Another year comes to an end. 2008 is drawing its last breaths and 2009 is ready-set-go to take its place.

    Our wishes for you are very simple; be happy and be healthy and have tons of great music in your heads! For the first two you will have to take care of by yourselves and we will do our best to help you with the third!


    Be good!




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    It's here!
    It's war!
    Of ideas!

    You can order it via our official on-line store www.masterofmetal.net/siddharta. You will find it under "Hot Stuff" and "CD" links.

    Be quick because it comes in limited amount only: 1000 copies!



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  • Vojna Idej live soon!

    Siddharta is preparing a special project of distinctive audio and video creation, which is in progress right before the public eye. The first single "Vojna Idej" will in this respect premiere live over the www.siol.net/siddharta-saga web site this Friday, 19 December, 2008 at 10 o'clock.


    The most eager fans will have an exclusive opportunity of buying the limited-edition CD "Vojna Idej". 1000 copies will only be available for sale and only through the Siddharta Saga web site. Those of you who find this not enough, will be able to listen to or download "Vojna Idej" to your mobile phones as a ringtone, a ringback tone or a full track from the mobile portal Planet at www.planet.si or over the www.siol.net/siddharta-saga web site.


    Following Friday's "Vojna Idej" release will be a chance for the fans to tune in to the mobile portal Planet for a chat with the band - live at 10:30.


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  • Official Siddharta Store Launched Today!

    It's official!
    It's on-line!
    It's a store, innit?


    Due to some difficulties and problems some of you had in the past with our store and/or deliveries, we decided to pull the plug on the old one and start a new one.


    We joined forces with Master of Metal (now also our official reseller) and put together a store through which we will be able to offer you more diverse merchandise with as few (preferably none, but you never know) problems as possible. On the other hand, our merchandise will not only be available on-line but also in Master of Metal stores; Master of Metal (LJ, Ledina center), Mordor (LJ, Kolosej), --- .


    We also expanded our offer (you thought it would never happen, but it did, so there ...). You'll be able to find everything from CD's, DVD's, T-shirts, hoods, belts, wrist-bands, posters, mugs and wallets to keychains, led-lights and so on and on and on and ... Some of the stuff is still in production and we'll let you know about it as soon as it hits the "shelves".


    We are also preparing "limited edition" merchandise which will be illustrated by our very good friend, Blaž Porenta a.k.a. NinjaAssn. These are some truly awesome pieces that will leave you breathless, so when you see them appear in stores or on-line, don't hesitate - because there are others out there who won't!


    Oh, and yeah ... the credits cards are fully operational, Visa & MasterCard.


    Where is the damn thing?
    It's right here: www.masterofmetal.net/siddharta.


    Now, go! Buy stuff!


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  • Expecting a war ...

    There is a new video in Video reports on the Saga web site. A new trailer. Without a countdown this time.


    Vojna Idej is coming!


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  • Witness the winners in the studio!

    Today, 2008-12-05, at 4PM the winners of the 5x5 competition, who were drawn by the band themselves, will visit the band in the studio in Novo mesto where they are is recording their latest material.

    From (approx.) 5 PM you will be able to witness all that is going on in the studio at www.siol.net/siddharta-saga/livestream.php.

    Tune in!

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  • 5x5 contest results


    The 5 lucky winners to visit the 5 of us in the studio on Friday, December 5 - for 5 hours.

    The winners are:
    1. Anže Malis
    2. Ema Muc
    3. Ajda Anžič
    4. Sandi Koren
    5. Brigita Mlekuž




    This means, of course, that on Friday, December 5, 2008 we'll see you in the studio in Novo mesto.

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  • Contest 5x5 is closed!

    Contest "5x5" is closed! Winners will be notified by e-mail shortly after the draw.
    The draw will take place on 3 Dec. in Novo mesto.

    Thank you for entering the competition!



    PS: We got 2754 emails. 2/3 correct. Via mobile phones you gave us 6139 answers which were sent by 3670 users. And out of these 6139 answers 980 were correct.

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  • 5x5!

    5 lucky winners who answer the winning question correctly in the next 5 days will have the chance to meet the five of us in the studio in Novo mesto - for 5 hours.

    The question to be answered is:

    What is the title of our new single?

