• 5x5!

    5 lucky winners who answer the winning question correctly in the next 5 days will have the chance to meet the five of us in the studio in Novo mesto - for 5 hours.

    The question to be answered is:

    What is the title of our new single?

    Your answers are to be sent in by midnight on 30 November to saga@siol.net with "5x5" on the subject line. You can also participate in the contest through the mobile portal Planet.

    The drawing will take place on 3 December, live on www.siol.net/siddharta-saga. After the drawing the results will be announced on both www.siddharta.net and www.siol.net/siddharta-saga. Each of the five winners will get to visit members of Siddharta for five hours in the studio in Novo mesto. The winners will receive an announcement in their email inbox as well. All participants agree that in the event of their winning their name be announced on the above-mentioned web sites. The winners agree to be included in the live video stream from the studio, which will be available on www.siol.net/siddharta-saga, and the photo and video materials shot during their visit to the studio. Anyone younger than 18 years must be accompanied by a legal guardian or can come alone with a written permission of their guardian. The ride from Ljubljana to Novo mesto will be organized for the winners, leaving Ljubljana at 3 PM and Novo mesto at 9 PM.


    For terms and conditions see the document attached.

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  • And so the Saga opens

    Well, you've seen the trailer and waited long enough. Here it is: www.siol.net/siddharta-saga. Now keep coming back for more updates. And there will be more than a few.


    Click away!

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  • And so the journey begins ...

    Today is a big day in Siddharta camp.


    We launched a brand new web site dedicated to our new project. It can be found on the following address: www.siol.net/siddharta-saga.


    It is there where you will be able to find anything and everything concerning the project, us and all that surrounds us. This website will be dedicated strictly to our latest project and will be available to you for its complete duration. It will provide you with news, photo reports, video reports, written reports from the studios, rehearsals, behind the scenes and also with live streams and project-related merchandise, which will be available in due time.


    Just to top it off, we also redesigned our S.A.M.O. forum and added a special Saga forum within it. The Saga forum will give you enough space to discuss the project, songs, videos, artwork, sponsor and its additional activities, events and media coverage. And yet again we have the same four people to thank; Nika, Vasja, Steffi & Lea!


    And as if that weren't enough, we are also entering the studio today. We will record a couple of songs during the next few days and then retreat back to our rehearsal place in order to finish the rest of the songs before we go to ...


    ... well, we'll talk about that some other time.

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In potovanje se začne ...

Danes je v Siddhartinem taboru velik dan.


Postavili smo čisto novo stran, posvečeno našemu novemu projektu. Najdete jo na naslovu www.siol.net/siddharta-saga.


Tam boste našli prav vse, kar se tiče projekta, nas in vsega, kar nas obdaja. Ta stran je namenjena izključno našemu najnovejšemu projektu in vam bo na voljo ves čas njegovega trajanja. Tam boste našli novice, fotoreportaže, videoreportaže in pisna poročila iz studiev, z vaj, iz zakulisja, pa tudi vklapljanja v živo in s projektom povezane artikle, ki bodo na voljo prav kmalu.


Za piko na i smo preuredili tudi naš S.A.M.O. forum in mu dodali še poseben Saga forum, prostor za diskusijo o projektu, skladbah, videospotih, ilustracijah, o sponzorju in dodatnih aktivnostih, povezanih s projektom, o dogodkih in medijski pokritosti. In spet gre naša zahvala isti ekipi štirih: Nika, Vasja, Steffi in Lea, hvala!


In kot da to še ni dovolj, se danes tudi odpravljamo v studio. V naslednjih dneh bomo posneli nekaj skladb, nato pa se vrnili v prostor za vaje in dokončali ostale skladbe, preden gremo v ...


... no, o tem pa vam povemo kdaj drugič.