• Happy 2008 !

    A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all!

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  • Albums released

    The release of two »live« albums – the unplugged Izštekani album and the Marathon album – and the opening of the concert photos exhibition by Aleksander Remec was marked by autograph signing and mingling with our fans. It all took place in the Big Bang Giga store, where about 200 of our friends gathered. We gave them each a Marathon poster and autographs if requested. We exchanged a few opinions and stared down a multitude of camera lenses. The surprise of the evening was prepared by members of our very own S.A.M.O. forum, who – right there in the store before all the visitors – performed for us Samo Edini and Orion Lady. There was a bit of stage fright but never mind that... They wished happy birthday to Tomaž and Jani, who celebrated around that time, and of course a happy birthday to the forum itself – it was its 5th year of existence. All the best also from all of us! It was nice to see you all. We really enjoyed it.

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  • It's going to be a lively December!

    It's been a highly successful year for Siddharta, 2007. Armed with a Viktor award, early this year the guys set off on a club tour, played at a few summer festivals, received another MTV Best Adriatic Act nomination and closed the tour with two outstanding live performances: one in the Izštekani show on Radio Val 202 and the other in a concert marathon in Ljubljana's Hala Tivoli. These latter events they found so special that they decided they needed to be re-lived by releasing two live albums.

    Thus from Monday, 10 December, 2007, two Siddharta's live albums will become available. The Izštekani album will include a CD with all the music performed during the show, while the DVD will give you the rare opportunity of viewing the radio show. The Marathon album will include as many as four CDs with all the music performed at this musical surplus, which stretched over many hours, and a DVD with a documentary on the happening outside and inside the hall, both before the show and during it.

    And to top it all, Siddharta will open an exhibition of concert photos as caught through the lens of photographer Aleksander Remec in the years 2006-2007. The exhibition opening will take place in the Big Bang Giga music store in Ljubljana's BTC at 7 PM . At the opening, the band will be available for signing of the new and the old albums.

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  • MTV EMA 2007

    November 1 is just around the corner and millions of people around the world will have their eyes pierced on TV screens as that will be the day of the MTV European Music Awards show. The show in OlympiaHalle will be hosted by the unpredictable Snoop Dogg and for the third time in a row the Best Adriatic Act award will be presented.

    And the nominees? Music reporters and critics as well as the region's music scene know-it-alls have nominated Bosnia and Herzegovina's DUBIOZA KOLEKTIV, Croatia's HLADNO PIVO and JINX, for the third time Slovenia's SIDDHARTA and for the first time the Serbian cult band VAN GOGH. This makes it – similar to last year, when the award went to Aleksandra Kovač – an excellent selection of nominees. The winner will thus probably be unknown up to the last minute.

    You can vote for your favourite through the www.ema.mtvadria.com website or via text messages:

    for Dubioza Kolektiv send a text message* saying MTV01 to 3700
    for Hladno Pivo send a text message* saying MTV02 to 3700
    for Jinx send a text message* saying MTV03 to 3700
    for Siddharta send a text message* saying MTV04 to 3700
    for Van Gogh send a text message* saying MTV05 to 3700

    *the cost of each message sent is 0,42 €, provided by Mobitel d.o.o.

    The voting will start on Monday, September 24 at midnight and will last till Friday, October 26 at noon.

    Again the choice is yours. Want your favourite to win? Vote now!
    The winner will be announced on November 1 at the MTV EMA show in Munich, live on MTV Adria.

