Where to go in this heat? To the pool, of course. We went to Terme 3000. And what's even better? A hefty dose of rock n roll! You don't have to say these two things in the same sentence twice to us. Almost 2 hours of rumbling. Even electricity ran out of power for a short while so all four of us stormed Boke's drum set and beat the shit out of it (maybe one of you recorded this and put it on YT). We noticed a few of our friends from Poland in the front rows who joined into the screaming of an awesome crowd. We had a great time and we'd like to thank all of you for a great evening and also thank Terme 3000 for their hospitality!
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    We had an honor to be invited as the main band to the traditional Vransko Summer Night. This was the first time we played in Vransko and also the first time we played on this festival. We felt a certain amount of responsibility which is never a bad thing, more the opposite. Aleksander, the head of the festival, really came through for us. A huge stage, excellent catering, kind staff and hanging out with our friends from other performing acts. And especially the crowd … I really don't know what were we thinking by not coming here sooner. The venue was exploding with energy and we enjoyed every minute of the show. Vransko, great festival and you have a great Alex! We'd love to play your town again if only you're up to it!
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ŽIVI VTISI, 20. 7. 2013, MORAVSKE TOPLICE, Terme 3000

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Kam v teh vročih dneh? Na bazen, seveda. Mi smo se šli kopat v Terme 3000. In kaj je še boljše? Če lahko zraven zaigraš še malo rokenrola. Kaj takega nam pa res ni treba dvakrat reči! Skoraj dve uri smo ropotali. Vmes smo sicer za kratek čas ostali brez elektrike, tako da smo vsi iz banda napadli Boketove bobne in jim dali vetra (mogoče je pa kdo od vas to posnel in dal na youtube?). V prvih vrstah smo opazili tudi nekaj naših poljskih prijateljev, ki so se pridružili vzklikanju čudovite publike. Počutili smo se enkratno, tako da se na tem mestu še enkrat zahvalimo vsem vam za nor večer in Termam 3000 za izkazano gostoljubje!