• Concert in Ljubljana

    For the last show of our Petrolea tour that rocked Slovenia over past few months we chose Ljubljana. It's "our" town, where it all began...from creating first music to first shows in local clubs and pubs. However, we left out the city center and that was now redeemed. The concert took place in the very city center, at Prešernov square. The midday rehearsal already indicated the perfect evening. With the help of all three supporting acts that were joining us on this tour (naio ssaion, Leaf-fat and Tide – thanks to you all!!!) we managed to warm-up over ten thousand people. There is nothing more beautiful and magnificent to a musician than the feeling you get when you see the mass of supporters in front of the stage. It sure was a night to remember. We wish that the up-coming year would be much like this evening...full of joy, satisfaction and pleasure with good music and that we can always rely on you – our trustworthy fans. We love you all and wish you a very happy new year!

    Yours Siddharta

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  • Concert in Nova Gorica

    This concert took place in front of Perla in the center of Nova Gorica and literally happened on the street. The temperature was close to zero and we made sure to raise it with a great party, which came useful to us on the stage as well. The audience of five thousand people welcomed us and our gig gushingly and lively and spent two hours and twenty minutes with us and not a minute less, even though it was so cold. This was the last concert before the finishing one, which will take place in the centre of Ljubljana, more precisely, on the Prešeren square on 27th of December at 20:00p.m. Considering that we started this tour on Ljubljana’s castle, we think it is appropriate to finish it also in Ljubljana.

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  • Siddharta’s Petrolea will ignite Ljubljana

    Siddharta saved up yet another surprise for the end of the year to finish the concert promotion of “Petrolea” album.

    The beginning of the tour was announced by a notable August concert on Ljubljana’s castle, which only lucky selected invitation receivers got to see. To finish the tour, Siddharta returns to Ljubljana with a big free concert.

    The Prešeren square in Ljubljana will be the scene of a unique 4 hour long concert event, starting at 8 p.m. and lasting until midnight, on Wednesday 27th of December.

    Siddharta’s evening with guests, which will additionaly add variety to the event, will be possible to hear on Val 202 programme and the recording will be aired also at the beginning of next year on national television.

    The fourth studio album presented two singles so far, including videos, which continue a series of excellent visualizations for which Siddharta received numerous awards and recognitions. All those that won’t be able to see the concert in Ljubljana will have another chance to catch Siddharta’s concert in Nova Gorica on 22nd of December.

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  • Concert in Murska Sobota

    The 4-hour-journey to MS came in handy to get some more sleep, lacking due to a previous night. Arrival in sleep mode - an absolute need for a coffee and a short walk through East MS followed. After dinner, we saw naio ssaion, the supporting act, and we felt great, which was also due to our crew members, who always make sure we have fun both, before and after the show. The gig was fine, audience completely satisfied, and the regular meet and greet in front of the cameras followed. In addition, our keyboard player reached 30 - what a happy atmosphere that was. The departure was late, obviously, we reached Ljubljana at around 7 a.m., took care of equipment and went to bed. That was our penultimate gig at Petrolea Tour, the epilogue follows in Ljubljana, in the very centre at Prešeren Square. All the details will be posted shortly. Till then, have fun and Merry Xmas.

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  • Concert in Novo mesto

    We couldn't wait to play Novo mesto on Friday. The audience went wild and ecstatic after more than 2 hours of rocking, therefore we reckoned it suitable for a rock band to go party with them all night long. As an end-of-tour gift we kicked in a few more songs and the Marof hall was literally dancing..."al je blu res dobru", a dialect quote meaning - it was truly great - could be heard from all around. Only in the early morning could we lay our exhausted bodies onto our beds, just for a little more than 4 hours, because at 11 a.m. the bus for Murska Sobota was already waiting for us.

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  • Concert in Kranj

    We've finally played, after a long time, at Planina Hall in Kranj again. As usually, the heat was right, which, we believe, felt everybody at the venue. The hall packed with eager fans was warmed up by TIDE, our supporting act. Yet at 9.15 PM we headed onstage and unleashed the two-hour-rock'n'roll hell. Take a look up the sky over Planina Hall sometime...only Milky Way is what's left...
    After the show was over the regular meet and greet followed. Quite a lot fans waited up this time, especially young ones, which is nice. There were some gifts for us, i.e. drawings etc. and even a box of tangerines to keep us healthy in that kind of weather. It didn't take us long to return to Ljubljana, where we unloaded the equipment and headed to Orto bar for a beer afterwards, which turned out an all night party.
    See you in Novo mesto, 1st December, and Murska Sobota, 2nd December. Have fun!

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  • Concert in Velenje

    Two weeks after our last concert we met with our team again, loaded all our stuff on the bus and set out for Velenje. It's great to see the guys each and every time. They're the best, devoted to us with all their hearts, just like we have always been devoted to them. Guys, we love you all!
    Velenje was a little more grateful time-wise so that during sound check we could go through a few songs without haste. After dinner we even had a couple of hours left for a bit of rest before going on stage.
    The audience was amazing; the energy flow from the audience onto the stage and back again left us with a grin. The band was in tune as never before and the audience was going wild all the way! Do it to me one more time!!
    Compliments to our guests naio ssaion! The band coming from Velenje themselves warmed up the local audience almost to a boiling point. Way to go!