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  • Marathon

    Our day began at around 8 AM when each of us took all the necessary things for the evening show, clothes, towels and such. At 9 AM we gathered at our rehearsal place where our crew had been loading all our gear into vans. Arriving at Tivoli, it took another hour to set everything up for soundcheck so the first checking started no earlier than around 1 PM. Other guests began to arrive and they too checked their own settings so that it would all run smoothly in the evening. The soundcheck again took longer than expected and we barely managed to get it over with by 6 PM when the doors opened for the first visitors. In the hour and half that we had left before stage time we had a little something to eat (you cannot play with food lying heavy on your stomach, can you?) and then at a quarter to 8 we took the stage. It began! The room was overcrowded and when we came on it felt like a dream come true. Of course we could not do without a few troubles here and there so during the short planned breaks we had to deal with a few cramps, results of month-long preparations and playing all day round. But positive energy and goodwill will heal anything and even the Marathon went on without any visible incidents. The further along we were, the better we were doing  and judging from the response we got from the audience, they too found that extra energy to go wild along with us right to the end. As a matter of fact the sight before the stage was indeed awesome. It felt like each and every one of them held out till the end. It was as if we had the room full of our true fans only. Our guests gave the whole event a special charm and they deserve a huge and special thank-you. When at 0:59 we stepped off stage, the on-stage stop-watch was stopped at 5 hours and 15 minutes. But after a show like that it was no time yet to go home. It was an event calling for a toast and celebration.

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  • Siddharta Unplugged

    Once again we were guests of Jure Longyka in his show Izštekani (The Unplugged). Wiser now and with more technical know-how, we truly enjoyed this unplugged performance. We had practised in the studio the day before the show and so everything was set well before Friday's show. We felt confident. It was only additional motivation for us to know that it was a live show and that there was no room for mistakes and re-tries. Our thanks go to Jure, our music guests (Buco, the Godalika quartet and Dan D's Tokac) and the show crew for a wonderful and unforgettable evening.

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  • Let's come together on this day of grief

    Shaken with the tragedy and the catastrophe of Tuesday's flood we decided to
    express our sympathies and with tonight's performance at Radio and TV
    Slovenia pay our respects to those who have passed away and those who have


    Radio and TV Slovenia and Radio Ognjisce have joint their efforts in
    bringing forth a charity event "Let's come together", aimed to help those
    who have suffered in the floods.

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  • The Marathon guests

    We can now give you some of the names of our guests at the great Siddharta Marathon on 5 October in Ljubljana's Hala Tivoli. A ticket to the Marathon has already been handed in by Siddharta's first bass player Primož M., Big Foot Mama's frontman and vocalist Gregor Skočir, the rapper Nikolovski, the string quartet Godalika and the rock legend Vlado Kreslin. But this is only the beginning of the list

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  • Siddharta marathon

    With 4 studio albums, a remix album and over 50 recorded numbers released, Siddharta are now planning a new venture. On the night of October 5th, with a little help of their guests, Ljubljana's Hala Tivoli will host Siddharta in a live performance of their complete opus. Needless to say this is a unique occasion, going side by side with that of the Stadium concert a few years ago as Siddharta sound will rock the hall for over four hours. The band is well in the preparation stage for "the longest night", rehearsing tracks that have not been played live for a while or even have even never before been performed live.

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  • September award-winning competition

    Among those who subscribe to our newsletter with a working email address (please see the bottom-left corner), three lucky winners of a free ticket to the Siddharta marathon concert will be chosen in late September.

    The lucky winners will be announced on our web page and contacted via email. You may also use your friend's email address to subscribe or invite them to do so themselves.

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  • Siddharta Unplugged

    It was over 8 years ago that Siddharta last performed unplugged in the Izštekani show. Jure Longyka, the show's author and host will have Siddharta in the studio on 21 September. They will be heard on the waves of radio Val 202 in the 90-minute show, where the plan is to combine the acoustic sounds of numbers from the band's all four albums with a discussion with a few guests and some reminiscence.

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  • Novo mesto

    The concert took place in Novo mesto's main square on Saturday, 8 September, 2007. The stage hosted Urban4, Siddharta and of course the local top band Dan D. After arrival in Novo mesto, it was as usual time for sound-check, and after that dinner. After dinner we went to see the show of Urban4 but then it was our turn to take the stage. The square was filled with a crowd of some 3,500 to 4,000 people. Our compliments to the promoter! Everything was taken good care of so that it all ran smoothly! It was one of our better performances and we had the chance of performing in a new venue, at a new event, which kicked off this year for the first time. Our music rocked the crowd for a good hour and a half and after that Dan D, a band coming from Novo mesto itself, took over, while we joined them on stage later on to conclude the show with the Male Roke / Voda medley. The show and the entire event ended up in a party that lasted until early morning hours. We hope you had a good time. We'll meet again in Ljubljana's Hala Tivoli at the Siddharta Marathon on 5 October, 2007. We have some surprises in store, our widest repertoire ever and some interesting guests...

