• Siddharta's Petrolea release party

    We've decided to throw a party for the Petrolea album release. This time together with all who are eagerly expecting to hear the first sounds from the upcoming album. We will hear them together for the first time from midnight sharp and up till the morning hours. The party will be held in Ljubljana's Media Park from 9 PM on. Any visitor will be able to buy the album at the very moment of release and see exclusively the new video Plastika, which will be shown for the first time on big screen at the release party. To make the party even better, we've decided there should be no entrance fee. All you need to do is to show up on time. See you there!

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  • Premiere of the new video

    We continued our work across Ljubljana, Trieste and Jesenice, where in the Acroni plant we completed the two-day making of our new video for "Plastika", which will be the first Petrolea single. Petrolea, our new album, will be released on June 4th, 2006.

    We entrusted the video-making to the Testtube team again (director: Luka Lorenci, cameraman Janez Štucin).

    The video being shown on TV screens will go hand in hand with the release of the album, whereas it will premiere exclusively on our web page www.siddharta.net.

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  • Album release

    We are happy to announce the official release date of our new album: June 4th, 2006. We will take this opportunity to throw a small release party, but let's leave that for now.

    Attached you can view the album release ecard and add your address to the mailing list so that you won't miss a thing.

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  • Weeks 10 and 11

    As far as our work for the final product is concerned, we've now had two not too busy weeks. We've completed the mix – finally! This is a part that doesn't depend on us as much as it does on the mix master but in any case we had to be there. When the mix was set, we gave them important guidelines for the finalization of the lot. While the mix master was doing his mixing job, we didn't waste time sitting around but took part of the time to record a few other things that came to mind and will definitely add to the final album look. The rest of the time was used for sightseeing around Hannover and some plain leisure. The weather was great, we were lucky we could use the beautiful days to laze in the many parks here and various sports activities. Let’s brag a bit about our oldest member’s taking part in a local 10-kilometer marathon, which won him a medal.

    There, as far as our work is concerned, this is the end. All that’s left is a weekend in Paris. We’re going there to… enjoy ourselves?? Ah, in our dreams! The album needs to be put through mastering, to the print shop and… see you around next week.
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  • Week 9

    Everything comes to an end eventually and we too have finished the recordings for the album. We spent last week finishing up the vocals and the guitars, adding a few percussions and other sounds to enrich the music. The voices of our guests, the 40-member choir Pomlad, helped out with two of our songs. It was indeed a pleasant experience.

    We took Saturday off and on Sunday we set off to Germany for the mixing session. There's still plenty to be done before the album is ready. We have, however, already chosen a name for it... :)
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