• Happy New Year 2010!

    We wish you a happy, healthy and successful New Year 2010! May all your wishes come true and let it be a year full of good music!

    As a new year's gift, you can download the live version of Vojna Idej, recorded in Kino Šiška on November 21st 2009.

    Enjoy and rock on!

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  • On-line Saga comes to end

    It's been a few weeks over a year since we started Saga on the internet at www.siol.net/siddharta-saga. A few days ago the last series of photos (from our record release concert in Šiška) ended and with it so did the »Saga project«.

    We would like to take this opportunity and thank our main partner, Telekom Slovenije d.d., who supported us throughout the project. We would also like to thank SiOL, which powered our Saga website, and Planet 9 which powered our mobile Saga.

    But is this the end?
    This question remains to be answered.
    Stay tuned! You rock! You Rule!

    Thank you!

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  • Saga in Kranj

    Our wish to bring Saga close to you will take us to Kranj on 19 December, 2009.

    See you there!


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  • Saga live - but different

    Following our Saturday's Saga release concert in Ljubljana rumours have been spreading that it is only the new songs that we will be playing in our gigs to come. We hereby deny that rumour. The new concerts, which will be of a two- to two-and-a-half-hour duration, we will rock you with a selection from our whole repertoire, but interlaced with the new energy and a new approach.



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    On our Saga website you can find an exclusive interview (in its entirety) which Sid Wilson (#0 Slipknot) did with Ross Robinson based on the questions sent by SiOL & RSQ magazine.

    For the time being only the version with Slovene subtitles and the one with English ones will follow shortly. Why subtitles are necessary will be as clear as day in the first minute of the interview. ;)



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  • SAGA!

    A year and a few days ago we set ourselves on a path. A path at X more than anything else. And we shared our journey with you almost every step of the way and the day has finally come when we can proudly say that we can share with you what is our most precious - our Saga, which will now also become your own.

    Saga was released today.
    Enjoy it!

    You can get your copy in our official webstore or in any better stocked CD store.


    You can listen to 10 out of the total 11 songs on our official MySpace profile.

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  • Saga in Maribor

    The desire to share Saga with you is too strong. We will therfore stop in Maribor on Friday, 11 December, 2009. At Dvorana Tabor to be precise.

    The tickets are available starting 17 November, 2009.

    Hurry to get a hold of yours.



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    You can grab a hold of your copy of Saga by pre-ordering it through our online store at store.siddharta.net - now!

    The album price is 19,99 EUR. The ordered goods will be shipped out on Friday, 20 November, 2009.


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  • Saga on Val 202 10 days earlier!

    Siddharta's new record Saga will come to life 10 days earlier on the most popular Slovene radio, Val 202. Tomi M. and Bostjan M. will discuss the recording process, the production and how to provide a different type of music to Slovene air waves with Andrej Karoli on Wednesday at 8:15 AM (CET). Saga will be aired on Val 202 from November 11 onwards. The record will be released on November 21.

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    November 21 is the day when our new album, Saga, will be released. That night a concert will be held in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, where Saga and Saga only will be performed in its entirety.

    Tickets for the concert will be sold from Friday, October 30 at 12.00 (CET).


    Make sure you buy yours in time. There's not much space.


    See you there!


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  • Here comes Saga

    It's been a year since its kick-off and the time has now come to share it with you.


    Along the way we have presented you with four EPs - Vojna Idej, Napalm 3, Baroko, and Angel Diabolo - which are all still available at http://store.siddharta.net and in all Big Bang and Müller stores across Slovenia.


    The web site www.siol.net/siddharta-saga has in the past year offered 306 galleries with 1652 photos, 230 videos, 142 news items and reports, 74 background images, and 40 individual wallpapers and other "goodies".


    And so our saga is approaching its finish line, which can oftentimes be a new beginning at the same time. To crown it all will be the release of the new album and an exclusive promotional concert in Ljubljana's Kino Šiška on the evening of the official release date, November 21, 2009 at 21.00.


    The album includes 11 new tracks:

    1. Narava
    2. Angel Diabolo
    3. Alarm
    4. Nevarno Mesto
    5. Napalm 3
    6. Baroko
    7. Stampedo
    8. Od Mraka Do Zore
    9. Vojna Idej
    10. Madam
    11. Tom Waits For Me 

    The album was produced by Ross Robinson.


