The period between Sept 14 2018, when the album NOMADI was released, and also performed for the first time on the stage of the sold out Hala Tivoli, and on Dec 8 2018, when we walked off the stage for the last time this year, this time in the almost sold out Golovec Hall in Celje, passed by so fast that there will be something missing in our lives in the coming weekends. We will miss out on your unstoppable energy and love, with which you so selflessly fill us from one concert ot the other. We will miss your glimmering and smiling faces, short but sweet meet-ups before and after concerts, handshakes, small conversations and your joy that you share with us. We can only hope that we give you a small part of it from the stage. Therefore, a HUGE-BOOM-BAM-KABLAM THANK YOU goes to YOU - OUR FANS! Thank you Ljubljana, Ljutomer, Koper, Velenje, Trbovlje, Kočevje, Krško, Nova Gorica, Maribor, Novo mesto, Slovenj Gradec, Kranj and Celje! You are our eternal flame that keeps us going!

    BO!, who were with us only in Tivoli, but left a lasting impression which is with us to this day. MRFY, who took their baton and carried it proudly and loudly to the very end of the tour as they ripped it each and every night! And last but not least, SEVEN DAYS IN MAY, who were with us for all 13 concerts and were "Ready to Fight" to the last one (although they turned out to be more of “dancers")! It was a great honor to share the stage with each and everyone of you and we hope our paths meet again!

    In the past ten years, we joined our strengths in projects of all shapes and sizes, stood by each other’s side, but this year's 10th anniversary of our partnership was really something special! From the the first half of the year when NOMADI (www.volkswagen.si/sddh) was recorded and right up until this autumn when we made this tour happen; VOLKSWAGEN - THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! 10 years marked as they should be!
    Union Brewery, which hosted us in its underworld for the reveal of the tour in May, and stood by us (and in the refrigerator) right up to the last day! THANK YOU & CHEERS!
    Last but not least, Hit Radio Center & Rock Radio for your media support of the tour!

    THANKS TO ALL ROADIES FOR A DAY who won the online Volkswagen competition; Aljaž Kojterer, Ožbej Čuk, Lana Djuratovič, Luka Čadež, Petra Marković, David Kovač, Mihael Pliberšek, Andraž Dostal, Nejc Kreuh, Anej Peršič & Žan Strniša! You all did a hell of a jobl and we are proud that you were part of our crew for a day! Till next time!
    At the same time, another quick, but definitely necessary, thanks to Miha and Zarja from iProm for their support with both competitions (#RoadieForADay & #Meet&Greet).

    AND FINALLY - THOSE WITHOUT WHOM THIS TOUR WOULDN’T BE POSSIBLE: our management (Dejan Radičević & Sašo D.), Agencija Uran (Aleš & Bojana Uranjek), Agencija K (Metod, Dejan, Robi & Co. • tech concert Ljubljana), Boomerang (Dejan & Aco & Co. • tour tech), Valina Security, Rescue Service Paramedic, Mare Perne & Co. (Pyros • pyrotechnics Ljubljana), AP Weber Jana & drivers Gregor, Martin, Tadej & Miha, #Rockwagen Team; Miha Hrovatič & Martin Janežič - Buco and, above all, those who came to the rescue when our crew needed you the most; Dejan Dornik, Blaž Lončar, Niko Podlesnik, Lara Žgajnar & Primož Pičulin.

    SDDH Sound • Aleš Štefančič - Majster, Miha Arnuš - Arni, Grega Šmalc - Ixi
    SDDH Light • Vido Perko
    SDDH VJ • Luka Dekleva
    SDDH Merchixxx • Eva Benedik & Petra Novak
    SDDH Crew • Dušan Krajnčič, Rope Lega, Darjan Vidmar, Bojan Krajnčič, David Furlan, Frenki Vinko, Jan Švigelj & Tim Krajnčič
    SDDH Photo • Marko Alpner
    Without you ... none of this would be possible! It’s just the way it is.
    Time for you to come to terms with this! :)

    All of you have given us something EXCEPTIONALLY BEAUTIFUL & UNFEORGETTABLE!

    So many thank yous that we can only give you a final shout out - GREMO KAR OD TU NAPREJ !!!

    Yours, Siddharta

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    Today marks the release of our ninth studio album, NOMADI!
    Recorded in our Studio 13 under the sharp ear of producer Dejan Radičević who previously produced ID, Infra and Ultra. It brings 10 new songs; Halo Nomadi, A.M.L.P., Lej Lej Lej, Moderne Dame, Jaz, Medrevesa, Kripto, Matador, Blizu and Vzhod.
    May it bring you joy and pleasure!
    :) Siddz

    NOMADI is available at:
    Nika web shop Nomadi
    Nika web shop Nomadi (signed copies)
    & Big Bang stores Slovenia, Petrol & OMV

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    In celebration of 10 years of our partnership with Volkswagen, we prepared a special gift for you. From Monday, September 3, till Friday, September 7, 3.000 free downloads of our new album will be made available on Volkswagen's website.

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  • A.M.L.P.

    We present our new single, A.M.L.P. Video is a creative result of Enya Belak Gupta, who also directed the video for Medrevesa. You can see it exclusively at www.volkswagen.si/sddh.

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  • TOUR 2018

    This Fall we're finally hitting the stages again! The tour will consist of 13 concerts on which we'll also present our new album, from which we've already launched Medrevesa single!
    Opening acts in Ljubljana: BO! & Seven Days in May.
    Opening acts for the rest of the tour: Mrfy & Seven Days in May.

    General partner of the tour: Volkswagen
    Tour partner: Pivovarna Union
    Tour media partners: Hit Radio Center & Rock Radio

    14. 9., Ljubljana, Hala Tivoli • SOLD OUT!
    19. 10., Ljutomer, ŠIC Sports Hall • TICKETS
    26. 10., Koper, Tent by Bonifika Stadium • TICKETS
    27. 10., Velenje, Red Hall • TICKETS
    31. 10., Trbovlje, Polaj Sports Hall • TICKETS
    2. 11., Kočevje, Sports Hall • TICKETS
    3. 11., Krško, SŠ Krško Sports Hall • TICKETS
    16. 11., Nova Gorica, Hit Sports Center • TICKETS
    17. 11., Maribor, UŠC Leon Štukelj Hall • TICKETS
    23. 11., Novo Mesto, Marof Hall • TICKETS
    24. 11., Slovenj Gradec, Sports Hall • TICKETS
    1. 12., Kranj, Zlato Polje Hall • TICKETS
    8. 12., Celje, Golovec Hall • TICKETS

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