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ID (1999-05-27)


  1. Indija03:49Audio, Lyrics
  2. Pot v X04:07Audio, Lyrics
  3. L.E.04:38Audio, Lyrics
  4. Le Mavrica03:32Audio, Lyrics
  5. Farmer02:55Audio, Lyrics
  6. Črnobelo03:50Audio, Lyrics
  7. Lunanai04:04Audio, Lyrics
  8. Siddharta06:31Audio, Lyrics
  9. Nespodobno opravilo03:13Audio, Lyrics
  10. ...05:44Audio, Lyrics
  11. Stipe02:21Audio, Lyrics

recorded and mixed at Studio Tivoli Productions in the years 1998/99
production, mix, editing, engineering by: Dejan Radičevič
recording producer: Anders Kallmark, Dejan Radičevič
tape tube mastering: Studio Tivoli Production (Aco Razbornik)
computer programming (1, 3, 4): Anders Kallmark
management: management@siddharta.net, tel. +386 41 382 192
photo: Maja Bagić, Ivian Mujezinović, Matic Kregar, Tomi Petkovič
design: Maja Bagić, Ivian Mujezinović
cocktail design: Blaž Vrtovec (Društvo barmanov Slovenije)
additional musicians:
keyboards (2, 3, 4, 8, 10), first arrangements: Anders Kallmark
lyrics and music: Tomi M., except Indija (1): lyrics: Primož B., music: Tomi M.
arrangement: Tomi M. & SIDDHARTA
Boštjan M. : drums, back vocals (4, 7, 10)
Primož B. : guitar, back vocals (4, 5, 7, 10, +)
Cene R. : tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, back vocals (5)
Primož M. : bass
Tomi M. : vocals, guitar, back vocals
Tomaž O. R. : keyboards
The name of the band adopted from Herman Hesse’s novel Siddharta
The title of the album Id adopted from Freud’s psychoanalytic theory.
FAN CLUB SIDDHARTA: P.P. 179, 1236 Trzin, Slovenia, EU
Financial sponsors: ŠOU, MC Inženiring, Hound Dog Club, the Meglič family, Marko Popovič, Resing d.o.o., Four Roses
Material sponsors: Šentvid High School, Studio Tivoli Production, Dr. Marten's, Stevo Hair Studio, Mertik Style, Tina.
Without you SIDDHARTA would lack its ID:
Jure Grgurevič (Šentvid High School Headmaster) - your big heart and love of music has been providing us with irreplaceable space for creation of music and practice for years. Aco Razbornik - you have done more for us than we have deserved; in return you have lost many a nerve for us. We hope in the future we can pay you back those nerves. Dejan Radičevič - Daizy - whenever in need of your help, willpower, spare time, professionalism and friendship, you have always been here for us. When you needed to let go of it all, we took a step back. Your easyamericoromanian soul will always be a part of this album. The Kovačevič family (Magda, Stane, Sandi, Damjan) - you've taken us in with open hands, treated as your own and wished us the best. Home sweet home. Matej Majerič - your engagement and professional advice have covered us with “gold”. Sandi Kovačevič - we find your willpower, enthusiasm, propaganda and good fellowship trustworthy. Klemen Lenič - you’ve always been here for us, you have taken care of our sound and saved us a lot of running around. Mr. Bassman Bernard Pajk - your musical and technical help slapped us at the right time in the right place. Primož Majerič Sr. - our safety and transportation. Janez Hvale - we appreciate you sharing your experience with us. Many people don’t. Damjan Kovačevič - without you many things would not be alright. Žiga Klančar - you’ve met all our drumming needs. All our families (Benko, Majerič, Meglič, O. Rous, Resnik) - thanks for financial help and support. The Žerjav family - thanks for the lunches. We’ll be there at 1 PM. Ines Hvale - the best legal stimulant. A big heart in a small bottle. The Hound Dog club staff (Ines, Tjaša, Alenka, Patricija, Armando, Mare, Igor, Rubo, Zubo, Robi, Bogo, Žolt, Ginger, Kraški, Oliver, Aljoša, Duši, Primož, Tomaž, Mirc, Blaž) - for all the substitutions and support. Matic Kregar - you almost jumped in the fire for us. Armando Otta - always the fastest available. Igor Mr. Powerman - you’ve almost become a part of our show. Blaž Vrtovec in Kristina Sič - always with us, always ours. Lana Gavrilov - for your courage and all the consequences. Črt Majcen - ttthhheee ppphhhoootttooosss rrruuullleee.. Jabberwock, Indigo, Wogoni - the band fair-play award. Robert Rebolj - we love our interchanges of views, thanks for the snares and the cymbals. Petra Zaletel - thanks for the name. Slaven - thanks for the amplifier. Ivan Bekšič - thanks for the amplifier. Mare Senegačnik - thanks for the amplifier. Babewatch band - despite competition your help remained on our side. Stay with us, we’ll stay with you. Miran Pibernik - you’re our man. Anton Klančnik - our permanent ally. All the Hound Dog club rockabilly’s - rock n' roll. Davor Skočič - grooveman. Edo Bajrič, Samo Mervar - thanks for the amplifiers. Miha Božič - for all objective criticism, for the amplifier, good fellowship. Josip Batelj - Koko - you were the first to put us on tape. Mišo Meglič - for the PA. Miha “Virman” Cirman - a neighbour and a half, and a little on the side. Thanks. Žiga Benko - our devoted fan. Aleš Zupančič - when acoustic sounds get a new dimension. Slavc Šket - a green fight in a crucial moment. Borut - thanks for the amplifier. Boris Hripko - thanks for letting us use the WC. Ivian in Maja - for all your hard work and ideas. Luti iand her Gudi - you’ve made long moments short. Manca Kavs - the charts keep getting shorter. Aleksander Lilik - for our first photos. Hemingway - To whom the bell sounds? Miha Krušič, Matej Padežnik, Petra Kovič - for always being here for us. Thanks. Goran Lorencin - for back-vocals at our first concerts, for support. Mladenovič (the caretaker) - top-level tolerance of rocker shakes of your appartment. Tajka Žagar - thanks for the photos. Andrej Lehrman - for the yearlong support and help with sawing tree trunks. Matevž Carnelutti in Blaž Medvedšek - for our first chords. Tomi Petkovič - for the photos. Thanks to all our friends, acquaintances, fans (you know who you are). Additional thanks: Mojca Mavec, Miša Molk, Igor Zupe, Stevo Pavlovič & crew and everyone at Multimedia records.
Special thanks to Dejan Radičevič


