• Velika Polana

    The last in the string of the spring-summer Petrolea tour shows was in Velika Polana, a small town near Beltinci, the home of white wine and the famous "prekmurska gibanica" cake. The show before a crowd of a few thousand was energetic and the crowd overwhelmed with euphoria. We wound up the show with a number, well-known in these ends: Od Višine Se Zvrti. It felt more than appropriate as the conclusion of the tour. A couple of toasts and a party with our fans followed but then we were off to Ljubljana, where we said our farewells. We are taking a short break by the sea in the next days. We'll see you again in September. Where, how and why, however, are questions yet remaining unanswered. We'll let you know. Have fun and see you soon! Siddharta

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  • Kranj

    At the Kranj festival the rock'n'roll part of the show was in our hands and in the hands of the legend Pero Lovšin. Before our show the stage was occupied by "artistically talented" musicians we don't want to mince words on. We can say though that we gave Kranj a good party. The crowd filled the town centre and we filled the air with a 2-hour show. The crowd was in a good mood and full of beautiful girls who love bad guys. The show ended with a bow for the audience as an expression of our gratitude for all their support in our creativity. Once again, thanks to all our fans! 

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  • Koper

    On Tuesday night we rocked the night in Koper together with Dan D. The afternoon time was spent with the soundcheck, a late lunch and a while later we managed to cool down in the sea. Our show began around 10:30 and Titov Square climaxed just after midnight when we surprised the crowd of 3,000 by playing Mala Voda together with Dan D. After the show the party and photo-shoot continued with our fans. It was a beautiful summer event and it will surely remain in our memories. 

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  • Idrija

    This Friday 13th took us to a completely new location for us, a club called the Chaos in the town of Idrija. Its capacity is about 3-4 hundred people on two floors and it proved to be able to host a band with as much gear as we have to show Idrija a great party in an hour and a half. The crowd was great and not lacking pretty girls, which is now no longer a specularity but almost a rule. We played numbers from all our albums, the crowd singing along and partying. After the show we loaded our gear on the bus and soon set back home.

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  • Laško

    On Thursday afternoon we drove off to Laško as we were to party with a crowd of a few thousand that night. As we arrived, we started setting up our gear in order to be done with the sound check as soon as possible. Of course once in Laško one cannot go without tasting their all-Slovenian and one of the best beers. After sound check and after dinner we took a stroll around the venue to check out the happening in Laško. There were quite a few music stages and the line-up included many commercial bands. The important thing there was to have as many people as possible come over, have fun and have a beer or two... To wrap up the evening was our show on the main stage. The atmosphere was great and the crowd went wild until after the show when we toasted with Laško beer in backstage and partied on with our fans.

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Četrtkovo popoldne smo namenili vožnji v Laško, kjer nas je čakalo večerno rajanje z več tisoč glavo publiko. Ob prihodu smo začeli postavljat opremo na oder, da bi čim prej opravili tonsko vajo. Seveda pa v Laškem ne gre brez pokušine njihovega in nasplošno vseslovenskega piva in res je eden boljših. Po tonski je sledila večerja nato pa kratek ogled celotnega dogajanja v Laškem. Glasbenih odrov je bilo kar nekaj, program je bil sestavljen iz veliko komercialnih glasbenih skupin. Pomembno je torej, da pride čim več ljudi, da se družijo in zabavajo in popijejo kakšno pivo ali dva... Kot zaključek večernega dogajanja smo na glavni oder stopili mi. Koncert z dobrim vzdušjem in podivjano publiko se je zaključil z nazdravljanjem z Laškim pivom v zaodrju, kjer je sledilo tudi druženje s fani...