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    Angel has landed. A bit diabolical and with uncut wings.

    The jigsaw is falling together and Angel Diabolo is the fourth indication of what can be expected from the record, which is not all that far away from its official release.

    This time around we bring you “only” three versions of the song: original, remix (done by JAMirko & Pier – which you can hear in the mp3 below this news and on Saga’s site @ www.siol.net/siddharta-saga) and the third version, which is kind of special because it was recorded with literally anything we could find at the moment in our rehearsal place (not instruments).

    Angel Diabolo is the second song which we recorded with Ross Robinson in his Los Angeles studio.

    The CD will be available through store.siddharta.net, www.siol.net/siddharta-saga (merchandise section) and in the following stores; Big Bang, Müller and through Čarli TV.

    !!!In stores which are open till 21.00 the singel will be made available from 20.00 on!!!

    And remember, never ever cut the wings of the devil!

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  • Angel Diabolo!

    On Friday, September 25, 2009 the fourth of our Saga EP's will see the light of day, another in the row of our record-foretelling EP's, entitled "Angel Diabolo".

    "Angel Diabolo" will be aired exclusively at www.siol.net/siddharta-saga at 8 PM on September 25, 2009, followed by airings on radio stations.

    The EP this time includes three songs "only" - the original version, a remixed version by JAMirko & Pier, and one other special version of the song.

    "Angel Diabolo" is second in a row of the songs produced in the Los Angeles studio with producer Ross Robinson.

    The CD version, apart from being sold through www.siol.net/siddharta-saga and www.siddharta.net/store, will be available in the Big Bang and Müller stores and through the Čarli TV sales.


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  • NAPAROKO 3 original version

    You can see the original shorter version of our new video today at 20.00 hours on www.siddharta.net and www.siol.net/siddharta-saga.

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    On Friday, September 4 2009, right after we finish our gig you will be able to stand witness to the pre-premiere of the video. And on top of that – in its prolonged version (with additional 9 minutes). It is more a short movie than a video, really.

    You are kindly invited to the concert and the viewing of the video!

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    On Wednesday, 9 September 2009, 8PM CET, your computer screens (www.siol.net/siddharta-saga) will be hit with our new video, followed by Friday, 11 September 2009, with TV screens. This is another video in the line of many, but is still very much different. For this video we combined the Napalm 3 and Baroko songs and merged them into one.

    The video is directed by Saša Hes, who also directed our Klinik (Go Easy) video. It became very obvious pretty soon that this video is going to be something very different not just because of the merging of the two songs but also from directors point of view.

    Stay tuned!

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  • Concert in Velika Polana

    And we're there. The last out of this year's concerts will be played in Velika Polana on already traditional festival Polanski dnevi.

    After the morning "ritual" we go on a way to Velika Polana. It takes almost 3 hours to get there so during the trip we watch the documentary Flight666 which describes the Iron Maiden band tour.

    The ride ends without any major complications and quite fast. After getting to the scene the equipment gets unpacked as numerous times before, next is sound check and lunch. Close to 11 pm we get on stage. The concert starts flawless and there's a proper atmosphere, local people showed once again how good and crazy they can be if the atmosphere is right.

    After the concert we stopped in the backstage and said hi to some friends and fans. Next was making photos and signing autograms and then some food and of course also some beer. We return to Ljubljana at around 7 o'clock in the morning but there's no sign of any awful tiredness because we are still full of energy from the concert. Said so, some of use decide to drink a morning coffee in Bobi bar and sit a bit in the sun. The gathering ends at 10 in the morning, we say farewell to the crew and jump to rest. Summer is not over yet but we also deserve some vacation after an incredible productive year.


    Thanks to all people who showed up, to the crew and to our fans and of course to all the organizers.

    See you soon!

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  • Concert in Vinica

    One of the remaining concerts of the summer season is SchengenFest, a
    concert taking place on the very border with Croatia, in Vinica.


    Just like so many times before, we gather at our place, repeating that same
    ritual, which this time I won't even go describing.


