• 2012, 2013, BONSAI (Tribal) - FREE DOWNLOAD!

    2012 is slowly ending and we have to say that it was (as they all were) a fun year. However, not to reminisce or dwell on the past too much - after all, we all know what & how it happened, we are already looking forward to 2013 and better times that lie ahead. Our plans are, as usual, ambitious and are aimed towards the stages in Slovenia and outside. We just don't seem to can't get enough of you live. :)

    To ease the wait and as a little and modest thank you for your support and devotion we re-arranged and re-recorded Bonsai. We did so after two very successful unplugged concerts, still feeding off the incredible energy that is present whenever our good friend, Buco, is around. He joined us in the studio and the result is Bonsai (Tribal). We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording and performing it for you.

    That said; we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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    Maribor was our second unplugged destination. Enthused over how Ljubljana came across we aimed even higher in Maribor's Štuk. We invited six girls from Pandora (pole-dance group) to join us on stage and they stole the show during Baroko and … . It is a shame that the front line of the band couldn't admire their skills on the pole. 3 times hurray for the cameras. Full Štuk venue always – we know that we say this every time, but it's just the way it is – provides an amazing atmosphere and the Maribor crowd lifted us into unforeseen heights and gently let us back down onto the snowy ground. Damn, how welcome we always feel in Maibor! Until the next time …

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    Cvetličarna opened its door for us again and hosted us in an unplugged version.  The renovated club is fair match to any club outside of Slovenian borders and we were deeply impressed. We had some complications with sound on the stage during the sound check, but this was quickly forgotten when we felt the honest energy of the crowd. We have to admit that we didn't enjoy a gig like this for a long time or have received such a thunderous cheering from the crowd. Absolutely crazy! The gig was over far too quickly, you dragged Na Soncu out of us (even though we haven't rehearsed it) and cheered us with bis request as we left the stage. It was a pleasure mingling with you afterwards. We took some photos, signed a few autographs and had a great time hanging out with you. We will remember this night for a long long time! Thank you, dear friends!

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    It is almost holiday time and time for all those creatures that are sneaking around (all of them with big bags, obviously) leaving gifts for younger and older kids.
    To make sure that these creatures don't run out of ideas what and where to get, we decided to give them a helping hand with a little suggestion …

    We are starting a special holiday offer "3 4 2" (you pick 3 items, the cheapest one is for free)!

    The offer is valid from 2012-12-01 till 2013-01-14.
    You can choose from all the items available!

    Get your fingers ready and see the goodies at http://store.siddharta.net!

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  • LIVE IMPRESSIONS, 2012-10-20, MÜNCHEN (Garage Deluxe)

    This time we really couldn't avoid hitting all the varieties of fast food joints; we needed something to soak up all the surplus of energy (ok, also beer), which we collectively overdoes on … a bit. And that's how it should be! We put the two together and headed for city center. And hit a major rush hour. The sun and Saturday went well together well. After we reassembled oursevles, we started putting together the stage as well. The stage was really small so we went for the Lego approach, but this held us back a bit. The club wasn't much bigger, so we were looking forward to a packed gig. After the sound check came the big surprise from Ljubljana; our management team with two of our "significant others". This promised an even better evening. As it turned out it was even better than suspected. The crowd was loud, insatiable and foremost – happy. We closed the tour with this gig, filled with satisfaction.

    A major part of this satisfaction and the success of this tour was a really good connection among all members of the crew, who all gave their best. Therefore we'd like to thank Duši and Rope for being our backbone and muscle when we needed them most, thank you Tisa, for a fuck-off-awesome sound (especially in SO36, where you didn't even know that it is a venue renowned for being really hard to make a great sound in), thank you, Vido, for hitting those lights every night and fogging us up the way only you can do it, thank you, Eva, for standing behind our merch stand and selling most of our stock (we closed one eye and let you come back even if there were a few pieces left unsold), thank you, Andraž (Skirca), for unbelievably well performed roll of tour-manager, thank you, Andrej, for overseeing and directing things in the best direction possible, and thank you, Michael, who drove us safely for over 5000 km. Thank you, Pawel, who was with us for most of the tour and made our connection with Poland even stronger. And most of all; thank all of you for coming, your feedback and energy!

