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ID (1999-05-27)


  1. Indija03:49Audio, Lyrics
  2. Pot v X04:07Audio, Lyrics
  3. L.E.04:38Audio, Lyrics
  4. Le Mavrica03:32Audio, Lyrics
  5. Farmer02:55Audio, Lyrics
  6. Črnobelo03:50Audio, Lyrics
  7. Lunanai04:04Audio, Lyrics
  8. Siddharta06:31Audio, Lyrics
  9. Nespodobno opravilo03:13Audio, Lyrics
  10. ...05:44Audio, Lyrics
  11. Stipe02:21Audio, Lyrics

recorded and mixed at Studio Tivoli Productions in the years 1998/99
production, mix, editing, engineering by: Dejan Radičevič
recording producer: Anders Kallmark, Dejan Radičevič
tape tube mastering: Studio Tivoli Production (Aco Razbornik)
computer programming (1, 3, 4): Anders Kallmark
management: management@siddharta.net, tel. +386 41 382 192
photo: Maja Bagić, Ivian Mujezinović, Matic Kregar, Tomi Petkovič
design: Maja Bagić, Ivian Mujezinović
cocktail design: Blaž Vrtovec (Društvo barmanov Slovenije)
additional musicians:
keyboards (2, 3, 4, 8, 10), first arrangements: Anders Kallmark
lyrics and music: Tomi M., except Indija (1): lyrics: Primož B., music: Tomi M.
arrangement: Tomi M. & SIDDHARTA
Boštjan M. : drums, back vocals (4, 7, 10)
Primož B. : guitar, back vocals (4, 5, 7, 10, +)
Cene R. : tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, back vocals (5)
Primož M. : bass
Tomi M. : vocals, guitar, back vocals
Tomaž O. R. : keyboards
The name of the band adopted from Herman Hesse’s novel Siddharta
The title of the album Id adopted from Freud’s psychoanalytic theory.
FAN CLUB SIDDHARTA: P.P. 179, 1236 Trzin, Slovenia, EU
Financial sponsors: ŠOU, MC Inženiring, Hound Dog Club, the Meglič family, Marko Popovič, Resing d.o.o., Four Roses
Material sponsors: Šentvid High School, Studio Tivoli Production, Dr. Marten's, Stevo Hair Studio, Mertik Style, Tina.
Without you SIDDHARTA would lack its ID:
Jure Grgurevič (Šentvid High School Headmaster) - your big heart and love of music has been providing us with irreplaceable space for creation of music and practice for years. Aco Razbornik - you have done more for us than we have deserved; in return you have lost many a nerve for us. We hope in the future we can pay you back those nerves. Dejan Radičevič - Daizy - whenever in need of your help, willpower, spare time, professionalism and friendship, you have always been here for us. When you needed to let go of it all, we took a step back. Your easyamericoromanian soul will always be a part of this album. The Kovačevič family (Magda, Stane, Sandi, Damjan) - you've taken us in with open hands, treated as your own and wished us the best. Home sweet home. Matej Majerič - your engagement and professional advice have covered us with “gold”. Sandi Kovačevič - we find your willpower, enthusiasm, propaganda and good fellowship trustworthy. Klemen Lenič - you’ve always been here for us, you have taken care of our sound and saved us a lot of running around. Mr. Bassman Bernard Pajk - your musical and technical help slapped us at the right time in the right place. Primož Majerič Sr. - our safety and transportation. Janez Hvale - we appreciate you sharing your experience with us. Many people don’t. Damjan Kovačevič - without you many things would not be alright. Žiga Klančar - you’ve met all our drumming needs. All our families (Benko, Majerič, Meglič, O. Rous, Resnik) - thanks for financial help and support. The Žerjav family - thanks for the lunches. We’ll be there at 1 PM. Ines Hvale - the best legal stimulant. A big heart in a small bottle. The Hound Dog club staff (Ines, Tjaša, Alenka, Patricija, Armando, Mare, Igor, Rubo, Zubo, Robi, Bogo, Žolt, Ginger, Kraški, Oliver, Aljoša, Duši, Primož, Tomaž, Mirc, Blaž) - for all the substitutions and support. Matic Kregar - you almost jumped in the fire for us. Armando Otta - always the fastest available. Igor Mr. Powerman - you’ve almost become a part of our show. Blaž Vrtovec in Kristina Sič - always with us, always ours. Lana Gavrilov - for your courage and all the consequences. Črt Majcen - ttthhheee ppphhhoootttooosss rrruuullleee.. Jabberwock, Indigo, Wogoni - the band fair-play award. Robert Rebolj - we love our interchanges of views, thanks for the snares and the cymbals. Petra Zaletel - thanks for the name. Slaven - thanks for the amplifier. Ivan Bekšič - thanks for the amplifier. Mare Senegačnik - thanks for the amplifier. Babewatch band - despite competition your help remained on our side. Stay with us, we’ll stay with you. Miran Pibernik - you’re our man. Anton Klančnik - our permanent ally. All the Hound Dog club rockabilly’s - rock n' roll. Davor Skočič - grooveman. Edo Bajrič, Samo Mervar - thanks for the amplifiers. Miha Božič - for all objective criticism, for the amplifier, good fellowship. Josip Batelj - Koko - you were the first to put us on tape. Mišo Meglič - for the PA. Miha “Virman” Cirman - a neighbour and a half, and a little on the side. Thanks. Žiga Benko - our devoted fan. Aleš Zupančič - when acoustic sounds get a new dimension. Slavc Šket - a green fight in a crucial moment. Borut - thanks for the amplifier. Boris Hripko - thanks for letting us use the WC. Ivian in Maja - for all your hard work and ideas. Luti iand her Gudi - you’ve made long moments short. Manca Kavs - the charts keep getting shorter. Aleksander Lilik - for our first photos. Hemingway - To whom the bell sounds? Miha Krušič, Matej Padežnik, Petra Kovič - for always being here for us. Thanks. Goran Lorencin - for back-vocals at our first concerts, for support. Mladenovič (the caretaker) - top-level tolerance of rocker shakes of your appartment. Tajka Žagar - thanks for the photos. Andrej Lehrman - for the yearlong support and help with sawing tree trunks. Matevž Carnelutti in Blaž Medvedšek - for our first chords. Tomi Petkovič - for the photos. Thanks to all our friends, acquaintances, fans (you know who you are). Additional thanks: Mojca Mavec, Miša Molk, Igor Zupe, Stevo Pavlovič & crew and everyone at Multimedia records.
Special thanks to Dejan Radičevič