• Slovene Army pilots for Siddharta

    This video is a present from Slovene Army pilots to the whole team of the best Slovene band, Siddharta for their great contribution to the popularization of Slovene music.

    Slovene Army pilots

    Slovene Army


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  • MTV EMA 2005, Lisbon

    Our trip began at 7 Monday morning from our base camp (rehearsal place). From there we set off for Venice in our cars, from where at 12:30 we flew off to Lisbon. We landed at 2 PM local time (3 PM Slovenia time) and we settled in our hotel right in the centre of Lisbon and a good hour later we were already strolling through the old town. A whole day's stroll ended in a Halloween celebration in Hard Rock Cafe acroos the street from our hotel.

    We took the next day as well to see a few of the town's sights and to do some shopping. In the evening hours we went to check out the venue in Pavilhao Atlantico. We took a closer look at the grand hall, the stage, the event preparations, the soundcheck and the backstage area with big names on the doors. We did a few interviews and genuinely enjoyed our every minute spent there.

    The last day before the event we met the band Leeloojamais and in a relaxed atmosphere spent with them a pleasant evening exchanging our impressions and feelings about the nomination.

    On Thursday at 5 PM the long-awaited evening began. The MTV music awards show. All ran smoothly and very professionally. Each of the nominees had their own five minutes of fame on the red carpet and ours began at 6 PM. We'd never seen that many reporters and flashlights in one place before. Though we walked in there as an unknown band, at that point we felt like big stars. We were photographed every step of our way and... it was amazing! Before the event we had a few interviews and we met big stars such as Madonna, Serj Tankian (System Of A Down), Foo Fighters, and others.

    We had no knowledge of the exact schedule, we didn't know when our nomination was on so we just relaxed and enjoyed Borat's hosting and the performances of Green Day, Coldplay, the Black Eyes Peas, the Pussycat Dolls... live. And when time came for the official announcement of the award in our category, we were like in a trance. The feelings were indescribable. Joy. We got our first MTV award!

    We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all who gave us your vote and helped make these unforgettable memories. THANK YOU!!!

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  • Siddharta win MTV EMA

    Within MTV's annual European Music Awards show, Siddharta have won the award for best music performer in the territory of MTV Adria. The fan-voted award was presented to the band in Lisbon, the location of this year's show.

    The excited band says that the mere nomination was a great honour in itself but receiving the award has placed a new milestone on their music journey. Siddharta give their regards to all who by giving them your vote made this possible and they promise in no way to rest on their laurels and that there is plenty of fresh Siddharta music yet to come.

    When the band returns from Portugal, a report on the awards show will be published and of course the indispensable video.

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  • Muzikfest, Ljubljana (Gospodarsko razstavišče)

    Friday was a busy day. All the performing bands gathered at Gospodarsko razstavišče in the late morning to go through the final rehearsal before the evening's reality. Compliments to the stage crew for being so organized! Even the final rehearsal went by without any complications whatsoever. We were even ahead of the schedule.

    We took the afternoon time off to have a meal and a short siesta and in the evening we all awaited impatiently the beginning of the show. At 9 PM when the first band was on, the venue was almost full. From the very first sounds of music the audience showed their respect to the legends of Slovene rock and the atmosphere was excellent. Backstage was just the same. Rarely are various musicians so homogenous as they were this Friday. It was great to just sit there and watch the smiling faces. Our time on stage was around 11 PM. We played Neki sladkega and Ring. It went by quickly and smoothly. We recognized some familiar faces from our concerts in the crowd. The last stepped, or rather flew to the stage Big Foot Mama and wrung the audience well in their hour and 15. After the concert there was no lack of fun. It was over, as it should with rockers, in the morning hours. Once again: congratulations to the birthday band and many many more anniversaries like this!

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  • MTV EMA 2005

    We were there too when MTV Adria was launched. The presence of MTV in our region has brought many a good thing, including the opportunity for our artists to compete for the most prestigious European music awards.

    MTV's 40-member panel of jurors called the EMA Academy has chosen 5 finalists among the 23 candidates from our region who made it to the World Chart Express on MTV European between August 2004 and August 2005; these are: Leut Magnetik, Leeloojamais, Urban & 4, Massimo and Siddharta. The winner will be chosen by you and will be presented with the MTV Europe Music Award in the category »Best Act – MTV Adria«.

    Details about the MTV Europe Music Award and the voting can be found here.