    Your answers are to be sent in by midnight on 30 November to saga@siol.net with "5x5" on the subject line. You can also participate in the contest through the mobile portal Planet.

    The drawing will take place on 3 December, live on www.siol.net/siddharta-saga. After the drawing the results will be announced on both www.siddharta.net and www.siol.net/siddharta-saga. Each of the five winners will get to visit members of Siddharta for five hours in the studio in Novo mesto. The winners will receive an announcement in their email inbox as well. All participants agree that in the event of their winning their name be announced on the above-mentioned web sites. The winners agree to be included in the live video stream from the studio, which will be available on www.siol.net/siddharta-saga, and the photo and video materials shot during their visit to the studio. Anyone younger than 18 years must be accompanied by a legal guardian or can come alone with a written permission of their guardian. The ride from Ljubljana to Novo mesto will be organized for the winners, leaving Ljubljana at 3 PM and Novo mesto at 9 PM.


    For terms and conditions see the document attached.

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  • And so the Saga opens

    Well, you've seen the trailer and waited long enough. Here it is: www.siol.net/siddharta-saga. Now keep coming back for more updates. And there will be more than a few.


    Click away!

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  • And so the journey begins ...

    Today is a big day in Siddharta camp.


    We launched a brand new web site dedicated to our new project. It can be found on the following address: www.siol.net/siddharta-saga.


    It is there where you will be able to find anything and everything concerning the project, us and all that surrounds us. This website will be dedicated strictly to our latest project and will be available to you for its complete duration. It will provide you with news, photo reports, video reports, written reports from the studios, rehearsals, behind the scenes and also with live streams and project-related merchandise, which will be available in due time.


    Just to top it off, we also redesigned our S.A.M.O. forum and added a special Saga forum within it. The Saga forum will give you enough space to discuss the project, songs, videos, artwork, sponsor and its additional activities, events and media coverage. And yet again we have the same four people to thank; Nika, Vasja, Steffi & Lea!


    And as if that weren't enough, we are also entering the studio today. We will record a couple of songs during the next few days and then retreat back to our rehearsal place in order to finish the rest of the songs before we go to ...


    ... well, we'll talk about that some other time.

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  • www.siddharta.net redesigned and optimised!

    We just had to do it!


    And you'll get used to it in no time so no worries.


    It's been quite some time since the last "upgrade" and/or major change of our web site. And now we proudly present you with: SOWS* 3.0 - Upgrade pack 2.01.


    Not only have we redesigned the damned thing, we've also restructured, optimised and rearranged some parts. It's a bitch, we know, but just read the second line of this news item again and everything will be "just dandy" in a heart beat.


    One major change is that we have reduced the lingual options to Slovene, English, German and Croatian. Another major thing was the reduction from "Home-News-Concerts-History-Albums-Photos-Videos-Goodies-Forum-Chat-Store-Press-Contacts-Links-Search" (a total of 15 links) to "News-Concerts-Band-Media-FanArea-Goodies-Store-Partners-Contacts" (a total of 9 links). We have given more room to things such as text and photos and we've also added an actual biography of the band (in addition to the History). There is some other stuff we've changed but you'll see for yourself as you come across it.


    It's been a long and tedious process, but we managed to pull it off. And this is where we would like to thank all those who "made it happen": Vasja, Nika, Steffi & Lea - thank you!




    * Siddharta Official Web Site
    (nothing to do with: sow 2 |sou| |saʊ| |saʊ|, noun, 1 an adult female pig, esp. one that has farrowed. • the female of certain other mammals, e.g., the guinea pig.)

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  • Slovenia raising flags

    At their press conference today, just a day before the qualifying match between Slovenia and Northern Ireland, the Football Association of Slovenia presented the new official anthem of Slovenia's football team, entitled »Dviga Slovenija zastave« (Slovenia Raising Flags).


    We are proud to be a part of the story we so eagerly follow ourselves.


    We joined forces and voices with four other football enthusiasts: Pero Lovšin, Vlado Kreslin, Zoran Predin and Grega Skočir.


    The anthem can be heard at the football team's website www.nzs.si and our website www.siddharta.net. It will also be in rotation on all national radio stations.


    Football fans in Slovenia will have the pleasure of hearing it out in the open this Saturday during the match at Ljudski vrt in Maribor.


    Undoubtedly, also when Slovenia scores!


