• Concert in Laško

    Another in the line of our summer gigs starts with the obligatory morning coffee at the coffee shop near our place. While the crew are packing, we are dealing with our concerns about the weather. Weather forecasts say it's going to rain in the evening, and to top it off, rains are to come in at exactly the time we're scheduled to be on stage. We then set off to Laško, where we are to play the opening concert of the Pivo in cvetje festival.


    Rains are keeping away for now. Sound check goes well and after it we go have lunch. We are supposed to take the stage at 10:50 but we agree with the promoter that perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to start the show a bit earlier as around midnight it's going to rain. We decide to go for it and we go on stage at 10:15.


    It's a great gig! There are so many visitors one can hardly see beyond the sea of people. We sit down for a beer or two after the concert, while the guys load the gear to the bus. And about half an hour after the show it starts to rain! Hehe, it was indeed the right decision. It's about 1 AM and we drive off, back to Ljubljana, full of good impressions.


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  • Concert in Izola

    Seaside! At last a show back on the Coast. It is a beautiful day and when "in the morning" we meet up at our place, the beauty of the day shows on all of us there. We load the gear into the bus and off we go to Izola. Once at the Coast, at San Simon to be precise, our driver realizes that the path leading to the stage is too narrow for our bus to pass. Our crew guys jump off the bus to give the situation a rough estimate. "No biggie," Duši says and just seconds later we watch our guys move concrete flower pots, iron columns and even a car that was on the way. Consequently we park the bus almost by the stage and start setting things up for the sound check. It runs like clockwork and that done, we can't wait to plunge into the waves.

    The show starts relatively late, which is nothing unusual on the coast, as the night life there starts a bit later that in the rest of Slovenia.

    The sea-view concert was unforgettable, the energy flow was amazing. Thanks to all who came to see us!

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Koncert Izola

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Morje! Končno spet špil na Obali. Dan je prečudovit, in ko se "zjutraj" dobimo pred placom, se to tudi močno opazi pri vseh prisotnih. Opremo naložimo na bus in že smo na poti proti Izoli, v Simonov zaliv. Ko se pripeljemo do Obale, natančnje prav do San Simona, šofer ugotovi, da je na poti premalo prostora za naš avtobus. Naša ekipa poskače iz busa, da ocenijo situacijo. "Eh, nč tazga" pravi Duši in iz avtobusa gledamo, kako fantje premikajo betonska korita za rože, železne količke in celo nek avto, ki je bil na poti. Avtobus spravimo skoraj do odra in se začnemo pripravljati na tonsko vajo. Tonska steče brez težav in po opravljeni vaji sledi seveda kopanje.

Koncert se začne relativno pozno, kar je za Primorsko navada, saj se nočno življenje tam začne kasneje kot drugje po Sloveniji.

Koncert s pogledom na morje je bil nepozaben, pretok energije neverjeten. Hvala vsem, ki ste nas spet prišli gledat!