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  • Velika Polana

    The last in the string of the spring-summer Petrolea tour shows was in Velika Polana, a small town near Beltinci, the home of white wine and the famous "prekmurska gibanica" cake. The show before a crowd of a few thousand was energetic and the crowd overwhelmed with euphoria. We wound up the show with a number, well-known in these ends: Od Višine Se Zvrti. It felt more than appropriate as the conclusion of the tour. A couple of toasts and a party with our fans followed but then we were off to Ljubljana, where we said our farewells. We are taking a short break by the sea in the next days. We'll see you again in September. Where, how and why, however, are questions yet remaining unanswered. We'll let you know. Have fun and see you soon! Siddharta

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  • Kranj

    At the Kranj festival the rock'n'roll part of the show was in our hands and in the hands of the legend Pero Lovšin. Before our show the stage was occupied by "artistically talented" musicians we don't want to mince words on. We can say though that we gave Kranj a good party. The crowd filled the town centre and we filled the air with a 2-hour show. The crowd was in a good mood and full of beautiful girls who love bad guys. The show ended with a bow for the audience as an expression of our gratitude for all their support in our creativity. Once again, thanks to all our fans! 

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  • Koper

    On Tuesday night we rocked the night in Koper together with Dan D. The afternoon time was spent with the soundcheck, a late lunch and a while later we managed to cool down in the sea. Our show began around 10:30 and Titov Square climaxed just after midnight when we surprised the crowd of 3,000 by playing Mala Voda together with Dan D. After the show the party and photo-shoot continued with our fans. It was a beautiful summer event and it will surely remain in our memories. 

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  • Idrija

    This Friday 13th took us to a completely new location for us, a club called the Chaos in the town of Idrija. Its capacity is about 3-4 hundred people on two floors and it proved to be able to host a band with as much gear as we have to show Idrija a great party in an hour and a half. The crowd was great and not lacking pretty girls, which is now no longer a specularity but almost a rule. We played numbers from all our albums, the crowd singing along and partying. After the show we loaded our gear on the bus and soon set back home.

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  • Laško

    On Thursday afternoon we drove off to Laško as we were to party with a crowd of a few thousand that night. As we arrived, we started setting up our gear in order to be done with the sound check as soon as possible. Of course once in Laško one cannot go without tasting their all-Slovenian and one of the best beers. After sound check and after dinner we took a stroll around the venue to check out the happening in Laško. There were quite a few music stages and the line-up included many commercial bands. The important thing there was to have as many people as possible come over, have fun and have a beer or two... To wrap up the evening was our show on the main stage. The atmosphere was great and the crowd went wild until after the show when we toasted with Laško beer in backstage and partied on with our fans.

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  • Planina pri Sevnici

    Performing at the height of 700-and-something metres offered a magnificent view of the neighbouring hills and valleys. The beautiful location allured some 5 thousand people. We performed quite late as we followed the performances of Neisha and Mi2 and some others. With the venue overcrowded, on stage we were in full swing, playing our thing very much in tune... It's great to hear the crowd cheer and sing along, while you can just go with the music and its charm, everything just falling into place. These were the feelings we had when it was all over. Under the full moon, the atmosphere was like magic. Literally. We arrived home early in the morning – some rest was a must!

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  • Žalec

    We arrived at the venue in Žalec in late afternoon to find it all set for sound check. Afterwards we had dinner and almost 4 hours spare time to rest a bit and get ready for the show. Before our show a large crowd gathered at the Žalec Night. Once on stage the party was on. It lasted about 2 hours and when the audience excitedly demanded more, we gave them encore. After the show we took some time to cool down and spend time with our fans...