    Go team!


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  • Sevnica

    It’s 11 o’clock and again we meet outside our “place”. The atmosphere goes hand in hand with the morning hours. Our crew is stacking the gear, the rest are slowly dropping in. After the morning coffee we take our time loading ourselves on the bus as well. The day is no different from those we have had so many times before, nothing out of the ordinary. But still today is a special day. All of a sudden the speakers on the bus scream “Happy birthday, Boštjan!” It’s Boštjan’s birthday today. And trust us, you cannot wish for a better birthday present than a concert.

    It takes us about an hour and a half to get to Sevnica, more precisely up to the Sevnica castle. It’s a stunning castle with a gorgeous well in the middle of the courtyard and a magnificent view. The event promoters have outdone themselves, exceeded all expectations. Backstage is great, the food so delicious. As if they knew that for one of us today is a special day.

    The sound check goes smoothly – if we neglect the fact it has been delayed due to a wedding in the courtyard. No problem, there’s still enough time before the concert starts.

    It’s about 8 PM now and the program begins with Carina, followed by Jezus Osebno. Crowds start to gather, the atmosphere is just right – rock & roll and some fire-breathers and torch-jugglers up on the castle wall. Next up is Gatuzo and it’s about time we got ready.

    It’s 11:20 PM, sounds of B Mashina are heard from the stage. The atmosphere is perfect, the courtyard full. A “Happy Birthday” song sung to Boštjan by a crowd of a few thousand is a present one can only wish for. The concert our drummer will definitely remember for the rest of his life goes through as planned.

    After the concert we toast to Boštjan as we should – in the circle of our closest friends. Happy birthday, Boštjan!

    Thanks to our crew, the event promoters and most of all thanks to our fans for all your support.

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  • Ankaran

    The last of the concerts before our vacation is behind us. Ankaran – as every sea-side town should – awaited us hot and sultry. As we tried to cool down a bit, not even jumping into the sea helped much.

    Anyhow, after a delicious dinner we couldn't wait to take the stage and go with the flow of the energy between us and our audience. We closed the hour-and-a-half-long show some half an hour after midnight but continued the merry celebration from after the show up till the sunrise.

    It was great and it will be still – see you in the autumn!

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  • 4 in a row

    And so they're behind us. Four shows in a row. Škofja Loka, Koper, Murska Sobota and Rock Otočec. It was incredible … and that quadrupled.

    Uverture in Škofja Loka. The beautiful Main Square was overflowing with listeners and as we were told by the insiders we even outnumbered the famous Škofja Loka artist. Sadly we had to end the show by 11 PM but we did not leave our fans deprived. We played an hour-and-a-half-long string of our “evergreens” and after the show had a drink with some of the visitors to exchange an opinion or two.

    It was 9 on the next morning when our bus set off in the direction of Koper. It was a genuinely hot summer day but we were headed for the heat and the smell of the sea. Great! The venue was huge and so was the stage. They showed promise of the mega event to come. The Radio Capris team really outdid themselves! After the sound check we filled our stomachs and lay down on the beach … if one can call it that. :) The long day set into the night and then it was show time. It began with Tabu, followed by Dan D, Vlado Kreslin and at half past midnight Siddharta. The selection of performing artists screamed for two duets – with Vlado Kreslin we performed his Od Višine Se Zvrti and with Dan D our joint concoction of Male Roke / Voda. The crowd of 15,000 was visibly satisfied. We hope we met their needs.

    After two nights of too little sleep, on Saturday at 11 AM we left for Murska Sobota. Many of us made up for the missing hours of sleep by dozing off on the bus. The idyllic surroundings of the Soboški dnevi venue tossed us in a good mood immediately and the evening crowd filled us with new energy. It was a good show – if we leave aside the electricity problems, which somewhat corrupted the quality of the sound. But in our opinion we all had a great time. Greetings to our friends in Idrija, Zablujena Generacija. Thanks for the perfect warm-up – 1, 2, 3, 4 … 5.

    As we should on a Sunday, we pampered ourselves with a big dose of sleep. We didn’t leave for Otočec until 6 PM. The festival of mud and rock’n’roll lived up to its tradition again this year – it didn’t take long to spot the playful visitors enjoying their mud baths. The finale of Euro 2008 kept our eyes fixated on the big screen. Together with the festival visitors we cheered for our own set of favourites. By the way, thanks for the beer! After football it was stage time for us and the grand finale of our mini tour. Thanks to our accompanying crew who always take care of everything so that we can do our part enjoyingly. Thanks to all of you before the stage who support us. May we have many a great concert together!

