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Maraton (2007-12-10)


  1. Peter in volk (intro)02:29Audio, Lyrics
  2. Ohm04:59Audio, Lyrics
  3. Indija04:17Audio, Lyrics
  4. Plastika04:05Audio, Lyrics
  5. Črnobelo03:55Audio, Lyrics
  6. Keltvek04:01Audio, Lyrics
  7. 0104:03Audio, Lyrics
  8. Le mavrica05:27Audio, Lyrics
  9. Gnan03:46Audio, Lyrics
  10. Rave04:59Audio, Lyrics
  11. Apokalipsa07:10Audio, Lyrics
  12. Nord (intro)03:12Audio, Lyrics
  13. Male roke / Voda05:22Audio, Lyrics
  14. ...05:41Audio, Lyrics


  1. Sim Hae05:08Audio, Lyrics
  2. Homo Carnula04:54Audio, Lyrics
  3. L.e.05:20Audio, Lyrics
  4. B mashina (Laibach rmx)03:54Audio, Lyrics
  5. B mashina05:16Audio, Lyrics
  6. Rooskie03:46Audio, Lyrics
  7. Brezokoff05:13Audio, Lyrics
  8. Il a modras04:37Audio, Lyrics
  9. Opice03:37Audio, Lyrics
  10. Na soncu05:03Audio, Lyrics
  11. Farmer03:36Audio, Lyrics
  12. Kloner05:31Audio, Lyrics
  13. Venom E05:09Audio, Lyrics


  1. Eboran (intro)02:28Audio, Lyrics
  2. Eboran08:02Audio, Lyrics
  3. Marslander03:42Audio, Lyrics
  4. Autumn Sun04:24Audio, Lyrics
  5. Naiven ples04:04Audio, Lyrics
  6. Siddharta06:38Audio, Lyrics
  7. Napoj04:08Audio, Lyrics
  8. Klinik04:04Audio, Lyrics
  9. Mr. Q03:55Audio, Lyrics
  10. Nespodobno opravilo / Zoo 69 / Y More04:17Audio, Lyrics
  11. Pot v X04:46Audio, Lyrics
  12. Disco Deluxe03:59Audio, Lyrics
  13. Et tu04:49Audio, Lyrics
  14. Rh-02:49Audio, Lyrics
  15. Japan04:36Audio, Lyrics


  1. T.h.o.r.04:03Audio, Lyrics
  2. Ciklon orka04:49Audio, Lyrics
  3. Stipe03:20Audio, Lyrics
  4. Tria05:59Audio, Lyrics
  5. Etna05:25Audio, Lyrics
  6. Samo edini05:20Audio, Lyrics
  7. Neznano05:18Audio, Lyrics
  8. Neon (Shusuglao)04:27Audio, Lyrics
  9. Ring03:43Audio, Lyrics
  10. Domine04:21Audio, Lyrics
  11. Lunanai04:11Audio, Lyrics
  12. Od višine se zvrti06:40Audio, Lyrics
  13. Platina05:26Audio, Lyrics
  14. Orion Lady04:27Audio, Lyrics


  1. DVD: Documentary01:06:48Audio, Lyrics

Recorded at: Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana, 05.10.2007, Siddharta Maraton
Produced by: Siddharta and Žare Pak
Mix: Žare Pak in Siddharta
Mixed at: Studio KifKif
Recorded by: Samo Jurca and Marko Jurca
Additional musicians:
Martin Janežič - Buco - percussions
Dan D - (Male Roke - Voda)
Peter Penko - guitar (B Mashina)
Grega Skočir - vocal (Na Soncu)
Nikolovski - vocal (Venom E)
Godalika - strings (Naiven ples, Siddharta, Napoj, Klinik, Etna, Samo Edini)
Neža Trobec Teropšič - vocal (Etna)
Primož Majerič - bass (Pot v X)
Vlado Kreslin - vocal (Lunanai, Od višine se zvrti)
Music: Siddharta, except for Male Roke/Voda (Siddharta in Dan D), Od višine se zvrti (A. Klinar/V. Kreslin/Siddharta), Peter and Wolf (S. Prokofiev/Siddharta)
Siddharta are: Boštjan M., Cene R., Jani H., Primož B., Tomaž O.R., Tomi M.

Recorded at: Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana, 05.10.2007, Siddharta Maraton
Recorded by: Dafne Jemeršič, Miha Knific
Director and editor: Dafne Jemeršič
Audio Mix: Aleš Dvorak
Photos by: Aleksander Remec, Alan Orlič Belšak, Marjan Krebelj, Marko Prelec
Cover concept, design and production by:< Veto Group
Cover print by: Colegium Graphicum


It took a moment to make this little boy breathe,
it was a moment when this little girl took a book trying to learn how to read.
He started to feel the first innocent love
and many barriers she climbed on the way finding out what's all about.
Living her life near the sea,
rising up the day still there was thousands of miles in between (not that they knew).

Somehow the song met the soul in the night,
it took a moment to make those four eyes making thoughts go wild.
Then digging in the sand and listening the band,
not alone but with friends, old friends they saw them spinning.

And then taking him up on the hill
now alone with the lights down beneath in a small small town,
whole life on short in words until that day

When the Nature took him out, it took her out and put away,
right there out from the sand and water blue.
Saw them screaming out loud but the voice you couldn't hear,
they were the only ones who felt it.

Those were the days that made them see what they wanted to see,
feel what they wanted to feel.
And what was to be said when they saw the man walking away
and saw the girl standing there... why that moment made them the...

And the Nature took him out, it took her out and put away,
right there out from the sand and water blue.
Saw them screaming out loud, but the voice you couldn't hear,
they were the only ones who felt it.

And there was a time when paper-dates were on the wall and calendars fell off.
They were too old, they were too old.
And so he went once just to spend some time on his own,
he went up north for a day or two, walking the streets of foreign town, just walking.
And than he said: "Excuse me, do you know where I can get something to eat?"
and she said: "I'm sorry, but I am not from here."
And then she turned around to see who she's talking to and...
It was a moment that made them cry, a moment that made them laugh,
a moment that brought them back together for good...