Ajdovščina welcomed us with a sunny weather even though it looked much grimmer in the morning. The venue was positioned next to Hiša Mladih, quietly waiting for the evenings concert. After the sound check we were pleasantly surprised by a homemade stew. Then we hung out with some old friends (Bongo press). The gig turned out into a great party and we sang a happy birthday to our Eva and after the show a young couple got engaged in our company. What more could we ask for?
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    We knew that Maribor won't disappoint… It never did! Siddharta performed at Lampiončki for the first time and all we can say are praises! Even the weather turned for the better and those few puddles of mud didn't bother us and even less so the audience. The organizers, lead by Ramiz, did their very best to make us feel right at home and we repaid them with what we do best – with a blast of music! Awesome gig, awesome audience, awesome company! Here's to years to come, dear friends!
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    In all these years since our first gig back in 1995, this was the first time we got to play in Lendava. We were more than a little nervous but what we witnessed on Friday surpassed all our expectations. The devoted team of Bilingual Middle School Lendava (Mojca, Lučka, Peti, Silvija, Nataša, Sandi…) made sure we felt more than just like at home in Prekmurje. As soon as we arrived we were greeted with home-made bograč and prekmurska gibanica. A great welcome and smiling faces everywhere we looked. Two, three interviews, sound check and a trip to Cuk Borhaz House of Wine, where our host Eva told us about local legends and other stories as we were tasting the wine. And don't even get us started on the amazing view. The day slowly turned into evening as we headed for dinner that was waiting for us in hotel Lipa. Full of impressions and food we got ready for the gig. We rounded up the day with two hours of rock n' roll and finished off with a promise to return. One way or the other. Thank you!
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    We paid our respects on this International Worker's Day with - well, work. But if you enjoy doing it then it is pure pleasure. And we enjoyed it to the fullest. Wonderful nature, super kind hosts and phenomenal gig. We have seen the new Bovec airport from afar; the new modern hangar and the airport platform. While we were loading our gear onto the stage, the airplanes and helicopters were flying right over our heads. Sometimes even a bit too close for comfort. Also the spirits got higher and higher. We received a fair portion of rain during the soundcheck and for a moment we got concerned that the weather might overpower us on this day. Fortunately this wasn't the case. After an really quite exquisite dinner at Sovdat we headed back to the venue to prepare for the show. The skies opened, the stars appeared and the music overflew the airport. This was the first time we performed in Bovec and we'd be more than happy to return. We'd like to thank all involved for a truly amazing evening! Long live May 1st!
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V vseh teh letih kar koncertiramo po Sloveniji nas pot še ni ponesla v Lendavo. Res ne vemo zakaj, ampak tako pač je. Smo bili kar malo nemirni, vendar to, kar smo doživeli v petek, je preseglo vsa naša pričakovanja. Predana ekipa Dvojezične srednje šole (Mojca, Lučka, Peti, Silvija, Nataša, Sandi...) so poskrbeli, da smo se v Prekmurju počutili še bolje kot doma. Že ob prihodu sta nas čakala domač, okusen bograč ter gibanica, prava dobrodošlica in sama dobra volja, kamor koli si pogledal. Dva, trije intervjuji, tonska vaja in nato ogled Hiše vina Cuk Borhaz, kjer nam je gostitjica Eva ob degustaciji njihovih vin opisovala lokalne legende in bajke. Da čudovitega razgleda niti ne omenjamo. Počasi se je dan prevesil v večer, mi pa še na večerjo v hotel Lipa. Polni vtisov in hrane smo se pripravili na nastop. Za zaključek neverjetnega dneva še dve uri rokenrola in obljuba, da še pridemo. Tako ali drugače. Hvala!