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  • Concert in Krško

    We returned from Copenhagen on Friday. On the next day at around 13.00 we set off towards Krško where we had a gig in the local sports hall. The low temperatures we got used to in Copenhagen awaited us back home in Slovenia as well. But that's what November is supposed to be like anyway.
    Sound check, dinner, a great gig and even better a response from the crowd, who sang along to the very last song all lead to an interesting time after the concert spent with our fans. This is a chance for us to get to know our fans of different ages, and through conversations with them we learn how our music, our performance and our rock ‘n’ roll party affects them.
    In the early morning hours we sailed off from the pier of Krško. We reached the harbour of Ljubljana at around 3:30. We needed some rest. After all, a week of running around Copenhagen sightseeing, and the Krško gig left us exhausted.

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  • Copenhagen

    Day 4 in Copenhagen

    Today is the day. The reason for our coming to Denmark. We have until 6 PM for a final stroll around the city before getting ready and going to the venue of tonight's event. We'll be there to enjoy the show as well as to represent our home country. The after party is bound to last up to the morning hours. We don't expect to get any sleep tonight as we need to be at the airport at 7 AM for the check-in. Don't expect to hear from us before arriving bach home in Ljubljana. It’s going to be interesting and tiresome :)

    Day 3 in Copenhagen

    The entire band got together at 09:00 and after breakfast we went to the city. We visited the nautical museum and later hung out at the Hard Rock Cafe to keep away from the snow outside… We spent the afternoon shopping for souvenirs for our family and friends, and went to a nearby pub to see the Copenhagen vs. MAU football match, which ended 1:0 in favour of Copenhagen. We received a phone invitation during the match to a party at the hotel which was a temporary home of all the big stars. It was interesting…

    Day 2 in Copenhagen

    We were shocked to find last night that the hotel computer wouldn't be of much use for uploading the photos we had taken. For that reason among others we decided to set out to the city and check out the Copenhagen nightlife. We stopped – just as last year in Lisbon – by the Hard Rock Cafe.
    Most of us slept right through breakfast. We spent the day strolling along the sights of Copenhagen, adjusting to the environment. We visited a few museums - the coral reef museum, the science museum, the erotic museum, etc.
    We missed the evening football match but managed to meet with the MTV crew, who arrived in Copenhagen a day after we did. An enormous stage is being built to perfection in the city centre for the MTV Music Awards 06 artists' performances.
    We called it a day at 2 AM already because day 3 was going to be a busy one…

    Day 1 in Copenhagen

    We arrived safely in Copenhagen. Nicely settled at the hotel, we’re now getting ready for an evening tour of the city. We'll be taking pictures of all points of interest which come our way. The first photos will (probably ;) be put up tonight already, thus enabling you to “travel” with us. Till later...

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  • Concert in Zagorje ob Savi

    Past Trojane, through Izlake and straight to the sports hall in Zagorje for the sound check. It all ran so smoothly. A young lady named Tisa, an excellent sound technician from Ljubljana, took great care of our sound. Afterwards we had dinner at a place just outside Hrastnik, where we were indulged with meat and seafood delicacies. In Hrastnik we were awaited by a small group of young fans. We took some time for a talk and some photos with them.
    After dinner we returned to Zagorje and kicked off the show at 21:15 with Mr. Q. It was truly a great gig. To boast off a bit we'd like to say that we believe we were really well in tune, more than we'd ever been thus far, which must have been felt by our fans before the stage as well. After the gig we spent some time with our fans and had the opportunity to see a few genuine magic tricks done by our Edo. Edo, respect!
    Back in Ljubljana at around 2 in the morning, our super crew unloaded the equipment and together we hit Orto bar. After all, a free weekend was ahead of us, plus we wouldn’t see each other for a whole week because of our trip to the MTV Awards in Copenhagen. More on that when we return though.

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  • Final version of the Domine video

    We give you the final version of the video for the song Domine, the second video from the Petrolea album.

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  • Concert in Koper

    The wind in Koper chilled us to the marrow but in the evening it was our chance for payback. It was one of our best gigs of the tour. And we finished it off in the perfect rock‘n’roll manner with “Na Soncu”. After the concert we took time to hang around with our fans and partied till the early morning hours. The after-party took place in Ljubljana's Orto Bar. We wish to point out the most important part of our team, the Siddharta Crew (Duši, Bobi, Kraški, Furi, Darjan, Pero, Vido, Grant). Withouth these guys the band couldn’t work as well as it does. They’re the ones who make sure our equipment is taken care of while on stage and off it, as well as the sound and the lights. We’re also very good friends, just like a big happy family and we have lots of fun and laughter together! So guys, much RESPECT to you! And in the meantime we’re already getting ready for the next gig… 

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  • Voting for the MTV EMA 06

    The Best Adriatic Act at the European Music Awards voting is gradually closing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who took your time and voted for us. Excited we're setting out for Copenhagen in hope for the best possible outcome

    The voting link: http://ema.mtvadria.com/site.jhtml

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  • Concert in Metlika

    Saturday’s gig took place in Metlika. We hadn’t played there for quite a while. It was vintage time and we were offered to taste the new wine and homemade gin and schnapps. The food was home cooked too. We had a great time during dinner, the gig was awesome and so was the time afterwards. The crowd was amazing but that was no longer an exception! We had some friends from Novo mesto there as well. On the way back we stopped by the “Patriot” club in Novo mesto. There we ran into our support act Leaf Fat and had fun with our crew, who take great care of us and our equipment. Slowly we headed back home. In Ljubljana we unloaded the equipment, said goodbye to the driver, shook hands and finally went home to bed…

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  • Concert in Sl. Gradec

    Friday the 13th was perfect for the Slovenj Gradec gig. When we arrived around 4 o'clock, everything was ready for the sound check. We checked different instruments on four of our songs. The monitoring was also rather quick. This meant we’d got quite a lot of concerts behind us and things were running smoothly. After the sound check we had dinner which was fun as always. At eight o’clock we left the restaurant and went back to the venue to get ready for the gig. At around nine Siddharta took the audience on a two-hour journey through the ten years of our musical creativity. It was euphoria! After the concert we dedicated our time to our fans. Many times these backstage meetings last till the early morning, this was no exception. And then we went back to Ljubljana.