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  • LIVE IMPRESSIONS, 2012-10-19, DRESDEN (Puschkin Club)

    We woke up into a warm autumn day in Dresden. Therefore we scattered all over the city before hitting the stage for sound check. We were in no hurry to get back to the venue. Dresden is a beautiful city and we definitely recommend a visit. When we had to head back to the venue we came face to face with the coziest backstage ever and a great service by the local crew. Sound check went through smoothly, with the only exception that most of us wished we could speak German, but luckily we had Rope who was out go-between. And thank gods for that, because waving your hands around doesn't always get the job done. In the evening the music did its own talking. We gave away enough energy to keep the audience away from the bar and to keep them standing in their places till the very last song. They scattered themselves all over the venue as if they were some kind of acoustic elements, but they stuck to their positions with full attention directed to the stage. Well, we only have München ahead of us and we most likely will not sleep on our way there.

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  • LIVE IMPRESSIONS, 2012-10-18, WROCLAW (Klub Madness)

    The first “wow” hit us when we arrived to Wroclaw; 20 degrees and of course – sun. As usual, when left with enough time on our hands to load-in, we went for a stroll. No one knows how and why, but we got this sudden craving for fast-food. Navigation however betrayed us totally and led us to the nearest nonexistent McDonald’s. So we returned empty handed back to the club where our hardworking crew members, Duši and Rope, were already waiting for us. After the sound check the second “wow” hit us when we looked out of the window and saw a long line in front of the club. We knew that the turn-out would be great, but we never expected anything like this. The club filled and the third “wow” hit us during the first song and lasted all the way through the gig and on and on. The crowd when bat-shit crazy, cheering us on throughout the gig (which was intentionally sung in Slovene), they knew all the lyrics (even the new ones), sang along and wanted more and more and more... We talked to a few of them after the show and they told us that they’ve missed so much during the last 8 years since the last time we were here, that they drove for a couple of 100 km’s to see us. Some of them spoke to us in Slovene and they told us that it was our lyrics that got them in to Slovene language. Incredible. To all Polish fans; thank you for being so amazing and thank you for letting us know that we need to get back to Poland as soon as possible!

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  • LIVE IMPRESSIONS, 2012-10-17, COTTBUS (Bebel)

    We woke up still parked in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district and we used the sunny morning for coffee and buying some gifts for our families, who couldn’t be there with us. We were in no hurry, since Cottbus is relatively close to Berlin. Well, as it turned out, we still needed a couple of hours to get there due to a major traffic jam (which most of us slept through). But it soon became obvious that most of the people caught in the traffic jam weren’t headed for Cottbus. We got there in the afternoon and the city was empty and silent. There was barely a soul or a car on the streets. A ghost town. And this reflected to our evening gig. We did our best and impressed those few who made it to the gig. It was only later that the club owner told us that Wednesdays are reserved for a huge student-party and people are really hard to convince to stray off their routine. But on the upside we got at least one new fan who broadened his specter of favorite Slovene bands from Laibach to Siddharta.

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  • LIVE IMPRESSIONS, 2012-10-16, BERLIN (SO36)

    Berlin would not be Berlin if it would not have given as many  wonderful moments as it did. We had a free day yesterday and we took full advantage of it to res ourselves a bit, do some shopping and meeting with our team from Berlin and Slovenia. The work in SO36 started early this morning because we had a special event ahead of us; live 3D stream. Because this was a 1st-time-ever for all involved there were also some really tense moments during the preparations. At 5:30 PM we blasted through The Whitest Swan and made sure that everything was working properly. The locals seduced us with home-baked sweets. We let them seduce us even though there is such a wide variety of non-European restaurants in Kreuzberg (where the club is) that you could not possibly visit all of them in a day. So we parted ways and separately invaded different restaurants and treated ourselves to Indian lassi, Japanese sushi, Tai noodles, ...
    At 11 PM the roaring sound of our intro started spreading through the speakers and optical cables worldwide. For us and the audience (judging by their feedback) the whole gig rated high on the + charts and we were honestly pleased with that. Most of these pleasantly surprised people shared their experience with us. The Berlin audience came through again and turned out to be grateful, open and most of all unweary. Hat’s off.