    The road to Vinica is a long one but most of all it is a winding one, which
    gives some of the team members a hard time and results in us making as many
    as three urgent stops. Yeah well, not everyone can take a bus ride across
    the winding roads of Bela Krajina. :)


    Once we get to Vinica, to the Katra camping site to be precise, we all are
    amazed by the number of people spending their holiday there - the camping
    site is packed full! And when we get to the stage, we are astonished for a
    second time - we hardly expected this big a venue at a camping site.

    After sound check we all go to the beach to cool down a bit as the
    temperature in Vinica has gone up well over 30 degrees. Beach time is
    followed by lunch time and after lunch we scatter around the camp, some of
    us finding a cool shade, the others heading back to the beach.


    The concert starts at 10:45 and the venue fills up to the fullest. The
    energy flow is great. The temperature has gone down.


    We spend some time backstage after the concert, which ends up lasting till
    the morning hours. On our way back to Ljubljana some have problems once
    again but heck, that too is part of the rock'n'roll life. :)


    We wish to give our thanks mostly to the promoter. The Vinica concert was in
    this respect truly the best! The guys really outdid themselves. Thanks also
    to all who came to see us and of course to our loyal crew guys.


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  • Concert in Laško

    Another in the line of our summer gigs starts with the obligatory morning coffee at the coffee shop near our place. While the crew are packing, we are dealing with our concerns about the weather. Weather forecasts say it's going to rain in the evening, and to top it off, rains are to come in at exactly the time we're scheduled to be on stage. We then set off to Laško, where we are to play the opening concert of the Pivo in cvetje festival.


    Rains are keeping away for now. Sound check goes well and after it we go have lunch. We are supposed to take the stage at 10:50 but we agree with the promoter that perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to start the show a bit earlier as around midnight it's going to rain. We decide to go for it and we go on stage at 10:15.


    It's a great gig! There are so many visitors one can hardly see beyond the sea of people. We sit down for a beer or two after the concert, while the guys load the gear to the bus. And about half an hour after the show it starts to rain! Hehe, it was indeed the right decision. It's about 1 AM and we drive off, back to Ljubljana, full of good impressions.


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  • Concert in Izola

    Seaside! At last a show back on the Coast. It is a beautiful day and when "in the morning" we meet up at our place, the beauty of the day shows on all of us there. We load the gear into the bus and off we go to Izola. Once at the Coast, at San Simon to be precise, our driver realizes that the path leading to the stage is too narrow for our bus to pass. Our crew guys jump off the bus to give the situation a rough estimate. "No biggie," Duši says and just seconds later we watch our guys move concrete flower pots, iron columns and even a car that was on the way. Consequently we park the bus almost by the stage and start setting things up for the sound check. It runs like clockwork and that done, we can't wait to plunge into the waves.

    The show starts relatively late, which is nothing unusual on the coast, as the night life there starts a bit later that in the rest of Slovenia.

    The sea-view concert was unforgettable, the energy flow was amazing. Thanks to all who came to see us!

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  • Concert at the Repanšek Gallery

    Tonight is a special concert for us, quite special indeed. In cooperation with our sponsor Telekom Slovenije we came up with a unique trick. Here is the story.

    We announce that at some point in the near future Siddharta is to play in an unknown venue. We organize a prize draw for 150 lucky winners and bus them to a location they have no clue about. Indeed, it works and our winners receive their invitations.

    For the venue of this show we choose the Repanšek Gallery in close vicinity of Arboretum in Volčji Potok.

    It is around 8 PM when the first bus brings in the winners of our trip into the unknown. These and all to follow are offered a welcome drink and greeted in the sensuously decorated tent. The tent in the gallery's courtyard fills up quickly and within an hour all 150 guests have arrived.

    The concert starts, the atmosphere is seriously unique, somewhat magical, intimate and packed with pure positive energy. With the help of our fans we rock the place in our own best manner for about an hour and a half, and afterwards we spend the rest of the evening talking with our fans - till about 2 AM.

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  • Maribor concert

    Woohoo, Maribor! Another year has passed and it is again time for the annual Piše se leto concert. We can't wait to hit the road to Maribor, where we'll be playing in the Ledna dvorana hall. Yeah, unfortunately this year it's not open-air, but we don't mind.