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  • Domine (video shoot, part 2)

    On Tuesday we spent the whole day at the VPK studio for the Domine video shoot. We shot the part of the video where the band appears.
    Miloš Srdič and Dafne Jemeršič worked on the video, the latter was in charge of the camera. She made sure the camera videotaped all the details in the relatively small room. Our clothing was taken care of by the Oktober company and our stylists of NOM3 while guys from Salon Mali did our hair and Rea Šribar the makeup. The video was shot for both the Slovene and the English version of the song.
    Needless to say, such video shoots are quite straining. They last at least 8 hours straight, during which time we have to be constantly present, plus the set needs to be prepared, then the instruments, etc.
    The room where the video shoot took place was black, lit from different angles, with the band rocking with full power and in the middle.
    More about the video will be announced next week when it is finished and ready to hit the TV screens.

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  • Three concert dates cancelled

    We are sad to announce that due to logistic difficulties in the organisation the following concerts have had to be cancelled:
    - 28. 10. 2006, Gorišnica pri Ptuju
    - 30. 10. 2006, Železniki
    - 18. 11. 2006, Postojna
    All who have already purchased the tickets for the above three concerts can use the tickets for any other concert of the “Petrolea” tour this year, or return them undamaged to the place of purchase. We are sorry for any inconvenience the cancellation might have caused.

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  • Concert in Tolmin

    The winding road to Tolmin led us through Idrija, where hillsides are overgrown with forests -- it was anything but a bore for our driver to deliver us to Tolmin where we were to perform that evening in the local elementary school gym. The day was a bit cloudy. We went for a short walk through the town and stopped for a cup of coffee, served to us by an interesting lady, who was done up like a dog's dinner from head to toe. There we also indulged ourselves with proscutio that scored a perfect 10. The right proscutio melts in your mouth. Yeah, it really was delicious! After the sound check we went back to our bus to rest as we were still a bit tired after the gigs in Maribor. The concert started 15 minutes after nine and the crowd was overwhelmed from the beginning to the end. After the gig we hanged around and partied till the early morning hours. After arriving back in Ljubljana we said goodbye and headed straight for our beds. It was a great weekend and we’re very happy and pleased about it!

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  • Concert in Maribor (Friday)

    Friday's was an open-type concert, which all our closest and most loyal fans from Slovenia and even Croatia were able to attend. One could feel the energy literally lifting us all up to the sky.
    The pure rock ‘n’ roll concert was followed by spending time with fans and taking photos with them. Amongst the fans we also noticed those who won their concert tickets in a competition. After the short party we packed up and headed for the bus which took us safely back to Ljubljana. Saturday’s gig in Tolmin was waiting.
    Let us tell you a little secret. It isn’t always all quiet and sleepy on the bus either. Many times we fool around and have fun all the way to the town of performance. Even in the early morning hours when we can hardly wait to get some sleep filled with unusual dreams, we cannot but say a word or two about the concert and the time spent with fans afterwards. Let the place rumble!!!

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  • Concert in Maribor (Thursday)

    On Thursday we had a gig in the Leon Štukelj sports hall in Maribor. The concert was organized by the University of Maribor and so it was for students only. The venue, one of the biggest so far, was almost full and the audience confirmed that fact at the beginning of our appearance on the stage. A good two-hour concert took us through the ten years of our work, which revealed many an interesting thing about us…
    Needless to say, our concerts are always such enjoyable events. The unbelievable atmosphere and the energy while going on stage. And then journey begins…

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  • Domine

    The video for song Domine was made in less than a month. It was produced by the AVK team. The story was written by Tomi Horvat and Miloš Radosavljevič, who also directed the video. The photography was in the hands of Miloš Srdič and the camera in the hands of Vladan Jankovič. The story can be understood in more ways. Foremost it’s about intertwined destinies. It is about the eternal game of the domination between a man and a woman, about pushing and shoving, about covering and uncovering of our desires. The creators were moving on the edge between the explicit and the hidden deliberately. The coach, superbly portrayed by actor Matija Vastl, is the one who takes it out on one of the athletes (Neža Uršič) during the training. Later the story takes a turn. Is it the vengeance or merely a coincidence? The interpretation is left to the viewers and it probably depends on one’s own preferences.

    The set for the second part of the video was made by the AKV team with the help of Tina Krajnc, whereas the first part was shot on the top of the parking building Šentpeter near a hospital in Ljubljana. The assistant director and filming director was Kristina Ravnikar, and the stylist was Katja Rosa.

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  • MTV EMA 06

    As you probably already know by now, Siddharta has again been nominated for MTV Best Adriatic Act Award. In the company of other nominees it is competing for the statue that represents confirmation of good work in the music field and is, consecutively, being inspired for future achievements. Last year the band won the statue with your help and thanked for it in a special way with Petrolea album. You can show your support again by voting for your favourite band in the category for Best Adriatic Act category at  http://ema.mtvadria.com/site.jhtml.