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  • LIVE IMPRESSIONS, 2012-10-14, COLOGNE (Underground)

    Cologne. Finally some rain. Because we started working late in the afternoon, most of the crew decided to go for a walk in the city and sightseeing. Tisa and Tomaž kicked themselves in their sporting asses, packed their climbing shoes and went climbing in the nearest climbing place. It didn’t seem like Sunday. Not even in the evening when Underground filled with a respectful number of music fans. Fans of loud music. Before us the upper lever of decibel specter was being pursued by Motörhead-inspired The Messerschmith. During our show it was really nice to see how the faces of the crowd became more and more enthused. Even on that one guy’s face (from Australia) who kept, at the top of his voice, requesting an AC/DC song. He ended up headbanging through our entire set, even though we stuck to our songs. Thank you all for being a great company throughout the show. It was great! Tomorrow we have a day-off in Berlin. Cheers!

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    The sun and autumn warmth greeted us on our morning drive to Frankfurt. Again, pretty un-German. We got to the club Das Bett too early, but that was just fine because the local crew was there too early also and we finished with sound check by the time we should be finished with the load-in. In this, acoustically tricky, venue the mix position was right next to the bar, which in relative sense means quicker access to beer than mix buttons. But all joking aside and let’s start drinking! After the show, of course.
    Jamie’s Backyard, the support act, did their job extremely well. Our fans were insatiable. We should note that fans from Kell, where we played about a year ago, also paid us a visit. It was interesting to hear the screams from the throats of our German fans, calling out for songs to be sung in Slovene. And even though we stuck to our guns and made their wish come true only during Napoj, we couldn’t get off the stage until after the second bis. And even then we could play some more. Even our Eva and her merch stand were constantly under siege. It was amazing. Thank you all and we hope to see you again very soon!

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    Well, the clouds over Germany finally caught up with us in Dortmund. This kind of air pressure makes you want to explore all the potentials of the coffee machine on our extremely cozy tour bus. So cozy, in fact, that it’s hard to choose between a walk in the city you’re in for the first time and preparing a self-made cappuccino.
    The sound check in FWZ went as smoothly as a knife through butter, Stefan had to do more than he bargained for and Vido (our light designer) had to deal with two “napolitanke”. The sun peeked from behind the clouds (again – against all odds with Tomaž’s phone) and we decided to get some fresh air before dinner.
    The Love Crime left a unique impression. And also some beer in the backstage. Oh, and the gig was truly awesome! We had a great turn-out and the atmosphere was fantastic. If not for club’s curfew you could have squeezed an additional bonus out of us. Instead some of you waited for us after the show and we had a few drinks and chats. The night was still young and we went for a stroll down the Dortmund’s version of Čopova and Nazorjeva street. When sleep finally won over us, our driver, Michael, safely drove us to Frankfurt am Main ...

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    Against our expectations (read: iPhone weather forecast) Hamburg welcomed us with sun that stayed with us during the late-morning coffee, which was swiftly followed by lunch that provided us with the energy needed for the sound check in Logo. This was the second time we were at this venue and were again met with extraordinary kindness and complaisance of the locals. Moonrise opened the playful evening and we followed them with an hour and half set, joined by an extremely welcoming crowd who accepted and cheered us on with German-Slovene chants. Most of our set was performed in English and we soon found out that some of the new songs really pack a punch in their message. Still others, sung from the N-th time in Slovene, are looking for that lost verse in the basket full of multiple languages. This however provides our crew, who are the only ones who understand the new-found lyrics, with waves of laughter. In the clear night (again – against all predictions by Tomaž’s iPhone) we Lego-ed our gear onto the bus and left for Dortmund. From here on we could have written something extremely interesting, but we won’t, and without mentioning a certain little axe, it seems like this day lacked something. But it didn’t.

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  • “VI” (English edition) IS OUT NOW!!!

    “VI” (English edition) was released today!
    It is available via iTunes, Siddharta.BandCamp.com and at live gigs in Germany and Poland!

    Tomorrow also starts our German tour with an additional date in Poland.

    11. 10. @ Logo, Hamburg
    12. 10. @ FZW/Freizeitzentrum, Dortmund
    13. 10. @ Das Bett, Frankfurt am Main
    14. 10. @ Underground, Cologne
    16. 10. @ SO36, Berlin
    17. 10. @ Bebel, Cottbus
    18. 10. @ Klub Muzyczny MADNESS, Wroclaw, Poland
    19. 10. @ Pushkin club, Dresden
    20. 10. @ Garage Deluxe, Munich

    Tickets available HERE http://www.ticketmaster.de/artist/siddharta-Tickets/900067

    SEE YOU!

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    On the 16th of October all of you out there from all across the world can log in via the Facebook app “Skyroomlive” or by visiting the site directly www.skyroomlive.com to view our concert live from Berlin’s SO36 club.