    The usual routine - the place, gear, bus, coffee and off we go to Styria for probably the best concert of the season. The line-up is amazing - Dan D, Siddharta and Elvis Jackson! You could hardly do better at this point in Slovenia. And we've got both Ross Robinson and Ryan travelling with us! Tomaž wrote them an invitation and they both gladly accepted. They flew in to Venice yesterday and today we have the honour of taking them along to Maribor.

    When we get to Maribor, the Elvis Jackson sound check is in progress. The guys rock the hall, literally. We spend some time nosing around, then move backstage to unpack and afterwards we go have coffee in a near-by bar.

    After sound check we take the van and go to dinner. After dinner some of us decide to take a swim in the pool, while others hit the Pohorje slopes to see the preparations for tomorrow's downhill.

    Show time is close and Dan D have done a great job filling up the hall and warming up the fans. Once we're on stage, the feeling is phenomenal. The hall is packed with people expecting a great party. And that's exactly what they'll get. The concert goes as planned, without any complications. And even the Americans are beside themselves seeing the audience. They say that you can't see such audience too often, not even with the bigger bands.

    After the concert we decide to stay in Maribor and show the Americans the way we party in Slovenia. Yesterday they explored Slovenia's landscape, today it's time for us to show them some genuine Slovenian rock'n'roll. The night ends early morning in one of the clubs in Maribor.

    Thanks to all who came to see us play. There is no us without you. Over and out.

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  • Baroko now available!

    Third of the Saga EP's, Baroko, has finally arrived. Since yesterday it has been available through the Big Bang and Müller stores across Slovenia, through the Čarli TV sales, at www.svetglasbe.net and of course in our official online store. The CD includes 4 versions of Baroko: Baroko, Baroko Sinmfo, Baroko Angeltrap Mix and Baroko (acoustic).



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  • Baroko

    Here comes Baroko!

    The runaway single will finally be officially released and that will make it the third single within the Saga project, which is slowly taking its final form.

    Baroko will exclusively air on-line on www.siol.net/siddharta-saga on Wednesday, 17 June, 2009 at 20:00 and later also on all radio stations.

    Because Baroko managed to "suddenly appear" on internet torrents, we decided to premiere the "American" version of the song as the main single. This was recorded during our stay in Los Angeles and was produced by world renowned producer Ross Robinson. This will make Baroko but the first glimpse and taste for our fans of what our new record will sound like.

    The new CD will feature 4 different versions of the song and will be available in our official webstore at www.masterofmetal.net/siddharta, at www.svetglasbe.net and also in Big Bang and Mueller stores throughout Slovenia and via Čarli TV.

    The visual part was provided by Veto Group with an exceptional talent of Blaž Porenta who managed to stun us again with an amazing illustration.

    Saga is powered by SiOL. Main partner of Saga is Telekom Slovenije, d.d.


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  • .mp3 takes a turn to paradise

    There. We haven't been spared. We might say that Baroko followed the example of its predecessor Napalm 3, which reads "I'm going there on my own ..."

    As you might have noticed, last week an .mp3 of our forthcoming single showed up on file-sharing servers. The song in question is the one we recorded in the Novo mesto studio.

    Since the song has already circled among you fans, we decided that for the EP about to be released the primary song will be the version recorded in Los Angeles with Ross Robinson. Along with the standard accompaniment of the remixed and acoustic versions, this will therefore be the first officially released song recorded during our 79-day stay in the United States.

    The fact that the song is already out taken into account, we decided to make it easier for you to get your hands on the slick .mp3 - so you can now find it at (and download for free from) our official web site www.siddharta.net as well as the Saga web site www.siol.net/siddharta-saga/press.php, along with the uncompressed version in .aif format.

    So there, may it go there on its own.


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  • Kranj concert

    It hasn't been too long this time since our last gig and today we're off to Kranj. Kranj being so close to Ljubljana, we didn't have to get up too early.

    The sound check is planned for 4 PM so we meet up at our rehearsal place no sooner than 2 PM. It takes about an hour to load the gear to the bus. We take time to have a nice coffee with our crew before we leave for Kranj.

    Arriving in Kranj we realize that the promoter has neglected our technical rider requirement for a drum riser. But it's a big shopping centre there so we're certain the problem will be settled easily and quickly. Yet it is hardly as easy as it seems.

