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Izštekani (2007-12-10)


  1. Ring03:38Audio, Lyrics
  2. Mr. Q03:49Audio, Lyrics
  3. Neon (Shusuglao)04:34Audio, Lyrics
  4. Eboran04:03Audio, Lyrics
  5. Naiven ples03:50Audio, Lyrics
  6. Klinik03:47Audio, Lyrics
  7. Napoj04:07Audio, Lyrics
  8. Male roke03:03Audio, Lyrics
  9. Homo Carnula04:29Audio, Lyrics
  10. Samo Edini05:54Audio, Lyrics
  11. Autumn Sun04:15Audio, Lyrics
  12. Le Mavrica05:43Audio, Lyrics
  13. Siddharta06:36Audio, Lyrics


  1. DVD: Ring03:48Audio, Lyrics
  2. DVD: Conversation02:47Audio, Lyrics
  3. DVD: Mr. QAudio, Lyrics
  4. DVD: Neon (Shusuglao)Audio, Lyrics
  5. DVD: EboranAudio, Lyrics
  6. DVD: ConversationAudio, Lyrics
  7. DVD: Naiven plesAudio, Lyrics
  8. DVD: KlinikAudio, Lyrics
  9. DVD: NapojAudio, Lyrics
  10. DVD: ConversationAudio, Lyrics
  11. DVD: Male rokeAudio, Lyrics
  12. DVD: Homo CarnulaAudio, Lyrics
  13. DVD: ConversationAudio, Lyrics
  14. DVD: Samo ediniAudio, Lyrics
  15. DVD: ConversationAudio, Lyrics
  16. DVD: Autumn SunAudio, Lyrics
  17. DVD: Le mavricaAudio, Lyrics
  18. DVD: ConversationAudio, Lyrics
  19. DVD: SiddhartaAudio, Lyrics

CD :
Recorded live at: Studio 14, Radio Slovenija, Ljubljana, 21.09.2007, the Izštekani show
Produced by: Siddharta and Žare Pak
Sound assistant: Mitja Krže
Monitoring: Matjaž Miklič
Assistants: Cole Moretti, Miha Ocvirk
Mix: Žare Pak and Siddharta
Mixed at Studio KifKif
Additional musicians :
Martin Janežič - Buco - percussions
Godalika - strings (Naiven ples, Klinik, Napoj, Siddharta)
Tomislav Jovanovič - Tokac - vocal (Male Roke)
Music by: Siddharta
Siddharta are: Boštjan M., Cene R., Jani H., Primož B., Tomaž O.R., Tomi M.
Author, editor and host of the Izštekani show: Jure Longyka
Show assistant: Grega Peterka
Editor of music programme at radio Val 202: Andrej Karoli
Editor-in-chief at radio Val 202: Mirko Štular

Recorded at: Studio 14, Radio Slovenija, Ljubljana, 21.09.2007, the Izštekani show
Recorded by: Tone Stojko, Simon Stojko Falk, Patricija Cvetkovič
Directed and edited by: Tone Stojko, Prodok Teater TV
Photos by: Alan Orlič Belšak and Aleksander Remec
Cover concept, design and production by: Veto Group

Autumn sun (eng)

Directed by: Igor Nardin, Mateja Kavčnik
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Autumn Sun

Wet sunny morning in my dark room
I am alone but I feel good.
Beautiful town is under me
reflecting lights between autumn leaves
so quiet so cold most people are working
so far away is horizon seen

and there's this white cloud in the sky
touching mountains covered in snow
silver wind is here again
I am king but so unknown