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  • Hrastnik

    Friday's strenuous day was followed by Saturday in Hrastnik's cosy sports hall. It was our classic striking repertoire that we played in Hrastnik, with the encore coming on more gently and ending in the dizziness from the height. We spent some time with our fans after the show and raised our glasses to yet another successful concert weekend.

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  • Maribor

    On Friday we arrived in Maribor at around 1PM for the sound-check before the evening show. Our co-performers were Laibach, Dan D and Šank Rock. The Ledna hall was occupied by a crowd of six thousand, who sang along with us all to the end when we had a surprise prepared: Dan D joined us on stage and together we performed the Male Roke / Voda blend. It felt great! After our performance we indulged in the performance of Laibach and afterwards we slowly set off back home to Ljubljana.

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  • Impro League

     On Sunday, 10 June, 2007, KUD France Prešeren hosted the 2nd contest of the Impro leauge  great finale, a contest in theatrical improvisation. The teams of Veselička and Modro Nebo competed to win the title of the best in the game of spontaneity and vivid imagination. The show being governed by impulses from the audience as it is, received yet another surprise as Siddharta's Primož B., Tomi M. and Tomaž O.R. walked the stage to deliver a box to the show's host Gregor Gruden. The box contained instructions for the final scene of the improvisers' show. It is always in the last minute that the improvisers get these instructions (e.g. how many improvisers are to participate, what the audience's suggestions are, how long the scene should take). The so-called "delegate's challenge" is always delivered in an interesting, not to say spectacular manner. This time the Impro League members asked members of Siddharta to help, since all the delegate's challenges were named after the band's songs. Though improvisers in the audience tried to prevent the box from reaching the stage, in the end it was delivered to the hands of the right people and the audience gave all an enthusiastic round of applause.

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  • Nazarje

    Arriving in Nazarje in the afternoon hours gave us enough time to look
    around at the surrounding hills. The Rdeča Armada club is located in a
    valley of great natural beauty. The club - our respects to it - was
    overcrowded. We started the show at about half past 10, following Kačji
    and followed by Yogurt. We played for a good hour and 40 minutes, the
    crowd was great and accepted us wonderfully. They worked the show with us
    all the way t the end. After the show we spent some time with our fans and
    soon set off for Ljubljana. Such was another successful performing weekend.
    See you next week in Maribor, in the company of Šank Rock, Laibach, Dan D
    and others.

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  • Novo Mesto

    In Novo Mesto we played near the city market, in the garden of the San
    Sebastian club. Everything ran smoothly; the show was great and the garden
    filled with the Novo Mesto youth. We also prepared a surprise for the crowd:
    we had the singer of Dan D join us on stage. The atmosphere was great, the
    crowd went wild and we did too. We are glad for this show to have come about
    and we hope to do it again. The next day we were off to Nazarje.

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  • Vienna / AT

    We arrived in Vienna in the late morning hours, which gave us plenty of time to get ready for the evening show. We played at the Planet Music club, which has the capacity of about 800 people. Everything ran smoothly. The show started at about 10PM, after the shows of two Austrian bands. The hall filled nicely and we must not forget to mention our loyal fans, who showed up in a good number. The atmosphere was accordingly great as almost the whole hall sang along with us. The energy flow was amazing and we ended the show with an encore as usual. We spent a couple of hours partying with our friends but then we had to leave for Ljubljana. Our driver Rok did a great job at getting us home fast.

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  • Kresnice near Litija

    On Friday afternoon we set off to Kresnice, where we played that night. After arrival as our gear was being set up, we freshened up in the near-by cottage. Sound check is always fun. It usualy takes about an hour to plug everything in and take care of the sound on stage. Tisa pays attention to our comments and gives her suggestions while the rest of the guys from our team listen in or take care of things for the show, i.e. set up the instruments, draw the cables, put up the logo sign behing our drummer and last but not least they set up our merchandise corner in a place where it can be easily reached. Yes, all this is what our staff does – we could never do all this ourselves. After the concert we took a shower and moved on to Austria.

