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Despite the weather forecast predicting a ton of rain we set from Ljubljana with positive energy and headed towards Ruše. Letni Oder was ready and we didn't want to disappoint. While on the way, half of our crew were passed out (some of them were literally left without their voices) due to a stag party they had for our Franky the night before. However their work was as professional as always.

This was the first time we were in Ruše and thus the first time on Letni Oder. This is a phenomenal amphitheater-like venue set at the edge of a forest. The setting inspired us immediately. After the sound check we left for a dinner in Hotel Veter / Hostel Vetrnica, where they spoiled us with an apartment with a terrace and jacuzzi. The organizers at KURS really went out of their way for us and we are deeply thankful to them.

The venue filled up in the meantime and we could hardly wait to go on stage. We performed an acoustic set and debuted two songs in acoustic form; Neznano and Kloner. The temperature was slowly rising and by the end it got really  hot in front of the stage. The 19 songs went by a bit too quick.

We enjoyed every second of the show . Thank you, dear friends!