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Rave EP (2005-03-07)


  1. Rave (Radio Edit)03:59Audio, Lyrics
  2. Rave (Album version)04:42Audio, Lyrics
  3. Rave (Umek RMX)06:11Audio, Lyrics
  4. Rave (Slovene live version)04:57Audio, Lyrics
  5. Etna (Album version)04:26Audio, Lyrics
  6. BONUS: Rave (Video)Audio, Lyrics
  7. BONUS: Rave (Slovene live video version)Audio, Lyrics

Recorded at: Studio RSL - drums, string orchestra | DB Recordings - guitars, bass | Studio KifKif - vocals | Studio Thor - keyboards | except Rave (Slovene live video version) recorded at Ljubljana Central Stadium on September 13th, 2003
Produced by: Žare Pak and Siddharta
Co-produced by: Peter Penko and Dali Sterniša
Vocals produced by: Grant Austin and Žare Pak
Recorded by: Dali Sterniša, Blaž Soklič (DB Recordings), Žare Pak (Studio RSL, Studio KifKif), Samo Jurca (Studio KifKif)
Mixed by: Žare Pak (Studio RSL, Studio KifKif)
Mastered at: Nautilus Mastering
Vocal coaches: Robert MacKenzie and Grant Austin
Music: Tomaž O. R., Tomi M.
Lyrics: Tomi M.
Arrangements: Siddharta
String arrangements: Tomaž O. R. and Rok Golob
Conductor: Rok Golob
Rave (Video) directed by: Petar Pašić
Rave (Slovene live video version) directed by: Interplan
Cover concept, art direction, design and photography by: Ventilator
Siddharta is: Boštjan M. (drums, percussion), Cene R. (saxophone, ewi, keyboard), Jani H. (bass), Primož B. (guitar), Tomaž O. R. (keyboards, programming), Tomi M. (vocals, guitar)
Siddharta management: management@siddharta.net +386 41 382 192
URL: http://www.siddharta.net
E: info@siddharta.net
Siddharta fan club: Siddharta, PP 179, 1236 Trzin, Slovenia, EU
Copyright control.

BONUS: Rave (Video)