Enough rest. Time for new music to come to life. Back to the studio. But this time we'll leave the door of the studio open just enough to let you in every once in a while. Weekly video & photo reports will be available to you on www.volkswagen.si/sddh.


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    2017 is slowly but surely coming to an end. And while we are looking back on these past few years, back to 2015 when Infra and Ultra were released, we can’t help ourselves but feel overwhelmed with gratefulness and appreciation for your support. You have given us tons of beautiful moments and we can only hope that we are succeeded in returning some of that warmth and energy during our concerts.

    We would also like to thank all our partners and others who have given us substantial support during the past year: Volkswagen, Obsešen, Frizerski salon Mali, Tama, Bam Guitar Center, Yamaha, Sennheiser, Audio Pro, ADJ, Meridian Fit, Studio Tamara, Avtobusni Prevozi Weber, Prevozi Klemenčič, Rockwagen, Val 202 & Izštekani, Rock Radio, Radio Center, Europlakat and many others who got our backs covered locally. Thank you to Nika Records for your support and trust. Thank you to all bookers and promoters (esp. Agencija Uran for Do Konca tour), technical teams (ADR Audio (Dolga Pot Domov Tour), Bumerang (Do Konca Tour)) and other participating companies and individuals who made sure our concerts were the best they could be. We would also like to thank to all the bands we were privilaged and honored to share the stages with. And last but not least; a huge thanks to our SDDH Crew, SDDH Sound, SDDH Light, SDDH Merch, SDDH Photo, SDDH WebTeam and management for all your support and sleepless nights.

    A lot has happened and these past two years and a half passed by in a blink of an eye. Despite this, we feel it is time we hit the “OFF” button and say goodbye to life on the road.

    May 2018 bring you lots of good and warm moments, but above it all - don’t forget to share goodness and warmth with others, especially the ones who need it most.

    We will see you on September 14, 2018 in Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana. We are setting up something quite special for you.

    Thank you for everything & may it trully be an awesome 2018!
    Yours, Siddz

    Tickets for 2018-09-14, Ljubljana - Hala Tivoli AVAILABLE HERE!

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  • Izštekanih 10: Siddharta & guests

    Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, 2017-12-06, at 20.00
    10 years after our 2nd performance on Val 202's Izštekani (Unplugged), we're getting unplugged again at the traditional Izštekanih 10 event in Kino Šiška. There we will host 10 guest-musicians/band who will perform 10 of our songs and so mark our first-ever collaboration. The rest of the songs will be performed by us. This should be more than enough reasons not to miss our third live-audience unplugging!

    Koala Voice
    Buda (Elvis Jackson)
    Neca Falk
    Gianni Poposki (Noctiferia)
    Bojan Cvetrežnik

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  • LIVE DATES (updated)

    The more we cross off the list, the more new ones appear ... :)

    31. 3. Ljutomer - Do Konca! Turneja
    1. 4. Novo Mesto- Do Konca! Turneja
    8. 4. Slovenj Gradec - Do Konca! Turneja
    14. 4. Trbovlje - Do Konca! Turneja
    15. 4. Kranj - Do Konca! Turneja
    28. 4. Celje - Do Konca! Turneja
    1. 5. Poreč - SDDH x BFM
    5. 5. Koper - Do Konca! Turneja

    11. 5. Ljubljana - Škisova Tržnica
    10. 6. Ruše - Kursšlus

    17. 6. Cerkvenjak - Antonova Noč
    30. 6. Brežice - Festival Moje mesto
    1. 7. Žiri - Vikend Športa & Zabave
    8. 7. Dornberk - Zeleni Gaj

    2. 9. Žalec - Žalska noč mladih
    9. 9. Prevalje
    16. 9. Tržič - Kšajt Šunder
    23. 9. Postojna - Koncert Radia 94

    19. 10. Ljubljana - Cvetličarna (SOLD OUT!)
    27. 10. Ljubljana - Cvetličarna (additional date / SOLD OUT!)
    28. 10. Rakičan - Noč Čarovnic / Halloween

    17. 11. Maribor - Ftrgatev (SOLD OUT!)
    6. 12. Ljubljana - Izštekanih 10: Siddharta & Guests (SOLD OUT!)
    22. 12. Domžale - Čarobni december
    23. 12. Novo mesto - Novi Trg
    25. 12. Maribor - Trg Leona Štuklja

    Dolga Pot Domov - acoustic tour
    10. 11. Mežica - Narodni dom Mežica (SOLD OUT!)
    11. 11. Cerklje na Gorenjskem - KH Ignacija Borštnika (SOLD OUT!)

    23. 11. Nova Gorica - Kulturni dom Nova Gorica (SOLD OUT!)
    1. 12. Laško - Kulturni Center Laško (SOLD OUT!)
    8. 12. Krško - Kulturni dom (SOLD OUT!)
    16. 12. Koper - Mala športna dvorana Bonifika (OŠ Koper)

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