few days afterwards. Young promising Slovene bands opened for Siddharta throughout the tour. They were given the opportunity for a big-stage experience, which would definitely pay off later.

The Slovene and international audience did not neglect to see Siddharta’s qualities and so the band was again nominated for the MTV EMA and it received the Viktor award for Artist of the year. It was at the very Viktor awards show that Siddharta and Dan D premiered in performing their concocted number Male roke / Voda. The hit swarmed radio waves immediately and remained on top of music charts most of 2007.

The spring 2007 leg was spent in concerts again, clubbing. Over 30 shows, among these one for Slovenians living in Italy and one for those in Vienna – these brought back to life Siddharta’s nearly forgotten feelings of performing in a club. Rejuvenated and very much in tune they played most Slovenian summer festivals.

Male Roke (EP, 2007)
Siddharta’s cooperation with Dan D was marked by the release of the Male Roke EP, which included the above-mentioned duet, the original title song and four live numbers. Just like the Petrolea cover design, the Male Roke cover design is again a work by Sašo Dornik and his Ventilator creative group.

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  1. Male Roke (slo)Directed by Dafne Jemeršič
  2. Domine (slo)Directed by Miloš Radosavljević & Tomi Horvat
  3. Plastika (slo)Directed by Luka Lorenci

2006 Awards

  1. Nomination for the Viktor award in the category of Artist of the year 2005
  2. Nomination for the MTV European Music Award in the category of Best Act – MTV Adria 2005