    See you in Ankaran!

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  • Maribor

    Unbelievable! Unbelievable! – Ok so we watched football before the show.
    Smiljan put together one heck of a show, organizing all that was possible.
    We ended up before a crowd of 6,000 people in a wonderful stadium, where we took care of a rush of blood to the hearts of at least 20,000 fingers.
    As cocky as it may sound – THE WINNER WAS...

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  • The Krka spring cave

    Outside our place in the morning. As so many times before. Yet today is special. We have a totally different show coming up. Acoustic, more calm, more intimate.

    Our crew loads the gear onto the bus and away we go towards the Dolenjsko region of Slovenia, more precisely the Krka spring, the location of the Krka festival. A cave! We will be playing in a genuine cave. This should be lots of fun. We are all anxious to see how it all turns out.

    The crew guys surmount all the obstacles and like in a flash the gear is inside the cave. The sound check goes by without a single complication and the acoustics of the cave throw us in raptures. We can't wait for the evening! After the sound check we have a delicious dinner and await the evening cave show in great expectation.

    The cave fills up, the show starts. The energy in the cave is amazing. We feel the crowd's excitement almost instantly. It is no different from ours. It feels great! Suddenly we feel as if playing in our own living room. Except for the fact that there are no torches in the living room. :) Time flies. Way too fast. The list of songs we have prepared for tonight runs short. The crowd is playful, so are we. The setlist was too short, the crowd demands some more. To round it up we have some sun shine into the cave with Na Soncu.

    After the show we take some pictures and spend some time with our fans. We have congrats flying in from all directions. Excitement remains. We hope we can have a similar show again soon.

    Thanks to all who helped us make tonight happen. Thanks to the event promoter, to our crew who never cease to surprise with their creativity, but most of all our fans. You make it all work!

    See you in Maribor!

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  • Stockholm

    It was the first time for our team to fly out to a show. Our journey to the northern land started by being late at the Brnik airport. We nonetheless managed to fly in to Sweden's capital on time. Settling in the pleasant hotel made the time fly by even more quickly – the night was already short as it was. In fact, we hardly had any night-time so we spent the days in our own way. The peak of our stay in Stockholm was of course our performance before 10,000 people, of which some 3,000 actually paid attention to the happening at this festival of food and drink. We received many good reviews afterwards, we got to wear our Swedish friends' T-shirts, gave out a few of our own and later we again got to spend some fine time with our friends. And the night was again so short.

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  • Celje

    It's been quite some time since in Hala Tivoli we told you all we can tell you on stage. Eight months of twists and turns, new challenges and new expectations… And then came May and with it fresh impetus and first in the string of shows coming up this year.

    May 23. Friday. It's 11 o'clock. Our team has been piling the gear on the bus for the past half an hour. We gather for our routine morning session outside our rehearsal place. As usual. Everything is running smoothly, as a matter of routine, just like a million times before. But our fingers itch to do something.

    The gear has been packed. We step on the bus and set out for Celje's Planet Tuš. The journey passes like in a flash. On the bus one can feel that genuine rock'n'roll spirit in the air.

    We arrive in Celje around 2. Our guys begin setting up the gear on stage. Again everything follows our well-known routine rhythm. As so many times before. A bad weather forecast moves the venue indoors. We are not bothered by the fact too much – it's close to show-time and all that matters now is that soon we'll be back on stage after a long break. The sound-check goes like clockwork. The venue's architecture is broken up just right for the sound to be exactly what we want it to be and what our fans expect it from us.

    After the sound-check we retire backstage. It’s 5 o’clock by now. We have a warm meal and then park our buns outside on the terrace, amazed by the sunshine. Ah never mind the sunshine, we all know that soon thunder will come.

    The show is starting. First up on stage are I.C.E. Crowds are gathering. Right after I.C.E. Alya takes over and well warms up the crowd. The venue is filling up… while our fingers still itch to do something. Soon now…

    Dan D go up for their show. The guys are in full swing when all of a sudden the stage goes black. Our eyes meet and we think to ourselves “don’t tell me… nah, it can’t be, it’s just a fuse, it must be”. But we are full of mixed feelings. It can’t go wrong, not today… not now! Some 20 minutes later the lights are back and Dan D continue their show. It’ll be soon now… It’s almost 11 PM.