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  • Radenci

    We set off for Radenci at noon sharp. The ride was quite a long one, but it gave us some rest time. There was a marathon in Radenci, the 27th annual race of all generations. It was all of these who united again in the evening for the show we prepared. There were about 8 thousand people there, the atmosphere was amazing, it was a beautiful evening. Even the clear sky lay down an ear to listen in on our music. After the show we took a quick shower in the near-by hotel and drove off to Ljubljana. It was in the morning hours when we bid our farewells and were off to our own beds. Sunday was up next, a day to rest and relax.

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  • Brežice

    Brežice's Youth Club was a new proof of the club scene in Slovenia being very well up and about. They even have a monthly schedule of events! We started the show around 11 PM in the room overcrowded with youth and overflown with the energy which took us through the show, all the way to 1 AM when we were over with our show. The feel of the show was fantastic. The room was hot hot...  We had the journey to Radenci planned for the next day so we took off for Ljubljana as soon as possible. Our driver proved himself once again and got us home safe and sound in just two hours. It was a great evening but ended in a sleep not that long...

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  • Črnomelj

    It took us a drive past Novo mesto, through Metlika to get in the heart of Bela Krajina, Črnomelj, where on the banks of the Lahinja the MKK club is located. The club hosts around 200 people and the show was sold out almost instantly. We got on around 11 PM and kept rocking for a good two hours. The crowd seemed pleased and besides we hadn't played in the club for 8 years. The usual mingling with our fans took place in front of the club this time. We returned to Ljubljana in early morning hours to get some necessary rest. See you again next weekend!

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  • Žiri

    Through the town of Horjul our way led us to the beautiful greenery of Žiri. Close to the venue was a garden where we freshened up with a drink before the sound check. We had dinner served by lovely waitresses who had a remarkable feature indeed: while waiting the tables they whistle with high spirits. We got down to the show at around 10 PM in the overcrowded hall. It was hot in Žiri, both on stage and before it -- we were all wet in a flash! The crowd was fabulous and greeted us very nicely; in return we gave them an all-night party. We returned home in Ljubljana a little earlier than usual, which gave us a few extra hours of sleep.

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  • The Male Roke EP UPDATE

    We would like to inform you that the EP for the Male Roke will be available from Monday, 14th of May 2007 in all slovene music stores.

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  • Male Roke EP

    Along with the latest video we are introducing an EP for Male Roke. The CD will include the original album track Male Roke, a song that was written in collaboration with Dan D called Male Roke / Voda and four live tracks recorded last month in Mostovna club (Male Roke, Plastika, Domine and Homo Carnula). The Ep will be available from Friday, May 11th, in Big Bang shops in a set with the album Petrolea.

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  • Murska Sobota

    We arrived in Murska Sobota at about 4 PM. The venue was in a castle and as we had almost 2 hours of spare time on our hands before sound check we spent it strolling  through the park surrounding the castle and indulging in a coffee. After sound check we had dinner, typical of Prekmurje, the region where Murska Sobota is located, not skipping dessert of course – gibanica, a delicious layered cake, which might literally be translated as "over Mura moving cake". We were taken good care of in Prekmurje, so our payback was a great two-hour concert. At the beginning the crowd seemed a bit reluctant but we well burnt the ground below their feet and brought the gig to an euphoric ending, intertwined with Vlado Kreslin's song Od Višine Se Zvrti. The crowd loved it and for us it was a perfect conclusion of the weekend. Murska Sobota, it was great, you are one of a kind!

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  • Hrastnik

    For the first time in over 10 years of Siddharta's public performance were we forced to cancel a show last Friday in Hrastnik. The show in the Dol cinema hall had been sold out but the technical incompliance brought about by the massive rain in the prior days raised serious doubts in the safety of the band, our gear and last but not least the quality of the show itself.
    We would like to express our deepest regret about the situation and any inconvenience it might have brought on. In case we manage to set an alternative date for the cancelled show in Hrastnik, we will announce it on www.siddharta.net immediately.

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  • Male Roke

    It's the third video from album Petrolea, however it's the first ballad. The video was directed by Dafne Jemeršič. The shooting took place in halls and hallways of Ljubljana Castle and beside members of Siddharta the actors are some familiar faces...will you recognize them?

