• Maywards!

    May 2019 was kind to us. First we received Trusted Brand award from Reader's Digest (as voted by their readers) and now we got three "Golden Flute 2018" awards from Golden Flute Academy; song of the year (Medrevesa), album of the year (Nomadi) and performer of the year. We are deeply thankful & grateful. Cheers!

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Nagrade v maju!

Maj 2019 nam je zelo naklonjen. Najprej smo s strani Reader's Digest prejeli nagrado Trusted Brand, ki so jo izglasovali njihovi bralci, zdaj pa smo prejeli še tri Zlate piščali za leto 2018 in sicer; pesem leta (Medrevesa), album leta (Nomadi) & izvajalec leta. Zelo hvaležni za vse te strele! Cheers!