On our Saga website you can find an exclusive interview (in its entirety) which Sid Wilson (#0 Slipknot) did with Ross Robinson based on the questions sent by SiOL & RSQ magazine.

    For the time being only the version with Slovene subtitles and the one with English ones will follow shortly. Why subtitles are necessary will be as clear as day in the first minute of the interview. ;)



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  • Saga live - but different

    Following our Saturday's Saga release concert in Ljubljana rumours have been spreading that it is only the new songs that we will be playing in our gigs to come. We hereby deny that rumour. The new concerts, which will be of a two- to two-and-a-half-hour duration, we will rock you with a selection from our whole repertoire, but interlaced with the new energy and a new approach.



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  • Saga in Kranj

    Our wish to bring Saga close to you will take us to Kranj on 19 December, 2009.

    See you there!


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  • SAGA!

    A year and a few days ago we set ourselves on a path. A path at X more than anything else. And we shared our journey with you almost every step of the way and the day has finally come when we can proudly say that we can share with you what is our most precious - our Saga, which will now also become your own.

    Saga was released today.
    Enjoy it!

    You can get your copy in our official webstore or in any better stocked CD store.


    You can listen to 10 out of the total 11 songs on our official MySpace profile.

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  • Saga in Maribor

    The desire to share Saga with you is too strong. We will therfore stop in Maribor on Friday, 11 December, 2009. At Dvorana Tabor to be precise.

    The tickets are available starting 17 November, 2009.

    Hurry to get a hold of yours.



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    You can grab a hold of your copy of Saga by pre-ordering it through our online store at store.siddharta.net - now!

    The album price is 19,99 EUR. The ordered goods will be shipped out on Friday, 20 November, 2009.


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  • Saga on Val 202 10 days earlier!

    Siddharta's new record Saga will come to life 10 days earlier on the most popular Slovene radio, Val 202. Tomi M. and Bostjan M. will discuss the recording process, the production and how to provide a different type of music to Slovene air waves with Andrej Karoli on Wednesday at 8:15 AM (CET). Saga will be aired on Val 202 from November 11 onwards. The record will be released on November 21.

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Saga v živo - drugače

Glede na to, da so se po sobotnem koncertu v Ljubljani ob izidu naše Sage pojavile govorice, da naj bi tudi na kasnejših koncertih igrali samo nove komade, vam sporočamo, da to ne drži. Na prihajajočih koncertih, ki bodo trajali med dvema urama in dvema in pol, bomo žgali vse komade, a z novo energijo in z novim pristopom.