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  • Concert in Ljutomer

    The way to Ljutomer is a bit longer and this gave us an opportunity to take a nap on our tour bus. We arrived refreshed and ready for the sound check.
    We have to say that the venue is extremely loud and acoustic, which means it can chirp a bit in the ears every now and then. After the dinner we returned to the hall and listened to Tide. At 21.00 it was our turn. The gig was one of the best as far as our feeling is concerned. However, we did have some technical difficulties but that can happen occasionally.
    After the gig we spent some time together with the members of Tide and our fans. We signed CDs, t-shirts, posters, etc. We are very proud of our audience and without it there would be no proper party! Until next Friday when we perform in Maribor… see you!!!

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  • Concert in Ilirska Bistrica

    As we arrived in Ilirska Bistrica on Friday, the hall had already been waiting for us with doors open.
    This was our first concert in this town and we asked a bit if there’s a lot of youths and at what places do they usually go to. We spotted a certain HC club, which was supposed to be for concert purposes, but it was closed. Around 700 people came to our gig which is a record number for the area. Leaf-fat warmed up the crowd and Siddharta gave them a two-hour show where pleasure, party and rock ‘n’ roll are always the top priorities! The crowd was outstanding, full of energy and happiness! It’s really nice to see that what you do gives so much pleasure to people.
    We got back to Ljubljana in the morning hours. We went our separate ways to get some sleep as quickly as possible for there was the 12 o’clock bus to Ljutomer waiting for us.

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  • Concert in Šentjur pri Celju

    Saturday. Sunny day and cloudless sky. On the way to Šentjur we’re watching a film. Action film with Eddie Murphy and Robert DeNiro. As far as the ride is concerned there’s nothing to add. What a laugh…
    After the arrival in Šentjur we had enough time to go for a walk on such a fair weather day. Before the sound check we had a few short interviews. Afterwards we had dinner which was good and we were in a good mood. Feeling like this we went back to the place of the concert. At 9 o’clock the sound of train was heard and Siddharta started the show with Mr. Q. The hall was extremely hot but its sound has been the most suitable for concerts so far and the party was kicking. The crowd was going wild together with us for the whole two hours. We have to admit that we truly enjoy seeing the way a packed hall is accepting us. This is what we love to do the most. Without all this, without you, our dearest fans, Siddharta wouldn’t even exist. We’re all looking forward to the next week and the gigs in Ilirska Bistrica and Ljutomer.

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  • Concert in Domžale

    In expectation of our setting off for the gig in Domžale on Friday, we had engagements throughout the whole week. Beside practices, we also had meetings and went through the entire organization of concerts, just to make sure everything is going to run smooth.
    The arrival in Domžale was one of the fastest. When we came to the place, the crew had already been prepared and waiting. Our hardworking boys put the equipment on stage. We tuned the instruments and started the sound check. After the sound check we had dinner and then we went to see the performance of our guests TIDE. They warmed up the place really well. At 9 o’clock it was our turn to go on stage. The concert was outstanding in every possible way – great sound in the hall and on the stage, the hall full of party people, the atmosphere and the feeling of the band itself has been the best so far. After the concert we devoted time to our fans to take pictures, talk, give signatures, etc. We had excellent time in Domžale and we hope you did just as well with us. Tonight we’re leaving to Štajerska, Šentjur pri Celju to be exact and party there. How it is going to be and how it was… you will find out that tomorrow!
    Have fun and see you soon at one of our next concerts

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  • Ajdovščina concert

    After cold Jesenice we arrived in Ajdovščina’s sport centre Police at 15:00, where practically everything was ready for the sound check and waiting for us. After the sound check we went on a late lunch. We were feasted with home cooking and drinks. We have to say the staff was exceedingly kind. After the lunch we had an hour time to get ready for the concert which started at 21:00. Our support band LEAF FAT was already warming up the audience. The temperature in the hall was rather high so we had to dress up suitably. Then we stepped on stage to start a good two hours of rock ’n’ roll party with the audience. The feeling on the stage was exceptional. This was also seen after the gig as we spend almost two hours hanging around and talking with our fans. This time we went to bed at about 4 a.m. Sunday’s rest was more than welcome.
    We are looking forward to the coming concerts where the party will be the top priority. We’re expecting you. Be a part of rock ’n’ roll. See you!

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  • Jesenice concert

    We hit the road in the direction of Jesenice on Friday at 13:00. The highway towards Gorenjska was jammed as it was the time when the last holiday makers were heading back home.
    When we arrived to the Podmežakla ice-hockey hall, we had the sound check right away because we were a bit late and the group naio ssaion had the sound check after us. The concert started at 21:00. The crowd, gathering in front of the stage, was unforgettable mainly because of the pure rock energy. The gig lasted for a good two hours and we heated up the ice-hockey hall, which is quite well known as one of the largest in our country. The repertoire was made up of 27 songs from all our albums. This gave much pleasure to many our fans and we could see the contented faces across the hall. After the gig we happily devoted time to all those that wanted our signatures, photos, posters, CDs, etc. We arrived back in Ljubljana at 2 in the morning and went to bed immediately because another concert in Ajdovščina was on the next day.

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  • Petrolea live!

