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Rh- Bloodbag Limited Edition (2003-09-01)


  1. Rh-01:10Audio, Lyrics
  2. Japan04:19Audio, Lyrics
  3. My Dice03:27Audio, Lyrics
  4. Insane03:53Audio, Lyrics
  5. Sim Hae04:47Audio, Lyrics
  6. Kloner04:20Audio, Lyrics
  7. Rooskie03:31Audio, Lyrics
  8. Rave04:42Audio, Lyrics
  9. Rain03:47Audio, Lyrics
  10. Core04:44Audio, Lyrics
  11. T.H.O.R.03:43Audio, Lyrics
  12. You Betray04:43Audio, Lyrics
  13. Venom E04:26Audio, Lyrics
  14. Marslander03:28Audio, Lyrics
  15. Etna04:26Audio, Lyrics
  16. Y More04:01Audio, Lyrics
  17. Mad Lee03:44Audio, Lyrics

Recorded at: DB Studio (Bled) - guitars, bass, drums on Marslander and Mad Lee, Studio RSL (Novo mesto) - drums, string orchestra, vocals, Studio Raingarden 9 (Ljubljana) - vocals, Studio Thor - keyboards
Produced by: Peter Penko
Co-produced by: Dali Sterniša, Žare Pak, Siddharta
Recorded by: Dali Sterniša, Blaž Soklič (DB Studio), Peter Penko (Studio Raingarden 9), Žare Pak (Studio RSL)
Programming: Peter Penko
Mixed by: Žare Pak (Studio RSL), except Marslander and Mad Lee - Peter Penko (Studio Raingarden 9)
Mastered by: Nautilus (Milano)
Music: Tomi M., except My Dice (Tomi M., Primož B.), You Betray (Primož B., Tomi M.), Rave, Etna & Core (Tomaž O. R., Tomi M.)
Lyrics: Tomi M.
Arrangements: Siddharta.
Additional musicians:
Conductor: Rok Golob
String arrangements: Rain (Rok Golob), Japan (Tomi M., Rok Golob), Etna and Rooskie (Tomaž O. R.), Rave and You Betray (Tomaž O. R., Rok Golob), Insane (Tomaž O. R., Tomi M.)
1. violin: Jelena Ždrale, Tina Krajnik, Andreja Zupanc, Maja Repše, Danijela Djordjević
2. violin: Nastja Cajhen, Maja Prkič, Matjaž Porovne, Laura Zafred, Alenka Semeja
Viola: Tamara Tasev, Urška Doler, Peter Ugrin
Cello: Petra Gačnik, Ivan Šoštarič, Samo Dervišič
Concept, design and production of the packaging: Ventilator
Siddharta is: Boštjan M. (drums, percussion), Cene R. (saxophone), Jani H. (bass), Primož B. (guitar), Tomaž O. R. (keyboards, programming), Tomi M. (vocals, guitar)
Siddharta management: management@siddharta.net, +386 41 382 192
Siddharta fan club: Siddharta, p.p. 179, 1236 Trzin, Slovenia, EU
Thanks to all involved in project Rh-: Peter Penko, Dali Sterniša, Žare Pak, Iztok Kurnik, Igor Ivanič, Marko Gašperlin, Nina Kožar, Primož Majerič, Jure Grgurevič, Siddharta Crew, Miha Krušič, Nix, Sašo Dornik, Sač, Katja Petrin, Grega Čarni, Matjaž Valentar, Blaž Soklič, Andraž Grahek, Petar Pašić and the Rave video crew, Luka Kaše, Testtube, Kerozin, Klemen Lajevec, Sašo Podgoršek and the Samo Edini video crew, Saša Hes and the Klinik video crew, Tomaž Cirman, Andrej Lehrman, Franc Koderman, Peter Carič, Peter Dekleva, Anita Kay, Vlado Kreslin, Helena Vovk Šribar, Jonas, Laibach, Ines Hvale and family Hvale, Aleksandar Miloš, Željko and Matjaž, Ladi and Tomo, Blaž Vrtovec - DBS, Tomaž Borsan, Mare and Samo Jurca, Mot, Amir Bešič, Sonja D., dr. Zoa Zalokar and of course to our families and loved ones.
We would like to express our thanks to Multimedia Records for their support and cooperation over the past years.
Thanks for your help: Converse, Salon Mali, Moj Fit, Red Bull, BOF, Mobitel and Agencija 41, Istanbul
A special thank-you goes to our loyal fans worldwide!


It is an evening close to New Year
In a village by the lake
I'm invited to a party
All I know is just one name

With a peculiar reaction
I was searching for that face
Is there anyone with answers
Is there anyone from space

Is it funny noone's talking
Is it funny noone moves
Have I missed any of moments
Now I'm getting real confused

Everyone is looking that way
Everyone with hollow eyes
Want to know what is behind this
Wide old massive door

So I go there and open it, open it
From the ceiling girl is hanging
With a T-shirt saying

The end is now
On this planet Earth
And do you know we'll go alone so far
No more evil days
Along with us is a dedicated soul

And so I dance my
Very last night
And I'm on top
And adore it
And so I dance my
Very last night
And I'm on to top
And adore it
Was good but now we've got to go

The end is now
On this planet Earth
And do you know we'll go alone so far
No more evil days
Along with us is a dedicated soul...