    The entire concert is brought to you free of charge and can be viewed in 2D or 3D. To view in 3D, you need a 3D enabled TV set or 3D glasses for viewing on the computer. Alternatively fans can view it normally in 2D on any devise: phone, tablet, laptop or TV screen.

    This unique experience is a first for Germany and we will be giving fans an unforgettable performance.

    TOUR DATES 2012
    11. 10. @ Logo, Hamburg, Germany • w/ Moonrise (http://www.facebook.com/moonrise.music)
    12. 10. @ FZW/Freizeitzentrum, Dortmund, Germany • w/ The Love Crime (http://www.facebook.com/thelovecrime)
    13. 10. @ Das Bett, Frankfurt am Main, Germany • w/ Jamie's Backyard (http://www.facebook.com/JamiesBackyard)
    14. 10. @ Underground, Cologne, Germany • w/ The Messersmith (http://www.facebook.com/themessersmith)
    16. 10. @ SO36, Berlin, Germany • w/ LEASH (http://www.facebook.com/leashbandinfo)
    17. 10. @ Bebel, Cottbus, Germany • w/ Nape (http://www.facebook.com/napeband)
    18. 10. @ Klub Muzyczny MADNESS, Wroclaw, Poland
    19. 10. @ Pushkin club, Dresden, Germany
    20. 10. @ Garage Deluxe, Munich, Germany

    Tickets available here: http://www.ticketmaster.de/artist/siddharta-Tickets/900067.

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    Dear friends!
    We have set the date for the official release of our latest record VI (English edition)!
    It’s October 10th, 2012!
    It will be available via iTunes, Siddharta.BandCamp.com and at live gigs in Germany and Poland!

    11. 10. @ Logo, Hamburg, Germany
    12. 10. @ FZW/Freizeitzentrum, Dortmund, Germany
    13. 10. @ Das Bett, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    14. 10. @ Underground, Cologne, Germany
    16. 10. @ SO36, Berlin, Germany
    17. 10. @ Bebel, Cottbus, Germany
    18. 10. @ Klub Muzyczny MADNESS, Wroclaw, Poland
    19. 10. @ Pushkin club, Dresden, Germany
    20. 10. @ Garage Deluxe, Munich, Germany

    Tickets available HERE http://www.ticketmaster.de/artist/siddharta-Tickets/900067

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    After almost a year since its inception the American Embassy’s Project R.E.M. reached its peak at Kongresni trg in Ljubljana on Saturday. Most of the artists who made a contribution to this project gathered and presented our remakes in front of a live audience. The vibe was great throughout the day and this was clearly seen on stage. Great performances and over 10.000 satisfied people were an obvious confirmation of a job-well-done. We joined our forces with Murat & Jose for Od Ljudi za Ljudi – which was crazy awesome! - and then also performed R.E.M.’s Imitation of Life.

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    Rainy Friday and soaked soiled might have made dried out nature and farmers happy, but for an open-air festival this usually spells trouble. We headed for Koroška with mixed feelings and kept our fingers crossed that the weather will sort itself out. The idyllic Ivarčko lake was covered with fog. But the good news was that the whole venue was roofed. And when we saw that the people of Koroška prefer rock n’ roll over sitting in front of a TV or a computer we hit the stage relieved and made a hell of a night together. Rain didn’t bother anyone and Summerfest rang through the night in all its glory.

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    Friends, we give you a free download of our “Songs” (sort of) album.
    It contains English versions of the following songs (some of which were updated and re-recorded earlier this year):

    1. The Whitest Swan
    2. My Dice
    3. Napalm 3
    4. T.H.O.R.
    5. B Mashina
    6. Insane
    7. Samo Edini
    8. Rave
    9. Under Venus
    10. War Of Ideas


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    New musical project of American Embassy in Slovenia, that pays tribute to R.E.M. and environmental issues

    As you know we responded to the invitation of American Embassy in Slovenia and Chris Eckman and remade R.E.M.’s song Imitation of Life.
    The time has come for the album’s release. This will be supported by a free promotional concert at Kongresni trg on 8 September at 18:00 in Ljubljana.