    We are approaching the concert tour which will kick of on Friday, 15 September in Jesenice and continue the next day, 16 September in Ajdovščina. Everything is prepared and we are getting more and more impatient. We are inviting all concertgoers to get the tickets in time and thus make sure you get them at the presale price. We are asking you to purchase the tickets exclusively at the official presale places – chosen DM-Drogerie Markt stores, Eventim web site (www.eventim.si), their presale places and over the telephone +386 (0)31 349 00 daily from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 18:00.

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  • MTV European Music Awards 06

    Today the music editorial board of MTV Adria has confirmed five regional nominees for this year’s MTV Europe Award in the category for best MTV Adria performer. This year’s nominees for MTV European Music Award in the category “Best Act – MTV Adria” are:

    Aleksandra Kovač,
    Edo Maajka,
    Let 3,


    The winner will be chosen by the viewers from the region. They will be able to vote for their favourite on a special web page, designed specially for this year’s MTV Europe Awards. Further details on how to vote will follow soon.

    The nominees for the best MTV Adria performer have been chosen by the representatives of music industry from the whole region and 50 randomly chosen MTV Adria viewers. Every performer from the region, whose videos have been aired on MTV Adria between 1st September 2005 and 1st September 2006, had a chance to come among the 5 nominees.

    The MTV Networks International Company announced yesterday that the 13th MTV Europe Music Awards will take place on 2nd November 2006 in Danish capital on two stages simultaneously. The first stage will be an exhibition and show centre Bella Center and the second one will be the central city square Rådhuspladsen. The award ceremony will be broadcasted live to the audience of 1.4 billion people in 179 countries, among those the viewers of MTV Adria as well. For the second year in a row, the MTV Europe Music Awards will include the category “Best Act – MTV Adria”. The award will go to the best performer in the region. Last year’s winner, Slovenian band Siddharta, is also nominated this year.

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  • Domine

    Now that Domine is "Hit of the Week" on radio station Val202 and guys performed it on the TLP show, it is crystal clear that this is the new single of Siddharta. For this purpose they shot a video last week. The interesting thing about the video is that the group will not appear in it at all… is this the only interesting thing? Let the photos speak… they will be added on the page in the coming days…

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  • Guests on TLP show

    The morning rehearsal on the national television is behind us. Today we performed live on the “Tistega lepega popoldneva” show for the first time, in the good company of Slovene bands. We presented our latest single entitled Domine.

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  • Ljubljana Castle

    The official "rehearsal" is behind us. The opening concert of Petrolea tour will make history as the first rock concert at Ljubljana castle! We came back after a year off and we played one of the best concerts ever. Many have said that excellent sound, splendid ambience of the courtyard and clear sky had marked the evening. We do admit that we had a bit of stage fright… to perform new material for first time is never an easy task. Only then you begin to see what material offers, where the deficiencies and the advantages are. There were a lot of you with us at the castle, but it was said that the sound had been heard all across the Ljubljana valley. Anyway, we are looking forward to the upcoming concerts and to see you again!

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  • Petrolea Tour 06 / September

    All free tickets for the gig at Ljubljana Castle have been given away! Lucky winners of the tickets have been notified via e-mail. To the rest, we wish you better luck next time.

    Now it is time to announce the beginning of autumn tour and the first 6 concerts which are about to happen in the month of September.

    15.9. Jesenice - ledena dvorana Podmežakla (Ice-hockey Hall Podmežakla)
    16.9. Ajdovščina - dvorana Police (Police Hall)
    22.9. Domžale - hala kc (KC Hall)
    23.9. Šentjur pri Celju - dvorana Hruševec (Hruševec Hall)
    29.9. Ilirska Bistrica - dvorana OŠ Antona Žnideršiča (Hall of Primary School Anton Žnideršič)
    30.9. Ljutomer - dvorana OŠ Ivana Cankarja (Hall of Primary School Ivan Cankar)

    Tickets are available from Wednesday, 23 August, at all DM – Drogerie Markt stores listed (see below: spisek_dm_trgovin-09.xls), and all sales offices of the Eventim system.

    Sale over the telephone is at number +386 (0)31 349 000.
    Ticket price is 4000SIT (16,69€) in the advance sale and 5000SIT (20,86€) on the day of the concert.*

    *calculated by central parity exchange rate 1€=239,64SIT

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  • Supporting acts for autumn tour

    Siddharta’s preparations for the upcoming opening concert at Ljubljana castle and the tour that will follow are in full swing. Guys are together every day practicing new material. We are announcing the supporting acts for the tour across Slovenia.
    We agreed to collaborate with Leaf-fat, naio ssaion and Tide who will, in turn, warm up the audience before Siddharta enters the stage. Well, the invasion of pure rock’n’roll is about to happen. We are already looking forward…

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  • Beginning of the Slovenian tour

    Two months after Petrolea release it is time to publish the first concert date, which marks the beginning of new series of concerts that will take place in all major Slovenian cities and towns until the end of year.

    Ljubljana castle will be scene of a special concert on Thursday, the 31st of August. The tickets will not be on sale. Siddharta will distribute them among visitors of their official board (S.A.M.O.) and thus thank them for their support in a special way.

    All those that will not manage to take part at this concert can already look forward to the upcoming concert tour. The dates will soon be announced on Siddharta's web page.

    But how to qualify for the special concert?

    All registered users of the official board that would like to come to the concert should send their full name, address, date of birth and user name or member number to this e-mail: fan@siddharta.net. All those not registered yet, should register first and then send the above required data. We reserve the right of selection of the invited until all places will be occupied. All prizewinners, who get free invitations for the concert, will be notified via e-mail. They will identify themselves on the day of the concert with an identity card (or any personal document), which will have to match the data from the e-mail application.