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  • Big Foot Siddharta

    We are honoured to have been invited to join our friends Big Foot Mama at the celebration of their 15th anniversary. And such an invitation is not to be turned down. We will bestow the giants of Slovene rock music, who are in a way responsible for all this, by performing in our own way one of the tracks from their wide repertoire.

    Big Foot Mama, happy anniversary and see you at Gospodarsko razstavišče on October 28th!

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  • Siddharta goodies

    While Siddharta members have locked ourselves in the studio in order to record our fourth studio album, our web page is a lively place - with the help of the media and our fans we have been diligently compiling materials such as recordings of interviews and other pieces of radio and TV shows from the very beginning of Siddharta's existence till now.

    The pieces will be added to our page on a daily basis but in the meantime we would like to ask all who might have any recordings that have not been added yet to send them to our address Siddharta, p.o.box 179, 1236 Trzin, Slovenia. After addition to the page these will of course be returned to the sender.

    With these, you will be able to learn even more about Siddharta and even what you might have already forgotten.

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  • Zagreb, Croatia (MTV Adria Launch)

    September 10th. The day when MTV Adria celebrated and announced its broadcast start, both in Ljubljana and Zagreb. We performed in Zagreb, where about 4,000 people showed up.
    Our half-hour performance began at 18:35 sharp but we were all but pleased. There was still daylight plus the arena was not full yet. Our fans thought we would be playing no sooner than 9 PM.

    All in all it was a perfectly done concert, the energy on and before the stage was great.

    Thank you all for the support. We hope we meet again soon.


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  • Trans Slovenia Express Vol. 2

    Today Mute release a follow-up to the 1994's compilation Trans-Slovenia-Express, remakes of Kraftwerk's covers.
    The aim of this new compilation entitled Trans Slovenia Express Vol. 2 was to show what has happened during the 11 years in this small country in the heart of Europe, where the basic aim remained the same: to showcase the Slovene music scene and its diversity.
    The album includes remakes by artists such as Laibach, Silence, The Stroj and others. Siddharta's contribution to the album is their version of Kraftwerk's The Robots.

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  • Concert at Rumena noč (Yellow Night) in Koper, SLO

    At about 1 PM we took off, heading for the coast, Koper to be exact, where we were to perform at the Rumena noč event. The weather was great and so was the atmosphere on the bus, which took us to the location of our performance: Tito Square in Koper, right up to the stage.

    After the sound check we had all the time to check out some other events and concerts, for a dinner and a walk by the sea.

    Our performance began a little after midnight and lasted for a good hour and a half. The full Tito Square and the energetic crowd kept us bursting with energy while playing and keeping the whole square on their feet. With this being the last concert before our holidays, it will stay well-remembered in our memories as it truly was wild, wild!

    Have a great summer and we'll see each other again in the autumn.

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  • Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro (Exit)

    Right upon arrival we were fascinated by the wonderful location in the fortress above the Donava. A huge number of stages, a large variety of music to choose from and a crowd of over 10,000 people all added to the undescribably positive festival atmosphere.
    We had been scheduled to go on stage at 2:25 AM but an hour-long delay was of course inevitable. Though it was an early hour we were awaited by a full auditorium of spectators before the second largest stage of the festival. We received great response from the audience and after the 45-minute performance we left the stage triumphantly.
    Exit left a lasting imprint on us and so - we hope - did we leave one on Exit.

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  • Rock Otočec, Slovenia

    We returned to the place of our first festival performance. After the years 1999, 2000 and 2002 this was our fourth performance at Rock Otočec, however the first at the location where it all began, Otočec itself.
    We arrived at 6 PM and were hit by a problem: our bus was too heavy for the bridge to bear the load. We put our equipment in a van and while it was being taken to the stage, we headed there on foot. It was not far to get to the stage, it was interesting, though. We got a few muddy hugs, stepped into mud a few times up to our knees but finally managed to reach the backstage area.
    It was 10:45 PM and the concert started. After our last big tour across Slovenia in the end of 2003 this was our first performance in the Dolenjsko region. And it showed we'd been absent for quite a while. Both on stage with us doing our best in a powerful performance, as off stage, where we were awaited by a crowd of a few thousand who sang along and jumped to our music.
    It was an amazing atmosphere at Otočec, the only bad impression was left by the location, which served a little too much mud.

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  • Online store update

    In our online store you can now find LED lights in two different sizes and two different colours. Also available as a gift set.
    Click on Store...

