• Let's come together on this day of grief

    Shaken with the tragedy and the catastrophe of Tuesday's flood we decided to
    express our sympathies and with tonight's performance at Radio and TV
    Slovenia pay our respects to those who have passed away and those who have


    Radio and TV Slovenia and Radio Ognjisce have joint their efforts in
    bringing forth a charity event "Let's come together", aimed to help those
    who have suffered in the floods.

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  • Siddharta Unplugged

    Once again we were guests of Jure Longyka in his show Izštekani (The Unplugged). Wiser now and with more technical know-how, we truly enjoyed this unplugged performance. We had practised in the studio the day before the show and so everything was set well before Friday's show. We felt confident. It was only additional motivation for us to know that it was a live show and that there was no room for mistakes and re-tries. Our thanks go to Jure, our music guests (Buco, the Godalika quartet and Dan D's Tokac) and the show crew for a wonderful and unforgettable evening.
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  • The Marathon guests

    We can now give you some of the names of our guests at the great Siddharta Marathon on 5 October in Ljubljana's Hala Tivoli. A ticket to the Marathon has already been handed in by Siddharta's first bass player Primož M., Big Foot Mama's frontman and vocalist Gregor Skočir, the rapper Nikolovski, the string quartet Godalika and the rock legend Vlado Kreslin. But this is only the beginning of the list
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  • Siddharta marathon

    With 4 studio albums, a remix album and over 50 recorded numbers released, Siddharta are now planning a new venture. On the night of October 5th, with a little help of their guests, Ljubljana's Hala Tivoli will host Siddharta in a live performance of their complete opus. Needless to say this is a unique occasion, going side by side with that of the Stadium concert a few years ago as Siddharta sound will rock the hall for over four hours. The band is well in the preparation stage for "the longest night", rehearsing tracks that have not been played live for a while or even have even never before been performed live.
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  • September award-winning competition

    Among those who subscribe to our newsletter with a working email address (please see the bottom-left corner), three lucky winners of a free ticket to the Siddharta marathon concert will be chosen in late September.

    The lucky winners will be announced on our web page and contacted via email. You may also use your friend's email address to subscribe or invite them to do so themselves.

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  • Siddharta Unplugged

    It was over 8 years ago that Siddharta last performed unplugged in the Izštekani show. Jure Longyka, the show's author and host will have Siddharta in the studio on 21 September. They will be heard on the waves of radio Val 202 in the 90-minute show, where the plan is to combine the acoustic sounds of numbers from the band's all four albums with a discussion with a few guests and some reminiscence.

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  • Novo mesto

    The concert took place in Novo mesto's main square on Saturday, 8 September, 2007. The stage hosted Urban4, Siddharta and of course the local top band Dan D. After arrival in Novo mesto, it was as usual time for sound-check, and after that dinner. After dinner we went to see the show of Urban4 but then it was our turn to take the stage. The square was filled with a crowd of some 3,500 to 4,000 people. Our compliments to the promoter! Everything was taken good care of so that it all ran smoothly! It was one of our better performances and we had the chance of performing in a new venue, at a new event, which kicked off this year for the first time. Our music rocked the crowd for a good hour and a half and after that Dan D, a band coming from Novo mesto itself, took over, while we joined them on stage later on to conclude the show with the Male Roke / Voda medley. The show and the entire event ended up in a party that lasted until early morning hours. We hope you had a good time. We'll meet again in Ljubljana's Hala Tivoli at the Siddharta Marathon on 5 October, 2007. We have some surprises in store, our widest repertoire ever and some interesting guests...

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Po več kot osmih letih se Siddharta ponovno spušča v akustične vode v oddaji Izštekani. Jure Longyka, radijski voditelj in snovalec omenjene oddaje, bo člane Siddharte gostil 21. septembra na frekvencah Vala 202. Akustični zvoki posameznih skladb z vseh štirih albumov skupine bodo v 90-minutni oddaji popestreni tudi s pogovorom, obujanjem spominov in gosti.

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