Domine (slo) (2006)

Domine (slo)

Album: Petrolea
Directed by: Miloš Radosavljević & Tomi Horvat

The video for the song Domine was produced by the AVK team. The story was written by Tomi Horvat and Miloš Radosavljevič, who also directed the video. The photography was in the hands of Miloš Srdič and the camera in the hands of Vladan Jankovič.
The story can be understood in more ways. Foremost it’s about intertwined destinies. It is about the eternal game of the domination between a man and a woman, about pushing and shoving, about covering and uncovering of our desires. The creators were moving on the edge between the explicit and the hidden deliberately. The coach, superbly portrayed by actor Matija Vastl, is the one who takes it out on one of the athletes (Neža Uršič) during the training. Later the story takes a turn. Is it the vengeance or merely a coincidence? The interpretation is left to the viewers and it probably depends on one’s own preferences.
The set for the second part of the video was made by the AKV team with the help of Tina Krajnc, whereas the first part was shot on the top of the parking building Šentpeter near a hospital in Ljubljana. The assistant director and filming director was Kristina Ravnikar, and the stylist was Katja Rosa.
The third part where Siddharta appears was shot in the VPK Studio. Miloš Srdič and Dafne Jemeršič worked on the video, the latter was in charge of the camera. She made sure the camera videotaped all the details in the relatively small room. The clothing was taken care of by the Oktober company and our stylists of NOM3 while guys from Salon Mali did our hair and Rea Šribar the makeup.