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  • Hotel Habakuk, Maribor

    The summer is in full swing. We have had much hard work and have made many important decisions recently. The invitation by the Piše se leto crew and the Habakuk to spend a few days pampering ourselves in the beautiful environment under the Pohorje was more than welcome. So we spent the first half of this week indulging in swimming-pools, saunas, massages, slow food and fresh air, which made us lose the sense of reality for two days. We didn't complain in the least... The active-passive days were made complete by our visits to the Lent festival and time flew by too fast. We were unanimous we had to go back as soon as possible.

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  • Siddharta at the Pohorje Adrenalin Park

    During a short holiday in the beginning of this week, among other things Siddharta took time off to have some fun at the Pohorje Adrenalin Park in Maribor. With the fresh air and summer weather, fun was guaranteed.

    See you again in the winter!

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  • Tabu picnic

    We were again invited to the traditional Tabu picnic in the band's backyard.

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  • Maribor, Slovenia (Piše se leto 2005)

    Maribor. Back in the company of our domestic audience, we were warmly greeted by the Styrians. Together with Magnifico and Six-Pack Čukur we played in Maribor's Ljudski Vrt stadium. We arrived there at about 3 PM and our crew set up the stage. By 9 PM when it started, it was all set.
    The 20-number playlist heated the audience for a good hour and a half. We were impressed by the magnificent view from the stage and we all enjoyed ourselves. Right to the end.

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  • Cologne, Germany (Prime Club)

    After the last show of the tour we're now going back to Ljubljana, filled with new impressions and new experience. We can truly call this a job well done and we can hardly wait for the autumn part of this tour. Thanks to everyone for all the support and danke Deutschland!

    Rock on!

    Siddharta & Crew

    Prime Club

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  • Berlin, Germany (Kato)

    Our 8th show in a row was staged in Berlin, in the Kato club.

    We need to give our compliments to the audience of this show as they managed to turn the overcrowded club into a party place for all. The show lasted a good hour and a half and it was fantastic! There was excitement among us on stage and we could feel it in the audience too. There were some familiar faces in the crowd: devoted Slovene fans, who sang along throughout the show. Let us point out that there were a few people from Poland among the audience, which means our music has reached all the way to the eastern part of Europe.

    After this amazing show and all the interviews, our feelings are extremely positive; we had never had such response from people in Germany. In hope that our last show in Köln builds further on our German successes, we would like to share our joy with all our fans wherever you might be.

    Your one and only Siddharta.

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  • Hamburg, Germany (Grünspan)

    The night in Frankfurt, short as it already was, seemed even shorter when we had to move on to Hamburg at 6 AM. The not-that-cosy journey was over at about 2 PM, when we left our luggage at the hotel and took off for the club. It was written on the front gate that the Beatles, before they became famous, played there... that seemed like an interesting encouragement! The club is located in the middle of Hamburg's red-light district Reeperbahn but we wouldn't allow ourselves to be distracted.

    We had the whole Highway to Kell team over at the show, with Markus in the lead. They sang along to all the numbers as one. Truly amazing! Thanks for all your support!

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  • Frankfurt, Germany (Nachtleben)

    We slept through the journey from Essen to Frankfurt where we were to play tonight. The promoter decided to move the concert to a smaller club in the centre of Frankfurt. At the same time we were told that we were getting a new bus but it would only be there in the evening, after the concert. We had breakfast and walked our way to the centre.

    There was a slight delay to the sound check but when we got around to it, we did great as usual and we were quick. We had dinner and at 10 PM we began our fifth show. For the first five numbers it was as great as always but then we started to feel the shortage of oxygen in the club. Our concentration dropped and we really struggled through the rest of the show. But we did it and the crowd was as excited as we were.

    And now hop on the bus and to the hotel. From there we are moving on to Hamburg at 6:30 in the morning.

    See you tomorrow!

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  • Essen, Germany (Zeche Carl)

    After a night-long Risk game we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. Part of our team took the subway to the Essen centre, while others travelled to Düsseldorf, a half-an-hour-drive journey from Essen to the NBC Giga TV station. We had and interesting live coverage and a video presentation with nice hostesses and host. Upon our return we sat down on the club terrace to have dinner, which somehow hadn't turned out the way it should have.

    There was a large crowd before the stage we stepped on at 9:15 PM. Again a great crowd and we dare say we are getting better and more sovereign with each concert. The energy within the team is still unbelievably high in positivity and we are very much looking forward to our last night on our first nightliner on the way to Frankfurt.

