Rave EP (07. 03. 2005)


  1. Rave (Radio Edit)03:59Avdio, besedilo
  2. Rave (Album version)04:42Avdio, besedilo
  3. Rave (Umek RMX)06:11Avdio, besedilo
  4. Rave (Slovene live version)04:57Avdio, besedilo
  5. Etna (Album version)04:26Avdio, besedilo
  6. BONUS: Rave (Video)Avdio, besedilo
  7. BONUS: Rave (Slovene live video version)Avdio, besedilo

Posneto v: Studio RSL - bobni, godalni orkester | DB Recordings - kitare, bas | Studio KifKif - vokali | Studio Thor - klaviature | razen Rave (slovenska živa video verzija) posneto na ljubljanskem centralnem stadionu 13. septembra 2003
Producenti: Žare Pak in Siddharta
Koproducenta: Peter Penko in Dali Sterniša
Producenta vokalov: Grant Austin in Žare Pak
Snemalci: Dali Sterniša, Blaž Soklič (DB Recordings), Žare Pak (Studio RSL, Studio KifKif), Samo Jurca (Studio KifKif)
Mix: Žare Pak (Studio RSL, Studio KifKif)
Mastering: Nautilus Mastering
Trening vokalov: Robert MacKenzie in Grant Austin
Glasba: Tomaž O. R., Tomi M.
Besedilo: Tomi M.
Aranžma: Siddharta
Godalni aranžma: Tomaž O. R. and Rok Golob
Dirigent: Rok Golob
Režiser videospota Rave: Petar Pašić
Režiser slovenske žive video verzije: Interplan
Koncept, oblikovanje, produkcija ovitka in fotografije: Ventilator
Siddharta so: Boštjan M. (bobni, tolkala), Cene R. (saksofon, ewi, klaviatura), Jani H. (bas), Primož B. (kitara), Tomaž O. R. (klaviature, programiranje), Tomi M. (vokali, kitara)
Siddharta management: management@siddharta.net +386 41 382 192
URL: http://www.siddharta.net
E: info@siddharta.net
Siddharta fan club: Siddharta, PP 179, 1236 Trzin, Slovenija, EU
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Rave (Radio Edit)

It's an evening close to New Year in a village by the lake
I'm invited to a party all I know is just one name
With a peculiar reaction I am searching for that face
is there anyone with answers is there anyone from space
Is it funny no one's talking is it funny no one moves
have I missed any real moments now I'm getting all confused
Everyone is looking that way everyone has hollow eyes
want to know what is behind this wide old massive door
So I go there and open it open it
from the ceiling the girl is hanging with a T-shirt saying
The end is now on this planet Earth
And do you know we'll go alone so far no more evil days
along with us is a dedicated soul
And so I dance my very last night
and I'm on top and adoring
and so I dance my very last night
And I'm on to top and adoring
it was good but now we've got to go
The end is now on this planet Earth
And do you know we'll go alone so far no more evil days
along with us is a dedicated soul