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Rave EP (2005-03-07)


  1. Rave (Radio Edit)03:59Audio, Lyrics
  2. Rave (Album version)04:42Audio, Lyrics
  3. Rave (Umek RMX)06:11Audio, Lyrics
  4. Rave (Slovene live version)04:57Audio, Lyrics
  5. Etna (Album version)04:26Audio, Lyrics
  6. BONUS: Rave (Video)Audio, Lyrics
  7. BONUS: Rave (Slovene live video version)Audio, Lyrics

Recorded at: Studio RSL - drums, string orchestra | DB Recordings - guitars, bass | Studio KifKif - vocals | Studio Thor - keyboards | except Rave (Slovene live video version) recorded at Ljubljana Central Stadium on September 13th, 2003
Produced by: Žare Pak and Siddharta
Co-produced by: Peter Penko and Dali Sterniša
Vocals produced by: Grant Austin and Žare Pak
Recorded by: Dali Sterniša, Blaž Soklič (DB Recordings), Žare Pak (Studio RSL, Studio KifKif), Samo Jurca (Studio KifKif)
Mixed by: Žare Pak (Studio RSL, Studio KifKif)
Mastered at: Nautilus Mastering
Vocal coaches: Robert MacKenzie and Grant Austin
Music: Tomaž O. R., Tomi M.
Lyrics: Tomi M.
Arrangements: Siddharta
String arrangements: Tomaž O. R. and Rok Golob
Conductor: Rok Golob
Rave (Video) directed by: Petar Pašić
Rave (Slovene live video version) directed by: Interplan
Cover concept, art direction, design and photography by: Ventilator
Siddharta is: Boštjan M. (drums, percussion), Cene R. (saxophone, ewi, keyboard), Jani H. (bass), Primož B. (guitar), Tomaž O. R. (keyboards, programming), Tomi M. (vocals, guitar)
Siddharta management: management@siddharta.net +386 41 382 192
URL: http://www.siddharta.net
E: info@siddharta.net
Siddharta fan club: Siddharta, PP 179, 1236 Trzin, Slovenia, EU
Copyright control.

Etna (Album version)

We'll make you leave us in the Etna
we'll keep it silent on and forever
Final stop on bay reef don't wait up unnecessary
decorate my humor I feel better with my smile on
This must be the mountain
this must be the place I'm looking for
We'll make you leave us in the Etna
we'll keep it silent on and forever
Made our beds inside it no one else can see us in here
beautiful surroundings underneath unknown is hiding