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  • Bielefeld, Germany (Forum)

    Day five of our tour began with our arrival in Bielefeld on a clear, beautiful morning, which soon turned into a stormy afternoon with heavy rain. During the sound-check preparations we kept ourselves busy with various sports activities (badminton, running, table football). Today we had a cook, who was hired just for us, make a delicious lunch right there in front of us. We have been more than satisfied with both the food and the service on this tour. At 10 PM the concert started. The audience of a little over 50 people agreed with us that it was again a great concert. We signed a few autographs for our new fans and gave a few interviews. The evening ended up in a pleasant party in the morning hours.


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  • Weinheim, Germany (Café Central)

    After a day off we moved on to Weinheim, the next stop on our German tour. Weinheim is a small town close to the French border and gives a somewhat peaceful first impression. We played in a club called Café Central, which is probably the smallest venue of all on this tour. Though there were not that many visitors to the concert, being Monday and all, we played with full dedication and with full power. With each concert we seem to be more consistent with one another.
    Our compliments to the club promoter for all the support and great food...

    Keep on rockin'!

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  • Day off!

    It is our day off today. Tomorrow the tour continues in Weinheim.

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  • Munich, Germany (Backstage)

    We were already parked at the door of the Backstage Club when we awoke. Just one look at the venue -- it was very promising. And the promises became reality. The hall with a spacious stage, a comfy backstage and a selection of catering items to choose from. During the sound-check and the concert itself we were really pleased with the sound; it lifted the spirits on stage, as well as in the not-exactly-full club. Due to a celebration of two of our team members' birthdays the evening became the morning...

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  • Karlsruhe, Germany (Substage)

    After a ride of almost 12 hours we arrived in a town called Karlsruhe. This was our first opportunity of going on tour with a nightliner. To say a few words about the bus: downstairs there's a "living room", kitchen, TV sets, "dining room" and a lavatoty. Upstairs is a place for sleeping or resting.

    In the afternoon we had a sound-check and dinner afterwards. The concert started at 9:20 PM and we did a pretty good job at enlivening the audience. After the encore we met the fans from Germany and of course from Slovenia. We were again surprised to see Slovene fans, who came to our concert all the way from Luxembourg.

    Our compliments to the organizers of the concerts and the club staff.

    From our biggest German tour, in hope to see you soon,

    your Siddharta

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  • Journey to Germany

    Day 1 of our German tour began with leaving Ljubljana at 1:30 AM. On our way to the first concert place in Karlsruhe we got to experience the luxury of travelling with a nightliner, which will be our home for the duration of the tour. We arrived in Karlsruhe at 2 PM, the concert starts at 9:15. The atmosphere in the team is fantastic. It has started!!!

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  • Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig, Germany

    Friday 13th began with our departure from Ljubljana in the early morning, only this time there was a slight delay. It took us approximately 13 hours to get to Leipzig and to make it a perfect Friday 13th, a traffic jam slowed us down even more. To cut it short, we arrived in Leipzig exactly half an hour before our show, which was to last 45 minutes. That gave us a good half an hour long concert, energetic to the fullest as we played full power numbers only. We can brag about playing on the biggest stage of this three-day-long "gothic" festival, the visitor capacity of which can be up to 300,000. We are very satisfied with the concert. The audience sang along and went wild together with us, though it was the first time to hear us for most of them. But we received a huge round of applause at the end and heard shouts of words like "Zugabe", which means encore. We hope to have even more reactions like this in the future.

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  • New photo gallery

    Photos have been added to our web page. The new includes all the old photos and some new ones. If among these you come across photos taken by yourself, you are kindly asked to tell us about this via email info@siddharta.net so that we can edit the photo details respectively. You are also welcome to send in any of your photos you feel are of good enough quality to be added to the gallery and you wish to share them with us.

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  • Official online store

    The latest album "Rh- + DVD (special edition)" can be bought through our online store. Read more about the album under Store at our web page or click here http://store.siddharta.net.