    See you!

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  • Exit 06

    We left Ljubljana on Thursday at midnight to head for the eagerly anticipated gig at the Exit festival on 7th July, scheduled at 19.00.
    The route to Novi Sad was well known to us because we had already played there: last year on the Tuborg stage (second biggest festival stage).
    Exit festival is one of the biggest, if not the biggest festival in this part of Europe. It connects us musicians at the Petrovaradin Fortress; it has over 20 stages with various musical styles, everything from electronic acts to basic rock’n’roll bands.
    Our appearance this year was on the main stage. We started off as the first perfoming band at 19.00. The performance was in accordance with the time. We have to mention the audience last year was larger as we performed at a later time in the night when there were more people present at the festival. For this reason we would have liked to play a bit later on when a crowd of thousands gathered. However, the concert itself was very well carried out. We think we threw a good party for the audience, which was noticeable in the reactions we got from it.
    For us it was a great opportunity to play again after a really long time and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. We also performed two songs from our latest album. We will perform more of the songs from “Petrolea” on our upcoming tour in autumn and winter, which we all are very much looking forward to.
    Siddharta wishes you a great summer. Take time to relax so you’ll have enough energy for our concerts. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
    See you in September!

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  • Plastika on MTV Europe

    Siddharta, with their latest album "Petrolea", continues quality video production marked by the first video for the song "Plastika". After Plastika's midnight premiering in the beginning of June, it keeps on exciting old and new fans of the group. It will hit the central MTV Adria's chart “Adria Top 20” on the 1st of July.

    Furthermore, Siddharta's musical charge was also recognized on regional MTV's branch MTV Europe which covers an area of numerous, mainly European, countries (amongst those Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovakia, Moldavia, Turkey and Ukraine). Plastika will hit the World Chart Express as new entry this Saturday, the 1st of July, representing Slovenia at place number 9. The show premieres on MTV Europe on Saturday at 9.00CET (reruns on Sunday at 19.00CET and on Friday at 17.00CET). After videos "Rave", "My Dice" and "T.H.O.R.", Siddharta thus successfully continues appearing in the foreign media.

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  • BSplayer - Play with me

    Tomorrow the group Siddharta will start the collaboration with a multimedia player BSplayer. BSplayer is an internationally acknowledged brand which is launching a new version of programme intended for managing and playing multimedia contents (music, video, TV, radio, live-streaming, web cast, etc.) on the market. For the purpose of its promotion, Siddharta has arranged a chorus of the first single from their new album and named it Play with me. With this, the music of Siddharta will be presented to millions of users all over the world and thus helping them with the international recognition.

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  • Plastika on radio and tv stations

    Those that won't be able to join us at the party in Cvetličarna / Media park, will be able to hear our first single from the album Petrolea - Plastika on these radio stations:

    Antena, Belvi, Brežice, Capris, Celje, Center, Energy, Fantasy, Gorenc, Hit, Koroški radio, Kranj, Kum - Trbovlje, Lasser, Maribor, Max, MMR, Moj radio, Morje, Murski val, Orion, Poslovni val, Prlek - Ormož, Prvi program, Ptuj, Rai (Slovene program) RA Trst, Redox, RGL, Robin, Rogla, Salomon, RA SLO prvi program, Slovenia International, Slovenske Gorice, Sora, Studio D, Šport, Triglav - Jesenice, Univox, Urban and Val 202. The new video will be played at midnight on MTV Adria and on Čarli TV right after that.

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  • Siddharta's Petrolea release party

    We've decided to throw a party for the Petrolea album release. This time together with all who are eagerly expecting to hear the first sounds from the upcoming album. We will hear them together for the first time from midnight sharp and up till the morning hours. The party will be held in Ljubljana's Media Park from 9 PM on. Any visitor will be able to buy the album at the very moment of release and see exclusively the new video Plastika, which will be shown for the first time on big screen at the release party. To make the party even better, we've decided there should be no entrance fee. All you need to do is to show up on time. See you there!

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  • Premiere of the new video

    We continued our work across Ljubljana, Trieste and Jesenice, where in the Acroni plant we completed the two-day making of our new video for "Plastika", which will be the first Petrolea single. Petrolea, our new album, will be released on June 4th, 2006.

    We entrusted the video-making to the Testtube team again (director: Luka Lorenci, cameraman Janez Štucin).

    The video being shown on TV screens will go hand in hand with the release of the album, whereas it will premiere exclusively on our web page www.siddharta.net.

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  • Album release

    We are happy to announce the official release date of our new album: June 4th, 2006. We will take this opportunity to throw a small release party, but let's leave that for now.

    Attached you can view the album release ecard and add your address to the mailing list so that you won't miss a thing.

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  • Weeks 10 and 11

    As far as our work for the final product is concerned, we've now had two not too busy weeks. We've completed the mix – finally! This is a part that doesn't depend on us as much as it does on the mix master but in any case we had to be there. When the mix was set, we gave them important guidelines for the finalization of the lot. While the mix master was doing his mixing job, we didn't waste time sitting around but took part of the time to record a few other things that came to mind and will definitely add to the final album look. The rest of the time was used for sightseeing around Hannover and some plain leisure. The weather was great, we were lucky we could use the beautiful days to laze in the many parks here and various sports activities. Let’s brag a bit about our oldest member’s taking part in a local 10-kilometer marathon, which won him a medal.