It took a moment to make this little boy breathe,
it was a moment when this little girl took a book trying to learn how to read.
He started to feel the first innocent love
and many barriers she climbed on the way finding out what's all about.
Living her life near the sea,
rising up the day still there was thousands of miles in between (not that they knew).

Somehow the song met the soul in the night,
it took a moment to make those four eyes making thoughts go wild.
Then digging in the sand and listening the band,
not alone but with friends, old friends they saw them spinning.

And then taking him up on the hill
now alone with the lights down beneath in a small small town,
whole life on short in words until that day

When the Nature took him out, it took her out and put away,
right there out from the sand and water blue.
Saw them screaming out loud but the voice you couldn't hear,
they were the only ones who felt it.

Those were the days that made them see what they wanted to see,
feel what they wanted to feel.
And what was to be said when they saw the man walking away
and saw the girl standing there... why that moment made them the...

And the Nature took him out, it took her out and put away,
right there out from the sand and water blue.
Saw them screaming out loud, but the voice you couldn't hear,
they were the only ones who felt it.

And there was a time when paper-dates were on the wall and calendars fell off.
They were too old, they were too old.
And so he went once just to spend some time on his own,
he went up north for a day or two, walking the streets of foreign town, just walking.
And than he said: "Excuse me, do you know where I can get something to eat?"
and she said: "I'm sorry, but I am not from here."
And then she turned around to see who she's talking to and...
It was a moment that made them cry, a moment that made them laugh,
a moment that brought them back together for good...