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  • Male Roke Video

    On Friday, May 4th, at 5pm we will be premiering our latest video for Male Roke on our website. It's the third video from album Petrolea, however it's the first ballad. The video was directed by Dafne Jemeršič. The shooting took place in halls and hallways of Ljubljana Castle and beside members of Siddharta the actors are some familiar faces...will you recognize them? You can also watch the video on TV Slovenija (Lestvica na drugem) and within next week on every other TV station.

    Just for the visitors of our website we have prepared a short »making of« video. Enjoy!

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  • Mostovna

    We set off to Nova Gorica on Friday, for a gig in Mostovna. It was another proof that the club scene in Slovenia is very much alive and well-settled. Mostovna is a great club where every band wants to return to. They have it all – even a kitchen and beds, a cook and a masseuse :-).   Well OK, they don't have a masseuse but still... maybe some day, somehow...

    As we arrived, our crew started to set up our gear on stage, so we had time for some coffee and a short walk. After soundcheck we had a home-made dinner – pasta a la carte. The show started at 11PM and lasted up to 1AM. The crowd partied all the way to the end and it was surely one of the best gigs of this tour. On stage it felt great! What is worth mentioning about this show is that we recorded it in whole and just might use the recorded materials some day. After the concert we mingled with our fans, signed a poster, CD, T-shirt... or two. It was a beautiful Saturday morning when we returned home but for us it was a start of a long sleep...

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  • Opicina, Italy

    Somewhere around Opicina, right across the border with Italy, close to Trieste was the location of this students' party. In tents amidst the idyllic Italian Karst on such a beautiful sunny day there was only one imperfection: the sea. Just about everyone would gladly take the plunge to cool down a bit... Instead, some of us went for a short walk through the natural beauties, while our crew took care of our gear and the PA, set it up and made it ready for the sound check that followed. We had dinner in a genuine Italian trattoria - the pizza was delicious! We also tasted some home-made merlot and terrano liqueur...

    Our show began at about 11PM in a tent, overcrowded with youth, and lasted up till 1AM, when a pop-rock band from Milano took over. We returned to Ljubljana no sooner than 6AM and had only one thing in mind: to get some rest.

    See you next Friday in Solkan!

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  • Škofja Loka

    Friday night's show was in a students' club in Škofja Loka, called Rdeča Ostriga (The Red Oyster). The club had recently been renovated so we had no problems with our show. The rooms of the club are arranged very efficiently and practically. The club has a wonderful monthly cultural programme, which is very important for the youth. The show lasted for almost 2 hours, the audience cheered with enthusiasm while we showed our best in doing a club show. After the show we mingled with our fans until late hours and returned to Ljubljana at about 3AM to crash for a few hours as we were bound for Italy the next morning.

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  • Making of the new video

    At 9 o'clock on Saturday morning we gathered at the Ljubljana Castle for the new video shoot. It took the whole day to make, almost up to midnight. Our roles in the video are highly professional; we play these kind experts who ... nah, that's all we're going to say. Once the video has been edited, you'll be able to see it and find an explanation of its story for yourselves.
    Dafne Jemeršič was in charge of the direction, Miloš Srdič of the camera and Urška of our costumes. The rest of the technical staff, about 15 people altogether, took care of the lighting, the make-up, technical installations, props and the catering. We had a great time and the feelings about the video are very good, though it was a straining day - it's hardly easy to shoot a whole video in just one day.
    Our thanks go to the whole team, who made sure everything ran smoothly. Thanks also to Festival Ljubljana, which kindly allowed us to use their castle premises. Most of the video was shot in a 15th-century room called Kazamate, which was primarily intended to be the castle entrance...

