• Hotel Habakuk, Maribor

    The summer is in full swing. We have had much hard work and have made many important decisions recently. The invitation by the Piše se leto crew and the Habakuk to spend a few days pampering ourselves in the beautiful environment under the Pohorje was more than welcome. So we spent the first half of this week indulging in swimming-pools, saunas, massages, slow food and fresh air, which made us lose the sense of reality for two days. We didn't complain in the least... The active-passive days were made complete by our visits to the Lent festival and time flew by too fast. We were unanimous we had to go back as soon as possible.

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  • Siddharta at the Pohorje Adrenalin Park

    During a short holiday in the beginning of this week, among other things Siddharta took time off to have some fun at the Pohorje Adrenalin Park in Maribor. With the fresh air and summer weather, fun was guaranteed.

    See you again in the winter!

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  • Tabu picnic

    We were again invited to the traditional Tabu picnic in the band's backyard.

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  • Maribor, Slovenia (Piše se leto 2005)

    Maribor. Back in the company of our domestic audience, we were warmly greeted by the Styrians. Together with Magnifico and Six-Pack Čukur we played in Maribor's Ljudski Vrt stadium. We arrived there at about 3 PM and our crew set up the stage. By 9 PM when it started, it was all set.
    The 20-number playlist heated the audience for a good hour and a half. We were impressed by the magnificent view from the stage and we all enjoyed ourselves. Right to the end.

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  • Cologne, Germany (Prime Club)

    After the last show of the tour we're now going back to Ljubljana, filled with new impressions and new experience. We can truly call this a job well done and we can hardly wait for the autumn part of this tour. Thanks to everyone for all the support and danke Deutschland!

    Rock on!

    Siddharta & Crew

    Prime Club

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  • Berlin, Germany (Kato)

    Our 8th show in a row was staged in Berlin, in the Kato club.

    We need to give our compliments to the audience of this show as they managed to turn the overcrowded club into a party place for all. The show lasted a good hour and a half and it was fantastic! There was excitement among us on stage and we could feel it in the audience too. There were some familiar faces in the crowd: devoted Slovene fans, who sang along throughout the show. Let us point out that there were a few people from Poland among the audience, which means our music has reached all the way to the eastern part of Europe.

    After this amazing show and all the interviews, our feelings are extremely positive; we had never had such response from people in Germany. In hope that our last show in Köln builds further on our German successes, we would like to share our joy with all our fans wherever you might be.

    Your one and only Siddharta.

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  • Hamburg, Germany (Grünspan)

    The night in Frankfurt, short as it already was, seemed even shorter when we had to move on to Hamburg at 6 AM. The not-that-cosy journey was over at about 2 PM, when we left our luggage at the hotel and took off for the club. It was written on the front gate that the Beatles, before they became famous, played there... that seemed like an interesting encouragement! The club is located in the middle of Hamburg's red-light district Reeperbahn but we wouldn't allow ourselves to be distracted.

    We had the whole Highway to Kell team over at the show, with Markus in the lead. They sang along to all the numbers as one. Truly amazing! Thanks for all your support!
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  • Frankfurt, Germany (Nachtleben)

    We slept through the journey from Essen to Frankfurt where we were to play tonight. The promoter decided to move the concert to a smaller club in the centre of Frankfurt. At the same time we were told that we were getting a new bus but it would only be there in the evening, after the concert. We had breakfast and walked our way to the centre.

    There was a slight delay to the sound check but when we got around to it, we did great as usual and we were quick. We had dinner and at 10 PM we began our fifth show. For the first five numbers it was as great as always but then we started to feel the shortage of oxygen in the club. Our concentration dropped and we really struggled through the rest of the show. But we did it and the crowd was as excited as we were.

    And now hop on the bus and to the hotel. From there we are moving on to Hamburg at 6:30 in the morning.

    See you tomorrow!

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  • Essen, Germany (Zeche Carl)

    After a night-long Risk game we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. Part of our team took the subway to the Essen centre, while others travelled to Düsseldorf, a half-an-hour-drive journey from Essen to the NBC Giga TV station. We had and interesting live coverage and a video presentation with nice hostesses and host. Upon our return we sat down on the club terrace to have dinner, which somehow hadn't turned out the way it should have.

    There was a large crowd before the stage we stepped on at 9:15 PM. Again a great crowd and we dare say we are getting better and more sovereign with each concert. The energy within the team is still unbelievably high in positivity and we are very much looking forward to our last night on our first nightliner on the way to Frankfurt.

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Siddharta at the Pohorje Adrenalin Park

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During a short holiday in the beginning of this week, among other things Siddharta took time off to have some fun at the Pohorje Adrenalin Park in Maribor. With the fresh air and summer weather, fun was guaranteed.

See you again in the winter!