• 2011 IS COMING TO AN END AND ...

    Well, what can we say?

    It’s been a hell of a year for us.

    We‘ve released “Narava” video, written 13 new songs, been to LA and back, sailed the Mediterranean sea in unplugged mode, did a 3-and-a-half-hour stadium concert where we recorded our 6th album “VI” and a double DVD “Stadion Stožice”, Livingstone’s Last Kiss theatrical performance received the Golden Stick award, then we released the album “VI” (produced by Ross Robinson) and the double DVD with documentary in November, launched a video for “Postavi se na mojo stran” in December, had some truly great gigs throughout Slovenia, were part of “A maš tak flow” video done by our good friend & choreographer Miha Krušič, made some dreams come true to a few among you who more than deserved it, publication Aipa chose our video Platina (done by Testtube) as No. 1 Slovenian video of the decade (!) and now here we are with a simple conclusion; you made it all worthwhile! You made it possible! Without you most of these things would not come to be!

    You are what makes us strong(er)!
    You are why we are here!
    You are deep within our hearts!
    And for this we are deeply grateful!

    We bow and wish you one hell of a 2012!

    Yours (always),
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    Sfinga (Sphinx), that mountaineering film to which we gave our Narava (The Land) and Tomaž wrote the music for, is a film of some outstanding achievements. It was seen by over 22.000 people and has received an array of awards at international mountaineering film festivals:
    • Audience-choice award and a special award by jury – 5. IMFFD, Ljubljana
    • Best  mountaineering  film – 7. INKAFEST, Huaraz
    • Best documentary film – 19. MHFH, Poprad
    • GRAND PRIX, Golden Encijan for best film – 29. UNNIM, Torelló
    • Silver Encijan for best script – 29. UNNIM, Torelló

    We also heard that the “making of” documentary is in the pipeline and should premiere in April 2012.

    Congratulations to Sfinga team!
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    Renewed Congress Square and the beginning of the finalé of the festivities in Ljubljana. And we, of course. We woke the Capital city up during the soundcheck and the gig was great. We were afraid of the cold and frozen fingers, but it turned out that it wasn't all that bad. Almost two hours went by too quickly and we got that visit from Plastika video again. We were trying to hunt him down but he got away again. After midnight we sang a happy birthday song for Jani and tried to keep the cold away with Štefan's cooked wine.
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    We made an introduction to the holiday season in Kranj. Overtaken by a full and loud venue in Zlato Polje we really enjoyed the stage and shared the sweat and energy with you. During Plastika we got a visit from the cherub and before we could explain to him that December is time for sausages, he disappeared. Anyhow, great organisation, even better crowd, amazing night. And our Tisa passed the test.
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    Our trip to Maribor started on Thursday. We watched the Stadion Stožice DVD with Radio Center and our fans in RC's Chill Out club, discussed all sorts of things and toasted to rock n' roll. The night turned out to be too short, so we decided to sleep during the day. :) Betnava hotel turned out to be an ideal place to do so.
    On Friday we were welcomed in a sold out Štuk club. We love to return to Maribor and we were really looking forward to this gig. As expected we were not let down. The people went wild and so did the energy on the stage. A magical night, Le Mavrica and even a few snowflakes on our way back to Ljubljana.
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  • LIVE IMPRESSIONS, 2011-12-03, PTUJ

    A bit tired after two consecutive days of performing we left Ljubljana at 1 PM and headed to Ptuj. Most of us caught some sleep on the bus so the energy was all there when we needed it. The organizers did their best on all levels; a hell of a culinary experience in Amadeus restaurant, the sound system, backstage, the kindness. We tried to give it all back when we hit the stage. And we were not alone on the stage. We came across this 15-year-old boy on Facebook who is truly great at performing on marimba and who loves our music. Gregor Nestorov joined on the stage for Vojna Idej and Bel Labod. A great collaboration worth of a reprise!
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    It’s been 12 years since we last played Hotedršica. But it seemed like yesterday. The backstage, the legendary bar in it, which kept us warm back then. The involvement of the whole community into this event came as a positive surprise and we truly felt welcomed. The food in Štefka’s Room of Turk restaurant was amazing. The gig escalated from a song to a song and it was great to see the sparks in the eyes of the younger part of the public in the front rows. After midnight we congratulated Tomaž with a sing-along (his birthday is on Dec 3). Signing session, a few photos and a trip back home ... It was great!
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    New album VI got out so we went and celebrated its release with rock n’ roll and friends. Before the gig we put on the 3D glasses and watched the promotional 3D video Postavi Se Na Mojo Stran. Set-list with 26 songs, including the whole new album, rocked the club for almost two and a half hours. We also played the almost forgotten “...” and for the first time ever, outside of the theatrical play, performed the final song from Livingstone’s Last Kiss. Irena, Brina and Katarina, thank you for being there for us! We were also joined by a small sea of friendly faces, supporters, partners and friends with which we toasted at the end of the concert.
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Sfinga, tisti gorniški film, ki smo mu posodili Naravo in je zanj naš Tomaž spisal glasbo, je film kar nekaj presežkov. Do sedaj si ga je ogledalo že preko 22.000 gledalcev, poleg tega pa je prejel vrsto nagrad na mednarodnih festivalih gorniškega filma:
• Nagrada občinstva in posebna nagrada žirije – 5. IMFFD, Ljubljana
• Najboljši alpinistični film – 7. INKAFEST, Huaraz
• Najboljši dokumentarni film – 19. MHFH, Poprad
• GRAND PRIX, Zlati encijan za najboljši film – 29. UNNIM, Torelló
• Srebrni Encijan za najboljši scenarij – 29. UNNIM, Torelló

Slišali smo tudi, da je v pripravi tudi dokumentarni »film o filmu«, ki bo celovito predstavil zakulisje nastajanja in distribucije filma Sfinga. Premiera je predvidena za april 2012.

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