    There, as far as our work is concerned, this is the end. All that’s left is a weekend in Paris. We’re going there to… enjoy ourselves?? Ah, in our dreams! The album needs to be put through mastering, to the print shop and… see you around next week.

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  • Week 9

    Everything comes to an end eventually and we too have finished the recordings for the album. We spent last week finishing up the vocals and the guitars, adding a few percussions and other sounds to enrich the music. The voices of our guests, the 40-member choir Pomlad, helped out with two of our songs. It was indeed a pleasant experience.

    We took Saturday off and on Sunday we set off to Germany for the mixing session. There's still plenty to be done before the album is ready. We have, however, already chosen a name for it... :)

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  • Week 8

    When making a new album there's much more to be done than just recording the music for the release to be a full package. Therefore last week was the time for the official photo shoot. With the help of our old friends Luka Kaše and Saša Hes various different sets of photos were made in two days. The first reviews were satisfying.

    During the Easter holidays we were supposed to make the video but sadly we had to postpone it due to technical difficulties and lack of time. But we've already set an alternative date and put all fears aside.

    The other half of the week was spent in the studio, adding the finishing touches to the arrangements. It's going to be great...

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  • Photo session

    We just can't seem to be able to find the time to unwind these days. As soon as we had returned from the Novo mesto studio, we set out for a photo session. We entrusted two photographers with the task this time: Luka Kaše, who we visited on Monday, and Saša Hes of the Amater studio, where we spent our Tuesday.

    The photos will be used for the promotion of our new album. But there are some raw samples just for you already in the

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  • Week 7

    We started the week in Ljubljana. There were some errands that required our presence. So we went back to our work only on Wednesday, rested and full of energy. And it showed pretty well in our next days' efficiency. Beautiful weather and the woods around the studio offered an extra creative stimulant.

    And we're going home for the holidays...

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  • Week 6

    Apart from our regular studio work this week we had a special task. On Wednesday we had a visit in the studio from the winners of our little contest. They learned about our studio work, heard the rough mixes of the new songs and got answered their questions... under close watch of MTV Adria's camera. Bojana and Simon thus had to prove themselves as TV hosts as well... there was a little bit of stage fright. In the recording room they kept company to Tomaž, who was working on his part in a song, which poured in him some extra encouragement.

    To rest our ears after hearing one and the same music over and over again (while recording one listens to one and the same track tens of times a day) we went to a Dan D concert in one of the clubs in Novo mesto. It did us good...

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  • Week 5

    After Jure Košir's party in Kranjska Gora we returned to the studio in Novo mesto. We are currently working on the guitar and keyboard arrangements and so not to have only shredding on the album, there'll be some sax too.

    Our studio time is from noon to midnight every day, with some time off for lunch and relaxation in between. We occasionally see a good movie or two, TV series such as Joey, The Simpsons and The Office. A massage does a lot of good. Literally.

    This week we've started with the vocals and the back vocals, slowly bringing our music together to one piece.

    Among other things this week we'll have a visit in the studio from our fans. We'll show them around, have them see how and what we do there. They'll be able to tell you more about that themselves. Until then, keep enjoying the springtime awakening.


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  • Week 4

    This week's slogan could be "slowly but for certain". It is hard to keep up the same zeal all the time and productivity falls. We are still working on the guitars but at the same time editing, amending, adding lines...

    We have to admit you represented us quite decently at the Viktor Awards show and we hope you enjoyed it too... especially the after party, hehe.

    This week we got a visit from the Testtube guys about the video and from Sašo about the CD design... not bad, not bad.... will be quite cute. But let's leave that for a later time.

    We took Saturday off to go to Košir's party in Kranjska Gora... it did us good.

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  • Kranjska Gora - a tribute to Jure Košir

    Saturday, March 25th, 2006 was a day off work as far as studio time goes so we took the opportunity to go to Jure Košir's farewell party in Kranjska Gora.

    In the morning Primož and Tomi participated in the ski legends' giant slalom in the teams of Lasse Kjus and Boris Strel. We have to admit they did rather well.... that is: without falling.

    In the evening we pulled one off by walking to the stage with a rather different version of B Mashina. Instead of Tomaž Humar's speech we used the radio commentary of Jure's first world cup victory by the legendary reporter Franci Pavšer.

    All there's left to say is: Jure, keep up the good and successful career!

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  • Week 3

    After a short break we moved from Dekani to Novo mesto, to the location where we recorded our last album.

    It was time for the guitars. We concentrated on various sounds and accordingly used a number of guitars and amplifiers. The sound we looked for was completely raw and strikes directly into the ear. Equipmentwise we had a little help from our friends, the bands "Dan D", "Srečna mladina" and "Sweet Sorrow".

    The weather went hand in hand with our work by not bestowing too much sunshine upon us so we didn’t feel the urge to go outside but the urge to create. But according to the date this is bound to change soon…

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  • Week 2: Studio Dekani

    On February 26 2006 we finally removed ourselves from the capital and headed for the Coast, Dekani to be exact, the home of Studio Jork. The main reason for our going to Dekani was the start of recording our long-awaited (for us as well) new album, brand new music.

    In the ten exceptionally short days we recorded the drums in whole – this was of course done by Boštjan. We dare pinch in a good word about the results of his good work: the drums sound great, of course in harmony with Jani's favourite instrument, the bass, which added to the perfection of the rhythm section. The lot would never be perfect without the help of our producer Žare.

