• Concert in Kranj

    We've finally played, after a long time, at Planina Hall in Kranj again. As usually, the heat was right, which, we believe, felt everybody at the venue. The hall packed with eager fans was warmed up by TIDE, our supporting act. Yet at 9.15 PM we headed onstage and unleashed the two-hour-rock'n'roll hell. Take a look up the sky over Planina Hall sometime...only Milky Way is what's left...
    After the show was over the regular meet and greet followed. Quite a lot fans waited up this time, especially young ones, which is nice. There were some gifts for us, i.e. drawings etc. and even a box of tangerines to keep us healthy in that kind of weather. It didn't take us long to return to Ljubljana, where we unloaded the equipment and headed to Orto bar for a beer afterwards, which turned out an all night party.
    See you in Novo mesto, 1st December, and Murska Sobota, 2nd December. Have fun!

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  • Concert in Velenje

    Two weeks after our last concert we met with our team again, loaded all our stuff on the bus and set out for Velenje. It's great to see the guys each and every time. They're the best, devoted to us with all their hearts, just like we have always been devoted to them. Guys, we love you all!
    Velenje was a little more grateful time-wise so that during sound check we could go through a few songs without haste. After dinner we even had a couple of hours left for a bit of rest before going on stage.
    The audience was amazing; the energy flow from the audience onto the stage and back again left us with a grin. The band was in tune as never before and the audience was going wild all the way! Do it to me one more time!!
    Compliments to our guests naio ssaion! The band coming from Velenje themselves warmed up the local audience almost to a boiling point. Way to go!

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  • Concert in Krško

    We returned from Copenhagen on Friday. On the next day at around 13.00 we set off towards Krško where we had a gig in the local sports hall. The low temperatures we got used to in Copenhagen awaited us back home in Slovenia as well. But that's what November is supposed to be like anyway.
    Sound check, dinner, a great gig and even better a response from the crowd, who sang along to the very last song all lead to an interesting time after the concert spent with our fans. This is a chance for us to get to know our fans of different ages, and through conversations with them we learn how our music, our performance and our rock ‘n’ roll party affects them.
    In the early morning hours we sailed off from the pier of Krško. We reached the harbour of Ljubljana at around 3:30. We needed some rest. After all, a week of running around Copenhagen sightseeing, and the Krško gig left us exhausted.

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  • Copenhagen

    Day 4 in Copenhagen

    Today is the day. The reason for our coming to Denmark. We have until 6 PM for a final stroll around the city before getting ready and going to the venue of tonight's event. We'll be there to enjoy the show as well as to represent our home country. The after party is bound to last up to the morning hours. We don't expect to get any sleep tonight as we need to be at the airport at 7 AM for the check-in. Don't expect to hear from us before arriving bach home in Ljubljana. It’s going to be interesting and tiresome :)

    Day 3 in Copenhagen

    The entire band got together at 09:00 and after breakfast we went to the city. We visited the nautical museum and later hung out at the Hard Rock Cafe to keep away from the snow outside… We spent the afternoon shopping for souvenirs for our family and friends, and went to a nearby pub to see the Copenhagen vs. MAU football match, which ended 1:0 in favour of Copenhagen. We received a phone invitation during the match to a party at the hotel which was a temporary home of all the big stars. It was interesting…

    Day 2 in Copenhagen

    We were shocked to find last night that the hotel computer wouldn't be of much use for uploading the photos we had taken. For that reason among others we decided to set out to the city and check out the Copenhagen nightlife. We stopped – just as last year in Lisbon – by the Hard Rock Cafe.
    Most of us slept right through breakfast. We spent the day strolling along the sights of Copenhagen, adjusting to the environment. We visited a few museums - the coral reef museum, the science museum, the erotic museum, etc.
    We missed the evening football match but managed to meet with the MTV crew, who arrived in Copenhagen a day after we did. An enormous stage is being built to perfection in the city centre for the MTV Music Awards 06 artists' performances.
    We called it a day at 2 AM already because day 3 was going to be a busy one…

    Day 1 in Copenhagen

    We arrived safely in Copenhagen. Nicely settled at the hotel, we’re now getting ready for an evening tour of the city. We'll be taking pictures of all points of interest which come our way. The first photos will (probably ;) be put up tonight already, thus enabling you to “travel” with us. Till later...

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Kopenhagen IV. dan 02.11.2006
Danes bo šlo zares. Zaradi današnjega dne smo tudi prišli na Dansko. Do 18. ure bomo še zadnjič postopali po mestu, potem pa se bomo pripravili in odpravili proti dvorani, v kateri bomo spremljali prireditev in zastopali naše domače barve. Po prireditvi bomo odšli na uradni after party in se zabavali do jutranjih ur. Ker imamo check-in na letališču okoli 7. ure zjutraj, ni pričakovati, da bomo sploh kaj spali, kot tudi ne, da se še kaj oglasimo pred prihodom v Ljubljano. Zanimivo in tudi naporno bo :)

Kopenhagen III. dan 01.11.2006
Celotna skupina se je ob 9. uri zbrala na zajtrku, potem pa smo se odpravili v mesto na ogled navtičnega muzeja in kasneje na druženje v Hard Rock Cafe. Zunaj je snežilo... Popoldne smo svoj čas namenili nakupovanju spominkov za naše najbližje in se zvečer odpravili v bližnji pub ogledat nogometno tekmo med Kopenhagnom in MAU. Tekma se je končala v prid domačih z 1:0, mi pa smo sredi tekme dobili klic in se odpravili na zabavo v hotel kjer začasno domujejo vse večje glasbene zvezde. Bilo je zanimivo...

Kopenhagen II. dan 31.10.2006
Z grozo smo zvečer ugotovili, da vsaj na računalniku v hotelu na našo žalost ne bomo uspeli naložiti fotografij in smo se, tudi zaradi tega, odpravili v mesto na ogled večerno-nočnega življenja. Postojanka je bila tudi tu ista kot leto poprej v Lizboni - Hard Rock Cafe. V večini smo prespali zajtrk in se čez dan ležerno sprehajali mimo znamenitosti Kopenhagna in se privajali na okolje. Ogledali smo si tudi nekaj muzejev koralnih grebenov, znanosti, erotike... Zvečer smo zamudili nogometno tekmo, a se uspešno sestali z MTV ekipo, ki je pripotovala na kraj dogodka dan za nami. V centru postavljajo ogromen in profesionalen oder na katerem bodo nastopili tudi nekateri izvajalci v sklopu MTV Music Awards 06. Večer smo pridno zaključili že okoli 2. ure zjutraj. Jutri bo namreč ponovno naporen dan...

Kopenhagen I. dan 30.10.2006
Varno smo prispeli v Kopenhagen. Trenutno se nahajamo v hotelu in se pripravljamo na večerni ogled mesta. Pridno fotografiramo vse zanimivo kar nam pride nasproti, da bomo lahko (verjetno ;) že danes v večernih urah objavili prve fotografije in vam s tem omogočili, da "potujete" z nami. Se beremo...