Another year comes to an end. 2008 is drawing its last breaths and 2009 is ready-set-go to take its place.

    Our wishes for you are very simple; be happy and be healthy and have tons of great music in your heads! For the first two you will have to take care of by yourselves and we will do our best to help you with the third!


    Be good!




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    It's here!
    It's war!
    Of ideas!

    You can order it via our official on-line store www.masterofmetal.net/siddharta. You will find it under "Hot Stuff" and "CD" links.

    Be quick because it comes in limited amount only: 1000 copies!



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  • Vojna Idej live soon!

    Siddharta is preparing a special project of distinctive audio and video creation, which is in progress right before the public eye. The first single "Vojna Idej" will in this respect premiere live over the www.siol.net/siddharta-saga web site this Friday, 19 December, 2008 at 10 o'clock.


    The most eager fans will have an exclusive opportunity of buying the limited-edition CD "Vojna Idej". 1000 copies will only be available for sale and only through the Siddharta Saga web site. Those of you who find this not enough, will be able to listen to or download "Vojna Idej" to your mobile phones as a ringtone, a ringback tone or a full track from the mobile portal Planet at www.planet.si or over the www.siol.net/siddharta-saga web site.


    Following Friday's "Vojna Idej" release will be a chance for the fans to tune in to the mobile portal Planet for a chat with the band - live at 10:30.


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  • Official Siddharta Store Launched Today!

    It's official!
    It's on-line!
    It's a store, innit?


    Due to some difficulties and problems some of you had in the past with our store and/or deliveries, we decided to pull the plug on the old one and start a new one.


    We joined forces with Master of Metal (now also our official reseller) and put together a store through which we will be able to offer you more diverse merchandise with as few (preferably none, but you never know) problems as possible. On the other hand, our merchandise will not only be available on-line but also in Master of Metal stores; Master of Metal (LJ, Ledina center), Mordor (LJ, Kolosej), --- .


    We also expanded our offer (you thought it would never happen, but it did, so there ...). You'll be able to find everything from CD's, DVD's, T-shirts, hoods, belts, wrist-bands, posters, mugs and wallets to keychains, led-lights and so on and on and on and ... Some of the stuff is still in production and we'll let you know about it as soon as it hits the "shelves".


    We are also preparing "limited edition" merchandise which will be illustrated by our very good friend, Blaž Porenta a.k.a. NinjaAssn. These are some truly awesome pieces that will leave you breathless, so when you see them appear in stores or on-line, don't hesitate - because there are others out there who won't!


    Oh, and yeah ... the credits cards are fully operational, Visa & MasterCard.


    Where is the damn thing?
    It's right here: www.masterofmetal.net/siddharta.


    Now, go! Buy stuff!


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  • Expecting a war ...

    There is a new video in Video reports on the Saga web site. A new trailer. Without a countdown this time.


    Vojna Idej is coming!


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  • Witness the winners in the studio!

    Today, 2008-12-05, at 4PM the winners of the 5x5 competition, who were drawn by the band themselves, will visit the band in the studio in Novo mesto where they are is recording their latest material.

    From (approx.) 5 PM you will be able to witness all that is going on in the studio at www.siol.net/siddharta-saga/livestream.php.

    Tune in!

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  • 5x5 contest results


    The 5 lucky winners to visit the 5 of us in the studio on Friday, December 5 - for 5 hours.

    The winners are:
    1. Anže Malis
    2. Ema Muc
    3. Ajda Anžič
    4. Sandi Koren
    5. Brigita Mlekuž




    This means, of course, that on Friday, December 5, 2008 we'll see you in the studio in Novo mesto.

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  • Contest 5x5 is closed!

    Contest "5x5" is closed! Winners will be notified by e-mail shortly after the draw.
    The draw will take place on 3 Dec. in Novo mesto.

    Thank you for entering the competition!



    PS: We got 2754 emails. 2/3 correct. Via mobile phones you gave us 6139 answers which were sent by 3670 users. And out of these 6139 answers 980 were correct.

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