    The concert will feature all the bands, each of which will present its remake of R.E.M.’s song and one of their own. The bands involved in the project are: Siddharta, Elvis Jackson, N’toko, Vlado Kreslin with Croatian band The Bambi Molesters, Zoran Predin with Massimo Savič, Melodrom, Severa Gjurin, Murat & Jose, Boštjan Narat, Lollobrigida, My Buddy Moose with Chris Eckman, Polona Kasal, Mia Žnidarič and Steve Klink Trio, The Toronto Drug Bust, The Tide and a couple of surprises. The song, chosen by these bands, go all the way back from the early 80ies to their latest album.

    See you at Kongresni trg!


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    What is there to be said after a crazy weekend like this? Over 80.000 visitors, more than 80 different beers and Siddharta’s musical “blitzkrieg”.
    The sound system was provided by our friends from FNM – it was great as usual. Our crew set the stage to perfection, awesome sound and lights which added their amazing feel to the show. We could really dive in and enjoy the gig. Energy was bursting from the stage and the fans returned it with just as much force. Wild! The hospitality of the local organizers took us through the night and into Sunday, when Robi drove us home. Safely.

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    After 3 years we returned to Schengenfest. It is amazing how the festival developed. Magnificent venue near river Kolpa, now with a huge camping area and with a stage of epic proportions. The festival team is working in the right directions and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that they don’t give up because Slovenia needs this kind of festivals. We also invited Lara B, who sang Hollywood, and Buco who joined us for Domine. During Na Soncu we hosted ourselves; Tomaž played the guitar, Tomi took over as the drummer, Jani got a hold of the keyboards, Primož went for 4 stringed bass and Boštjan took over the mic. It was a blast and we had a hell of a good time!

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    We took over Slovenski trg in the city center and gathered quite a crowd of some of our most interesting supporters with our sound check. Nice. :) Everything was great as it always is with our friend from Agencija 19. Great lunch in Buf, meeting with Petarda, some of us went to the pool, joined a poker session and a couple of hours until stage time passed like minutes. Kranjfest was loud and great. You came in great numbers and we gave you just as much. Our friends from Čupakabra quite literally set the “Na Soncu” on fire. Rock on!

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    It is really great to come to a venue where you can instantly feel that the organizers and the local community live for the event! Where every one has their own role and place in a mosaic called Rock Batuje. And that is probably why they endured for 10 years (BTW – Happy anniversary!) and why the people keep coming back. We were there for the first time and hope that not for the last.
    During the sound check we kept our eyes closed since the early afternoon sun was shining directly at us. :) Grilled food at Dule and a great festival in the evening! A bow and cheerz till the next time!

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    Germany! Here we come. In October we're coming back with our latest release, VI in English. You can buy the tickets at the link below.
    Be prepared!

    11. Oct - Logo, Hamburg, DE
    12. Oct - FZW / Freizeitzentrum West, Dortmund, DE
    13. Oct - Das Bett, Frankfurt am Main, DE
    14. Oct - Underground, Köln, DE
    16. Oct - SO36, Berlin, DE
    17. Oct - Bebel, Cottbus, DE
    18. Oct - Klub Muzyczny MADNESS, Wrocław, PL
    19. Oct - Puschkin Club, Dresden, DE
    20. Oct - Garage Deluxe, München, DE


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    Back at the annual “Piše se leto”. 2012 this time and at its 20th anniversary on top of it. Congratulations at this respectful jubilee, especially since the festival is still running strong in this unpleasantly hard times. Great job, Smiljan!
    The sun charged our batteries that got emptied during the last few rainy days. We did the sound check in the morning, followed by some great chow at Hitri Gonzales and then, for dessert, we enjoyed the luxury of the Habakuk Hotel’s pools and saunas. But the whole day peaked in Ledna dvorana with all of you, our dear friends. Again – you didn’t disappoint! It was an amazing gig! We sure know why we love to return to Maribor. We paid our respects to our photographer Sandi during Od Višine Se Zvrti and thanked him for all those captured moments. Sandi – thank you, again! The evening continued and the morning wished us good night. :)

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    Day of extraordinary achievements, day for partying, day of remembering, day of records, day of youth. And we felt right at home. The local promoters treated us like counts. The logistics were spot on, the food at Štorman Hotel was great, even the weather sorted itself out. And don’t even get us started on the crowd ... You were wild! Our friend Buco joined us on stage, Domine was his 5th gig on that day! We toasted (repeatedly) with old and new friends and congratulated Dani from Big Foot Mama for his birthday.
    Celje, Celje, Celje, what can we say in conclusion so we can be as fair as possible?! It was exceptional, unbelievable, devoted, unforgettable, royal... It is true, the youth is the corner-stone of the world and we are happy that you understand rock n’ roll!