    Our time has finally come… Our team sets up the stage for the show and at around 11:15 the stage goes black again, only this time it’s not a blown fuse. The sounds of Peter and the Wolf are heard… the fuse is fine. And thunder strikes! It thunders like it hasn’t for a long time. The Planet Tuš place shakes, the waiters lift the waitresses shoulder-high, the venue is filled up to the last corner, the energy is right. Now we know what our fingers were itching to do…

    The show goes as planned, we round it up at 1 AM. Pleasantly tired we mingle among our fans and wait for the team to clear up the gear. The return trip was a bit quieter but thus sweeter.

    Thanks to all who came to see us. And thanks to our team for another rocking night in Slovenia.

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  • Driven Into The Unknown

    Our ways have parted.

    After over a decade of co-creating, rehearsing, four studio and two live albums, all the singles, special releases and numerous live performances later Cene R. decided to temporarily leave the band and try his luck as a solo artist.

    In this decision he has our full support and we wish him all the luck and success he can get.

    There isn’t many people you come across in your life, who make such an intensely positive impact on a whole, and there’s even less of those who in the process become irreplaceable and indispensable. Cene is most definitely one of these people. He was and remains foremost our friend and even though our ways are temporarily parting in the field of music, we are sure that they will cross again.
    And then you never know…

    „Siddharta always did and will connect all of us, sensual beings, who have listened and will listen to it in the future. Let it rock, let it rock....“ Cene R

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  • Mini summer tour

    After a longer period of abstinence from live shows we decided to get back on stage. There will be thunder – come summer storms or not. Start gathering your energy so that we can see each other on the following concerts:

    23. 5. 2008, CELJE, PLANET TUŠ
    14. 6. 2008, KRŠKA JAMA
    20. 6. 2008, MARIBOR
    27. 6. 2008, KOPER
    28. 6. 2008, MURSKA SOBOTA
    29. 6. 2008, ROCK OTOČEC
    11. 7. 2008, ANKARAN

    We will keep you updated if there are any new dates added to our mini tour.

    C ya!

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  • Viktorji 2007 – nominee

    Siddharta would like to thank everyone who voted for our Viktor nomination in the Popular music performer category.

    2007 was a very successful year for Siddharta. We toured the clubs and summer festivals, did the Izštekani (“Unplugged”) show with Jure Longyka, sold out the Maraton (“Marathon”) concert and then released both of these on CD’s with bonus DVD’s. We were again nominated for Best Adriatic Act at MTV EMA 2007, shot and cut a video for Male Roke, combined our skills with the band Dan D and soaked our Male Roke (Little Hands) in their Voda (Water).

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  • Video for »Autumn Sun« premieres on MTV Adria

    The song Autumn Sun, which was performed for the first time in the radio show “Izštekani” (“Unplugged”) and then reprised in front of a few thousand people at the Marathon, will get its own video. “Live” footage of Izštekani and the Marathon will be the basis for the new video, which will be edited into a final product by MTV Adria’s own Igor Nardin and Mateja Kavčnik.

    The video will premiere on March 8 in the Adria Top 20 show.

    Autumn Sun (album Silikon Delta) is the second video (after T.H.O.R.) that will consist strictly of live footage and first Siddharta’s single that was recorded and presented in the English language only.

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  • Siddharta with a new management

    After a successful collaboration with Iztok Kurnik, Siddharta decided to entrust their management to VetoGroup. Siddharta has been collaborating with them since 2001, when they designed the artwork for Silikon Delta. VetoGroup will provide Siddharta with a wholesome service: management, booking and public relations. Iztok will assist the new partner of Siddharta with occasional advice.

    The new management will be available on the current mobile number (+386) 41 382 192, for other information please refer to info@siddharta.net.

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Another year comes to an end. 2008 is drawing its last breaths and 2009 is ready-set-go to take its place.

Our wishes for you are very simple; be happy and be healthy and have tons of great music in your heads! For the first two you will have to take care of by yourselves and we will do our best to help you with the third!


Be good!