Let's first clear a few adrenaline fueled twists and turns in this thrilling story: it all began in rain, continued more or less in the same manner and ended pretty much like it, too. Surprisingly little time passed between the first load-in and load-out and no intellectual strain was required to find the culprit; our bus driver, who speeded through corners like his life depended on it. Or as Tomi put it: "It's all straight-forward to him." Before soundcheck two of our crew members got acquainted with Saloon's small pizza. The majority of the people present at the table got well-fed with this "small" but tasty specimen of culinary species. The damned thing measured over 55 cm in diameter and was not exactly the thinnest of its kind. After the soundcheck we ended up (believe it or not) back in the Saloon's restaurant where the dinner was being served. In the meanwhile a local band Can of Bees was warming up the first arrivals. They were followed by somewhat "unusual" dance performance. And then the lights went down, Tisa played our intro and then:

    B Mashina
    Bel Labod
    Od Višine se Zvrti
    Napalm 3
    Samo Edini
    Pot v X
    Postavi se na Mojo Stran
    Le Mavrica
    Na Soncu
    Vojna Idej

    After the show we freshened ourselves up on the bus while our crew loaded our gear, this was followed by another break-neck-speed drive back home, which provided us with a few interesting anecdotes, but they might be more suitable for another occasion.

    Dear korošice and korošci! We salute each and every one of you who stood there and/or jumped around in the rain for those two hours. This was the second time that you came out to see us in such a dreary weather. But this was also the second time that you clearly showed us that there is no stopping you. And this is why that the next we come back to your part of the woods again it won't be on 31st but on 13th!

    Until then – thank you & see ya! You were incredible!
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    Our Studio 13 welcomed us in an early-afternoon sun and before it knew what hit it we emptied it and loaded our gear onto the bus. The mandatory (almost ritualistic) wait for certain someones to appear, who also again and again serve us with creative choice of apologies why it is totally impossible for them to be on time, resulted in an over-all good spirits as we hit the road and headed towards Zeleni Gaj. Up until this day we were fairly certain that zombies only existed in comic books, novels, movies and TV series, but just before we reached our destination we had to admit how horribly wrong we were. It was a solitary specimen who was lucky that Michonne wasn't around. We unloaded the gear, "refreshed" ourselves and did the sound check. The specifics of the venue caused quite some problems to our Tisa, but she overcame them like a hefe. On our way to dinner our main concern wasn't the food, but football. Do they have a TV set? Will we be able to watch the match? Even if the do have the TV set – do they have the right channels? Will we need to dig them? Well, the TV wasn't there, but the kind hosts at Lisjak went out of their way to indulge us. The whole family stepped up and made sure we were taken care of and in the meanwhile the produced the cables, moved some chairs around and - ta–daaa. They prepared as regular open-air cinema with the match being projected on the wall. The game was more or less in a stop-motion technique (the ads ran a smooth as they come, though). But that wasn't everything; an amazing wine and home cooking quite literally anchored most of us down. And the kindness of hosts was just never ending. While Bayern was literally killing Barcelona (who did some of the same killing themselves) the minutes rushed by and we had to head back to the venue. As soon as we hit the stage we knew we didn't come back for nothing after all this time. The energy of the fans literally electrified the stage and returned it with full force. Working on May 1st turned out to be an immense joy. And the promise stays; we will be back sooner than in 10 years! Thank you!
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Naš Studio 13 nas je pričakal v zgodnje popoldanskem soncu in še preden se je zavedel kaj se mu je zgodilo, že smo ga dodobra izpraznili ter naložili na opremo na avtobus. Obvezno (že skoraj ritualno) čakanje določenih akterjev, ki vsakič znova postrežejo z vedno bolj kreativnim izborom opravičil zakaj je nemogoče, da pridejo točni, je na koncu rezultiralo v vsesplošni dobri volji in odpeljali smo se proti Zelenemu Gaju. Do tega dne smo bili prepričani, da zombiji načeloma obstajajo samo v stripih, knjigah, filmih in nadaljevankah, vendar smo tik pred ciljem morali priznati našo hudo zmoto. Sicer je bil osamljen primer, pa še ta je imel srečo, da v bližini ni bilo Michonne. Razložili smo opremo, se "osvežili" in naredili tonsko. Specifika prostora je naši Tisi povzročala nemalo težav, ki pa jih je uspešno prebrodila. Na poti na večerjo primarna skrb ni bila hrana, namreč nogomet. Imajo televizijo? Bomo lahko gledali? Tudi če imajo televizijo – imajo prave kanale? Jih bo treba kopat? Ne, televizije niso imeli, vendar so se pri Lisjaku skoraj pretrgali na pol, da bi nam ustregli. Cela družina je stopila skupaj, nas stregla spredaj in zadaj, vlekla kable, prestavljala klopi, vse dokler - ta–daaa. Pripravili so nam pravi letni kino s projektorjem, ki je tekmo predvajal bolj v stop-motion tehniki (reklame so seveda tekle brez pretiranih motenj). A to še ni bilo vse; odlično vino in vrhunska domača kuha izpod peke in ostali kulinarični dosežki so marsikoga od nas kar pošteno prisidrali na stol. Da o prijaznosti gostiteljev sploh ne govorimo. Medtem, ko je Bayern dobesedno ubijal Barcelono (ki si je malo pomagala tudi sama), so minute hitele mimo in odšli smo nazaj proti prizorišču. Takoj, ko smo stopili na oder, smo vedeli, da se po vsem tem času nismo zastonj vrnili nazaj. Energija publike je dobesedno naelektrila oder in mi smo vam jo vračali z vsemi močmi. Delavno preživeti 1. maj nam je bilo naravnost v užitek. Obljuba pa velja; vrnemo se prej kot čez 10 let! Hvala vam!