    We can add to the above the fact that we had great, almost spring-time weather, which could be tasted in our menu, which was taken care of by Primož and Jani.

    On Saturday, March 11 2006 we are moving to Novo mesto, where a little more work needs to be done: guitars, vocals, keyboards and saxes need to be recorded. Until then have fun. You'll hear from us again soon.


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  • Siddharta and Mitsubishi join for safe-driving awareness

    Sometimes we get the feeling that everything has already been said about safety in driving. That everybody knows everything. And that we as individual drivers are always careful enough. For merely caring about our well-being.

    This is why Mitsubishi Motors and Siddharta have joined forces in a project called "Svetovalnica za varno vožnjo" (safe driving advisor). With the wish in mind for all present and future drivers to get all the information and education about safety in driving as well as the latest research findings necessary. Those that exemplify concretely and offer a way of testing our knowledge. And those that keep in mind the practice.

    More info on www.svv.si.

    Here is what the initiators of the project had to say at today's presentation of the Safe-Driving Advisor project:

    "It might come as a surprise for us to go in cooperation with Siddharta but I'm sure in fact it is optimal. Siddharta is a band well recognized and for its social posture highly respected. Many a youth find in them an example of what is to be done, therefore I believe together we can reach what Mitsubishi has always set their goals to when creating automobiles: ensuring the safety of all persons in traffic, be it those behind the wheel or everybody else – pedestrians, bikers and of course other drivers. The primary goal of our project is for every driver who sees Siddharta's Colt CZT on the road to realize how important his or her role is with ensuring safety in traffic. Our long-term goal however is to have the awareness rise at the view of any vehicle," says Andrej Bergant, director of Mitsubishi Slovenia official distributor AC-Konim.

    "Members of Siddharta have decided to take part in such an action of social enlightenment for two reasons. One is that in the past we were contrary to our wishes many times forced to decline many a request for charity appearances and performances. As we feel more socially responsible each time we bring something new to the scene, we decided to go forth with a campaign which will help solve one of the biggest problems today's society faces and which we are in contact practically every single day, a campaign which will improve traffic awareness. The other reason is to be looked for in the response of AC-Konim to our request for sponsorship of our upcoming album. It was quite a surprising response we got from the company: instead of financial means we were offered personal automobiles. At first sight an offer completely unacceptable and causing moral hindrances, it was given a purpose and resulted in the Safe-Driving Advisor project. The level of traffic awareness in Slovenia raises concern about the egocentric-individualist state of mind. Our goal is through our primary mission – music – and ultimately through the recognizability of the Advisor as Siddharta's socially enlightening symbol to help raise the level of traffic awareness on Slovenia's roads," explain Siddharta.

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  • Siddharta nominated for the Viktor award

    This year once again Siddharta have been nominated for the popularity Viktor media award.

    The popularity Viktor is the award voted for by the public, by our fans. We are proud to be nominated and excited about all the support you have given us through all these years. Thank you!

    As we are in the middle of our studio work for the new album, we won't be able to participate in this year's Viktor awards show. We have therefore decided to give our fans an exceptional opportunity: among our most devoted fans we will choose six who will take over our duties for the day in question. We will present them with our nominees' invitations so that they will be able to see the show live and in the event that we win the award, they will even get to go on stage to accept the award on our behalf and give the thank-you speech. We will see how good they will be at answering reporters' questions and after the whole thing they will get to go to the unforgettable party that is sure to last till morning.


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  • Week 1: drum'n'bass days

    We've begun.. finally! Back in the studio, with new materials.

    Starting off are Boštjan and Jani, who have to record the foundations for all the rest of the instruments.

    After the long and painful drum setup and tuning, setting the microphones and wiring the lot to the mixer console, on Tuesday we recorded the first "tracks" of our new album.

    It sounds great... at least these are our first impressions. But anyway, you will probably be able to hear a bit for yourselves soon.

    Until next week a big ROCK'N'ROLL to everyone!!!


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  • What's up?

    There, our dearly beloved... We've been good and the incubation period of our new songs has almost passed. Since last November we've been bursting with activity, turning our rehearsal place into our second home. Well, almost our first home, to be honest. We've lately been going through and working on the final details of the materials, now almost ready to be recorded. We've had occasional visits to our rehearsals by our producer Žare Pak, who threw in some constructive criticism. We can say that we have less than a month before we lock ourselves up in the studio. And hehe - we've had a bit of wind up already.
    This is it for today. The more for real this gets, the more updates you can expect.
    Till next time..

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© Siddharta / Aleksander Remec

Concert in Ljubljana

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For the last show of our Petrolea tour that rocked Slovenia over past few months we chose Ljubljana. It's "our" town, where it all began...from creating first music to first shows in local clubs and pubs. However, we left out the city center and that was now redeemed. The concert took place in the very city center, at Prešernov square. The midday rehearsal already indicated the perfect evening. With the help of all three supporting acts that were joining us on this tour (naio ssaion, Leaf-fat and Tide – thanks to you all!!!) we managed to warm-up over ten thousand people. There is nothing more beautiful and magnificent to a musician than the feeling you get when you see the mass of supporters in front of the stage. It sure was a night to remember. We wish that the up-coming year would be much like this evening...full of joy, satisfaction and pleasure with good music and that we can always rely on you – our trustworthy fans. We love you all and wish you a very happy new year!

Yours Siddharta