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  • Ljubljana

    Friday 30th and Saturday 31st March, 2007 were two days devoted to gigs in a real rock'n'roll atmosphere in Ljubljana's Orto Bar club. First and foremost we would like to thank the staff of Orto Bar for taking such good care of us. Medo, thanks for the yummy finger food, the drinks and the energy, including those during the show.
    Thanks and congrats to our personal crew who made it possible for all of us to cram on stage, which at first seemed almost an impossible task to do. To put six people and all our gear on a stage as small as Orto's demands a great deal of steady nerves, compromises about where we could move, where to place the monitors; and even the instruments' volume had to be adjusted for the same reason.
    Both shows turned out very well though, both from the point of view of music and the sound. All this adds up to the fact that Siddharta truly is a band who can turn any venue into a place for a real rock'n'roll party. One could see this in the eyes of the crowd in Ljubljana too.
    Both shows were sold out even before the official start of Orto Fest on the day of the first show when the Orto ticket office opened. A sincere thanks to all of you, our dear fans who came to see our first show. We believe that the venue could easily be filled even on Saturday but the two-night party was good enough an opening of the famous traditional Orto Fest, which will go on through the whole April with an interesting selection of performing bands.


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  • »The« day

    Saturday's Viktor awards show was your chance to see what Siddharta had been up to these last few weeks. We joined forces with the band Dan D and merged two of our songs into an interesting music collage. You can now hear their song Voda and our song Male Roke in a joined perfomance. All 11 musicians from both bands came together in Novo mesto's RSL studio where we got down to rearranging the two pieces into a brand new track and recording it live.

    We had great fun making it, may you have great fun listening to it.

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  • Viktor 2006 goes to us

    Good old Viktor! We got you and we are so happy about it !

    2006 was for Siddharta a year of hard work and challenge. We recorded the Petrolea album and presented it on stages all over Slovenia. We recorded two music videos which conquered music charts in no time. Though the music industry is full of traps the album was declared in Slovenia as best album of the year 2006. We entered 2007 full of new experiences and now also received an official confirmation for our hard work.

    This feels good! So, Viktor, welcome to our company and the company of our true fans.

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  • Ravne na Koroškem

    After a busy morning recording the TLP show (Sunday was fully scheduled due to the Planica ski jumping) from 7 AM till 2 PM we set off to Ravne na Koroškem. It was a three-hour drive and we made good use of it catching up on some sleep. Upon arrival we checked out this new club there, one of the best-equipped ones in Slovenia. We set up the gear and after soundcheck went out for dinner. The show had been sold out a few days beforehand. It was an energetic, yet quite intimate one. The reception we got from the crowd was amazing and what we gave them in return was a perfect rock'n'roll party. We spent some time with our fans after the show and returned to Ljubljana in the early morning hours. The morning after was spent in the embrace of the Viktor awards show – the dress rehearsal started at 9 AM already. In the evening we performed there together with Dan D.

    Have fun! See you this weekend at Orto Bar. We'll be there two nights in a row for the opening of the famous Orto Fest.

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  • Mestinje Concert

    The two hour drive to Mestinje, entrusted this time to our driver Matevž, offered some catching up on the lost sleep. We were really in need of some. When we arrived at Mestinje, our great crew team smoothly set up the stage and the equipment. Sound check with our sound technician Tisa followed and a great "finger food" dinner after it. The concert was again terrific, the crowd was going wild and continued at that pace till the early morning. After the concert we had a gathering to celebrate the 12th anniversary of our successful work as a band.

    This was a really great weekend and therefore we are already looking forward to the next one - Friday in Ravne Na Koroskem.

    Till then, we wish you a great week.

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  • Železniki concert

    It was around 3 PM on Friday when we headed for Škofja Loka and over to Železniki. Our concert in the local culture home was planned for 10PM.

    Železniki is a town once called a "mine under the hill" and is proud to house the oldest furnace, if we are to quote our Jani literally. He also noticed a typical Slovene wooden-concrete hayrack while having a stroll through the town. Now if we go back to the venue, we might add that the hall was overcrowded with people yearning for our music and some good rock'n'roll. The band responded accordingly, the audience accepted the vibes and in the end we bade farewell with smiles on our faces. The way to Ljubljana passed by quickly. We had a couple of hours' sleep and soon gathered again to leave for Mestinje. 