    Our manager has made a few phone calls and our crew guys thrown in a few innovative ideas and we've got ourselves a drum riser. However, the sound check is consequently put off by almost an hour. This probably means that the show will have to have a later start. Not good. But we've had our fair share of experience with such problems so we don't give in and ultimately end up with only a 15-minute delay.

    The Kopitar family paid us a visit in Kranj as they were visiting Slovenia in that time. It was a great concert and the hall packed full. And it was hot. Literally hot. All the rock'n'roll in there caused the air-conditioning to give up on us and break down. But the atmosphere was for that reason no less wonderful.

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  • Sežana concert

    It's been too long since we've been on stage but summer is starting and with it a few concerts we'll be playing at. First in a row is Sežana. We itch again and we can't wait to go back on stage. This time will be a little different from usual; we can now share with you something that we've created in Los Angeles.

    We leave for Sežana quite early, at 11. Once there, we unload the gear and start sound check at around 2 PM. Lunch after sound check, followed by preparation for the concert.

    When we come on stage, the hall is full and the atmosphere vibrant. Baroko premieres tonight and the response is incredible.

    After the concert we spend some time with our guests, pack up and set off on our "long" journey back to Ljubljana.

    It's great to be back on stage. After what we've been through in the last five months, playing before all our fans is sheer pampering.

    Thanks to the crew and all who came to share the positive energy.

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  • So here it is!

    The new EP Napalm 3 is now available in all Big Bang and Muller stores and through the Čarli TV store, as well as our official online store of course.



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  • Napalm 3

    Siddharta and their main sponsor, Telekom Slovenije d.d., supporter of the Saga project through the SiOL portal, present the new EP, second in a row, entitled Napalm 3. The song is not to be taken as a continuation of the story in Vojna Idej as it is only an introduction to the whole story. The song is a new piece in the puzzle of Saga, which will come together when all the EP's are released.


    Napalm 3 will be exclusively presented to the audience at www.siol.net/siddharta-saga on 20 April, 2009 at 8 PM and on all radio stations.


    The EP, as Vojna Idej before it, includes three versions of the song: the original (produced by Siddharta and Žarko Pak), a demo version and a remix by Peter Penko. The lot was recorded in the RSL studio in Novo mesto, which will give the EP owners extra exclusiveness. The song was rerecorded in Los Angeles with Ross Robinson and the audio of the song in this version will not be available once the EP is sold out. The first EP, Vojna Idej, was available for the most eager fans exclusively as a limited CD edition only through the Saga official web site. This time the CD edition will besides through the online sale on www.siol.net/siddharta-saga also be available in the Big Bang and Muller stores and through the Čarli TV store.


    The special visual story of the new EP is the work of Veto Group in cooperation with the exceptional young artist Blaž Porenta, who has already worked with the team for the artwork of Vojna Idej.


    The band is also announcing a new video following the release of the Napalm 3 EP. However, the video will not follow the EP immediately as they are again preparing something special. There will be other activities as well, which you can read all about on the Saga official web site (www.siol.net/siddharta-saga) by following the text, photo and video reports.


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    Although, in all honesty, it was anything but an escape. The experience we had in the US with Ross and Ryan (R'n'R) is unforgettable. We wish we could put it into words but there really are none that can even come close to what we would like to say. At the end of the day it is still just a description and it is far from the real thing. We left L. A. not only with a finished record and a sun tan, but with so much more that Ross has given us. And it, yet again, cannot be put into words.

    What we can say is that the record sounds awesome. There is still some work to be done (such as mixing and mastering and ...) and in between we will keep you occupied with the songs we recorded before we left for L. A. And the next one is just around the corner.

    It is good to be home, even if it is a bit cold(er) here ...

    Love, Siddharta

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    The long-awaited video Vojna Idej will premiere tonight at 8 sharp at www.siol.net/siddharta-saga.


    The video is the result of the exceptional cooperation of Siddharta and the NuFrame production team, two months of hard work and a number of post-production processes.


    Vojna Idej is first in the series of the videos binding together and telling the Saga story - the new journey through the musical spaciousness brought to you by Siddharta. The Vojna Idej EP was released in a limited edition and the few remaining copies are still available exclusively through the online store at www.masterofmetal.net/siddharta.