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    Cankar’s peak claimed. It was won by Majske Igre festival.
    Tuesday was a great day. The melancholy of previous rainy days was obliterated by the Sun and good spirits gave way to sport & music on their way to success. The harmonious FNM crew prepared the stage impeccably and the promoters of Majske Igre gave it all their best in making sure that everything ran smoothly. Sound check was amazing, followed by culinary awesomeness and endless sea of crowd at the show itself. We felt the energy of the students and returned it empowered with our music. Two hours passed in five minutes. It was insane! We can only wish that we’ll be able to return as soon as possible. We also wish all the students lots of success at their summer exams!

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    Well, here it is. A video for Hollywood, the second video from our VI album. The version in this video is a bit altered as it is the version of the song that we presented at Viktorji 2012 with Lara-B, who agreed to step in and enrich the original version. And not only that; she also kindly agreed to be part of this video. Lara – we thank thee! :)
    We set out determined that we’d do it by ourselves. And we did. Well, sort of. We couldn’t have done it without some really exceptional people; Vizualist team (Gašper, Rožle, Tadej), Nika & Ryan who helped us with the shots of Hollywood, Nina & Maja who provided the styling and make up and our partner Volkswagen that provided us with the luxurious Volkswagen CC. Thank you all!

    Siddharta & Lara-B “Hollywood” credits:
    Written & directed by Siddharta.
    Hollywood shots by Nika Tomažinčič & Ryan Boesch.
    Director of photography: Rožle Bregar
    Co-writer & light designer: Gašper Kocjančič
    Editors: Rožle Bregar and Gašper Kocjančič
    Assistant & producer: Tadej Gorzeti
    Styling: Nina Jagodic
    Make up: Maja Drap


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    Our new video, Hollywood, will premiere on Tuesday, April 10, at 8 AM (CET) at 24ur.com.
    Enjoy the ride!

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    Here’s a free download of our song Hollywood featuring Lara-B on vocals. The song premiered at this year’s Viktorji awards ceremony.
    The video (the one were talking about on our official Facebook profile) is already in its editing phase. Photos from behind the scenes can be found in our photo gallery. More details on that – coming soon.
    For now just enjoy the Hollywood!

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    We went to a place where we weren’t for quite some time. For too long, we might say. We remembered Brežice after their YC, which got restored in the meanwhile. And we can say, with a hint of envy, that it has evolved into one of the most beautiful and best clubs in Slovenia. The club turned into a small venue with the capacity of approx. 400 and all the necessary infrastructure, backstage, bar and even a hostel. Great job! The welcome was warm, great organization from DBŠ, dinner in Gostilna Racman and the most important thing – our friends in front of the stage! Thank you all for a great night!

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  • LIVE IMPRESSIONS, 2012-02-10, TRST

    We are writing these impressions of our Trst concert on our way to the Brežice gig.
    As it happened to apply to the whole of the previous week, Friday was also extremely windy. Red alert and temperatures below zero. Nevertheless, we were warmly greeted in Slovensko stalno gledališče in Trst. We were all positively surprised about the venue and we expected a great gig. We weren’t wrong. We rocked the theatre to a degree where light bulbs started falling off the chandelier and “joined” the crowd below. We hope we’ll se each other soon!

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    Our dearest all of you! :)

    Napovednik.com opened a vote and you delivered. Stadium Stožice concert, that took place on June 18, was voted best musical event of the year 2011! Between all the nominees you gave us a third of all the votes.

    You know what follows next ...

    THANK YOU!!!

    Yours, Siddharta

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2012, 2013, BONSAI (Tribal) - FREE DOWNLOAD!

2012 is slowly ending and we have to say that it was (as they all were) a fun year. However, not to reminisce or dwell on the past too much - after all, we all know what & how it happened, we are already looking forward to 2013 and better times that lie ahead. Our plans are, as usual, ambitious and are aimed towards the stages in Slovenia and outside. We just don't seem to can't get enough of you live. :)

To ease the wait and as a little and modest thank you for your support and devotion we re-arranged and re-recorded Bonsai. We did so after two very successful unplugged concerts, still feeding off the incredible energy that is present whenever our good friend, Buco, is around. He joined us in the studio and the result is Bonsai (Tribal). We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording and performing it for you.

That said; we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!