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  • Viktor 2006

    2006 was a busy year for Siddharta, which obviously hasn't gone unnoticed. Our work has been rewarded with a nomination for the Viktor award in the category of Best Music Act. Also nominated are singer Zoran Predin and the band Leeloojamais. The countdown begins on Saturday, 24th March. We are sure that as always our fans will cover our backs once again with strong voting and thus raising our chance to receive the Viktor Award.

    We are looking forward to the evening. It is usually full of surprises and this year won't be any different.

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  • Štuk

    At around 3 PM we arrived at Štuk, a club in Maribor, where we had our first gig of the spring club tour. The concert started at 10:20 and lasted almost 2 whole hours. Our repertoire was assembled from all four albums we’d made, so the variety of songs was quite motley and active. Considering that, we will be able to adjust the play lists and by that keep surprising our audience on our upcoming gigs. We hope to meet you there and party together. Once again, way to go, Maribor! The concert was just great, the best! Party until the morning! See you on Friday in Železniki. Bye…

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  • XOF

    The explosion of fun shook up us so much, that we were able to unite our impressions only today. We took an hour and 15 minutes of performance with maximum and performed sort of a “best of” repertoire. Whoever couldn’t be there to enjoy the party in person was able to see a part of it at home, since the national TV aired the first half hour of the show. Almost 20.000 of our friends gathered up and we were honored to get a very unique and exceptional surprise. Blaž Gregorin and Žare Pak (representatives of the publishing house KifKif/Menart) walked up on the stage after we finished our performance and awarded us with “Platinum record”, an acknowledgment for selling over 15.000 copies of our Petrolea. Our gratitude goes to you of course, all of our friends, which support us for a number of years and stand by our side!

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  • The road is calling...

    ...and we answered. As promised, we will get back to the stage after a two month break. This time to the original atmosphere of clubs and smaller halls. And, of course, with a changed set, which will pick songs from all our records. We already look forward to this tour...

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  • Breakthru Radio

    Siddharta will be represented with the song Japan on the upcoming DJ Darkside metal/rock radio show. BreakThru Radio (BTR) is devoted to giving a voice to talented, upcoming artists all over the world. At BreakThru Radio the motto is "Music for music lovers".

    The new specialty show will air ALL week 24-hours a day on BreakThru Radio
    www.breakthruradio.com starting January 29th – Feb 4th . What makes this show extra special is the return of the special segment “Hardcore Heaven”!

    All BTR shows are free and no need for signing up to listen. You just have to go to the homepage and click on the “The Darkside” link.

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  • Siddharta live on Radio Hit

    On Friday 19th of January, radio Hit was broadcasting live and also presenting in front of actual live audience with their musical-informational program. What made it interesting is the fact that it all started already at 5:30 in the morning and lasted all until 10:00. The show was aired live from the stage in the sold out theatre, where many Slovene musicians also performed as well. We figured it would be appropriate to show our good will with our performance too, but in order to do that we had to wake up at 7 in the morning already, which is quite unusual for musicians. :) When we arrived to the theatre we had breakfast waiting for us, milk and coffee drinks of course, so we could get started. We prepared Male Roke song for our performance which we did in acoustic version. Audience and Radio Hit of course, received us nicely and thanked us with applause and with that we concluded morning jollification. Since we have never done anything like this, we thought it was interesting, worth the experience and most of all meeting with the rest of the musicians, which was quite usual concerning the early morning hours, having coffee and chatting like "where were you playing last night" and "are you performing anywhere tonight as well"…Greetings to everyone until March, when we start with our spring tour.

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  • Recordings of Ljubljana concert

    We are glad to announce that the recording of the Ljubljana show at Prešernov trg will be aired on Monday, 8th of January at around 22.00 on 2nd program of Slovene national television. Audio recording will be aired a few days later, on Friday, 12th of January on radio Val 202. The detailed schedule will be posted additionally.
    radio Val 202 - Friday, January 12th at 22.30

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  • Happy 2007

    In the year 2007 the band Siddharta wishes you wholeheartedly much fortune, satisfaction and mainly much more good music!

    Our greeting e-card for New Year is in the attachment! Enjoy!

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© Siddharta

Happy 2008 !

A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all!