    The main sponsor of the Saga project is Telekom Slovenije; the project's happening can be viewed within the SiOL portal, where the creation process of Siddharta's new album can be observed at any time. Among the web content available through the Saga website www.siol.net/siddharta-saga are news, photo and video reports, studio footage, exclusive "behind the scenes" video log and a photo blog of the band.


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    Mojim sanjam bo raztrgala krila / in svoboda umre. / Še ljubezen bo dobila pravila, / če ne bomo rekli NE!!! / Vojna idej / kuje utrujene. / Vojna idej / misli prepove.

    The last days before they departed for Los Angeles, where they are working together with producer Ross Robinson to bring to life the new Saga stories, Siddharta spent in the face of video camera lens. The NuFrame team with director Anže Koron, producer Rok Kleč and director of photography Miloš Srdić put together an awesome visualization of the first Saga hit, Vojna Idej, as conceptualized by Veto Group.

    Two tiresome recording days followed by long-lasting post-production procedures with the complexity and technical perfection of combining the live video with breathtaking 3D graphics are a signal of a new milestone in the music history of Slovenia. The storyboard (the graphic drafts of the story) of the video can be found at http://www.siol.net/siddharta-saga/photoreports.php while the premiere announcement can be viewed at www.siol.net/siddharta-sagaThe video will premiere online on Monday, 23 February, 2009 at 8 PM on the Saga web site within the SiOL portal and on TV the following day in the rotation of MTV.

    Vojna Idej is first in the series of the videos binding together and telling the Saga story - the new journey through the musical spaciousness brought to you by Siddharta. The Vojna Idej EP was released in a limited edition and the few remaining copies are still available exclusively through the online store at www.masterofmetal.net/siddharta. The main sponsor of the Saga project is Telekom Slovenije; the project's happening can be viewed within the SiOL portal at www.siol.net/siddharta-saga, where creation process of Siddharta's new album can be observed at any time. Among the web content available through the Saga website www.siol.net/siddharta-saga are news, photo and video reports, studio footage, exclusive "behind the scenes" video log and a photo blog of the band.

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  • Tonight at 8 tuning in from Los Angeles

    The first EP, Vojna Idej, having been released, Siddharta is not standing still. On the turn of 2009 they set for the studio in Los Angeles, more precisely Venice Beach, where for the last two weeks they have been working on new recordings for the new album. All this would be little to mention if they hadn't been taken in by one of the most legendary American music producers, Ross Robinson.

    The cooperation between Siddharta and Robinson came to be soon after he heard their so-far recorded albums and showed a great interest in working with the band. Siddharta has been working on a special conceptual project, Saga, which has been coming to life before the eye of their audience. The project is not only about music but is also artistically broad and has a visually complete story. A different approach to creation and making of the tracks and excellent production by Ross Robinson are an announcement of changes in what we have heard so far and of an album more daring and of far more quality in production, which will melt the ears of the band's fans.

    As we have got used to by now, the Saga concept offers all the fans an insight into daily updated photo and video content; in this respect, the band will not keep the Malibu experience to themselves either. Tonight, i.e. 12 January, 2009 at 8 PM sharp, the band will tune in live from L.A., exclusively on www.siol.net/siddharta-saga. Welcome all! Come see a bit of the happening Siddharta want to share with their fans.

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    Our new year started, well - aviation style.

    Before we really got a chance to change and turn the calendars we were already packed into cars and on our way to Zagreb. From there we flew to Frankfurt, from Frankfurt to Chicago and from there to Los Angeles, where we were greeted by Ross Robinson, who will produce our latest record. We are staying at his home (where he also has the studio) on Venice Beach. Ross is most famous for his work with bands like Korn, Slipknot, Sepultura, The Cure, Deftones, Machine Head, Soulfly, Norma Jean, At The Drive-In, ...

    We will be staying here for about a month and a half and will then slowly head back home.

    What we are doing and how we are doing it is being recorded on cameras, which have become a constant in our everyday lives. The material is piling and is being edited and will soon be available on www.siol.net/siddharta-saga.

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Happy New Year 2010!

We wish you a happy, healthy and successful New Year 2010! May all your wishes come true and let it be a year full of good music!

As a new year's gift, you can download the live version of Vojna Idej, recorded in Kino Šiška on November 21st 2009.

Enjoy and rock on!