    Audio CD contents:
    01. Rh- (intro)
    02. Japan
    03. My Dice
    04. Insane
    05. Sim Hae
    06. Kloner
    07. Rooskie
    08. Rave
    09. Rain
    10. Core
    11. T.H.O.R.
    12. You Betray
    13. Venom E
    14. Marslander
    15. Etna

    Bonus DVD contents:
    Interview with the band (approx. 1 hour)
    Rave (English video version 2005 and making of the video)
    Insane (English video version 2005 and making of the video)
    My Dice (English video version 2005)
    Japan (live) (recorded at the Ljubljana stadium concert)
    T.H.O.R. (live) (recorded at the Ljubljana stadium concert)
    Etna (live) (recorded at the Ljubljana stadium concert)
    Concert photos and band photos

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  • Fourth Viktor added to the collection

    At tonight's Viktor 2004 show Siddharta were awarded their fourth Viktor, the public-awarded Band-of-the-year Viktor. At this occasion Siddharta complimented all the bands who helped raise the quality level of Slovene music in the past year. They didn’t neglect expressing their thanks to all who have stood by them and made them stronger.

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  • Siddharta's first decade

    It's been ten years exactly since Siddharta's first concert at the Šentvid High School in Ljubljana. Forty spectators overcrowded the band's practice place while witnessing an hour and a half of beginner rock n' roll, yet one could already feel the raw energy that still marks their live performances.
    Happy anniversary, guys!

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  • Rh- Special Edition

    In the end of March (21st March 2005) Siddharta are releasing their Rh- Special Edition album. The audio CD will include 14 tracks in the English language. Besides that, the package will contain a DVD with band photos, making of the videos, videos, live footage from the Ljubljana Stadium concert and an hour-long interview with the band. A special treat for all the fans of Siddharta and their music. The Rh- album will be released in Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and in Croatia.

    This occasion will also be marked by the introduction of Siddharta's new official web page located at www.siddharta.net and the official forums in Slovene, English, Polish and German.

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  • The Highway to Kell festival, Germany

    We left Ljubljana on Friday evening at about 8:30 and set off to the northern part of Germany. The bus ride took all night and we arrived in Kell at about 10 AM. Some of us took some time before lunch to rest, the others went for a short walk through the town called Kell.

    Among other things we checked the venue: the sports hall where the evening concert was to take place. Everything was in full swing there, the stage was being built and the room prepared for the arrival of the 1,500 fans of two bands: a local rock band and Siddharta.

    After lunch the time came for the sound check, which went by without a single problem so we lingered no more but returned to the hotel for some rest and relaxation before the evening event.

    We walked on stage at about 11 PM and took the heated-up audience through our music. The audience gave us a heartily welcome and cheered loudly right to the end.

    The feeling after the concert was great but neither that nor the concert promoters' pile of congrats could delay our departure at 3:30 AM for the long journey back to Ljubljana awaited.

    Again we have to thank our Slovene fans for paying a visit to us in Kell. We are also truly grateful to our loyal concert crew, without whom we could not be able to do what we do. Warm thanks to all!

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  • Concert in Kranjska Gora

    Both for Pokal Vitranc World Cup and us this was the first time music and sports joined hands. At the very beginning of the concert preparations we knew already this one was going to be something special. Special for sports, skiing and Pokal Vitranc, special for music and Siddharta, special for all, fans and non-fans who visited the concert. This is how it was...
    We arrived in Kranjska Gora late Friday night, it was freezing outside so we just rushed into our hotel-rooms. The first view through the window got us in a good mood: the ski slope and under in the lit-up stage. We took a short while to check the room where we were to prepare for the concert the next day and to which we brought our equipment before we snuggled in bed.
    There was a delay in the morning which allowed us to take time and watch the second run of the giant slalom, unfortunately only on TV. After the race, when we had performed the sound check, we could hardly wait for the clock to show 5:30 when our concert started.
    It was 10 degrees below zero and both we on stage as over 7,000 spectators warmed our bodies during the an hour and 15 minutes long concert singing and jumping. After the concert we were awarded with a grand applause. The view from the stage at that point was magnificent.
    It is amazing to perform open-air, in the middle of winter at freezing temperature and before that huge a crowd. We could tell that people missed something else beside the ski race and that was the fun, which we helped provide. We hope to do it again.

    P.S. We watched the race again the next day and cheered for our skiers. It was exciting, even more so because we were there, under the slopes in the finish arena.

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  • Happy 2005!

    A year has gone by, with joy we await the new. There are no more borders, yet many more milestones... let 2005 be as full of them as possible!


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Slovene Army pilots for Siddharta

| 10 pictures

This video is a present from Slovene Army pilots to the whole team of the best Slovene band, Siddharta for their great contribution to the popularization of Slovene music.

Slovene Army pilots

Slovene Army