• Rh- re-released

    After a year the doors outside Slovenia are opening. We hereby announce the release date of the international version of the Rh- album in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: 21st March 2005.

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  • Concert in Ljubljana - #2


    Friday’s concert in Ljubljana will remain in our minds, written in capitals.

    The unbelievable energy, which tore the heated atmosphere in the hall, was a clear and convincing proof that our fans, our audience, our friends have got what it takes. It is almost impossible to imagine having completed this year’s concerts in a better way.

    It has given us, Siddharta a push for our further work greater than ever. So thank you once again to all of you who have given us your support throughout the years, to all who joined us in the five concerts across Slovenia to share with us the demolishing energy and emotions.

    The night after Friday’s concert many a toast was proposed to YOU.

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  • Concert in Ljubljana - #1

    In accordance to it being a Thursday and their average age, the cold Ljubljana audience reflected the characteristics of the promising concert hall just renovated.
    One of the greatest stage benefits is turning the cold into warmth, warmth into heat, and heat into energy, which is then passed on and off stage between the band and the audience. Thank you for being susceptible, thank you for accepting, thank you for being you.

    There was heat in the air on Thursday.

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  • Concert in Kranj

    I don't know what to say. I really don't know what to say!

    The audience in Kranj has never let us down. The overcrowded Dom Krajanov Primskovo in Kranj was like one. Energy, music and emotions overwhelmed every single soul in there. The setlist of twenty-seven songs was one of the longest in the history of Siddharta concerts. Yet the concert was over in a flash.

    Afterwards a few words with the fans, a beer or two and back home. But the music remained in our ears. After all, the hall stood up to as much PA as the stadium.

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  • Statistics

    Today around noon time our web page counter stopped at 500,000 visitors since 25th June 2003. The busiest day ever was 15th September, just two days after the sold-out stadium concert, while on 3rd January 2004 we had a crowd of as many as 96 S.A.M.O. users on board our official forum, which has today been online for two years precisely.

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  • Concert in Maribor – #2

    Štuk is one of those halls we always love to return to for the great atmosphere and sound but most of all for the audience of high spirits, which once again gave us strong support.
    This time we put emphasis on our older songs, which had been altered a bit in the last few weeks and given new life. We feel Thursday's concert was a bit more relaxed, Friday's a bit more perfected as the technical part and the sound goes.
    In expectation of the concerts to come...

    Rock on!

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  • Concert in Maribor – #1

    On Thursday 25th November we left Ljubljana for our mini tour of five concerts across Slovenia, starting in Maribor. The five concerts are mostly dedicated to our dearest (our fans), whom we give credit for making Siddharta what it is today – for helping the band's door to the world's music industry open.
    Our first concert took place at Štuk, Maribor and it was sensational. When after almost a year of no performances before domestic audience you step on stage again, you realize how much it really means to you. And then you see a room full of people who are there just to hear you. The concert thus turns into a party, perfect, almost magical, on and off stage.
    The almost two and a half hour long concert filled us with the energy to party on with our dearest fans until late night hours and into the next morning, packed with excitement about the evening concert, once again at Štuk.

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  • Concert in Poland

    We departed from Ljubljana at 2 PM on Friday and we were in for a long trip. As usual another movie marathon made it endurable: we saw as many as six films. Some gave up and fell asleep in between, some kept up to the end. Perhaps we never thought the journey would take that long after all.
    We arrived in Zabrze at 4 o'clock on Saturday morning. Most of us took a nap, the rest went for a short walk. For all it was but a short break. We got up at half past 9, had breakfast and at noon we were on our way to the Home of Music and Dance. On entering the hall resembling the Gallus Hall in Ljubljana Cankarjev Dom and knowing that a symphony orchestra is to perform before us, the image of the 2002 Križanke concert, where we first played with a symphony orchestra, came to our minds.
    After the soundcheck we had lunch in a near-by restaurant, where we were served traditional Polish food.

    At 7 PM it all started. First the symphony orchestra and our turn at half past 9. It was just as it always is. We walked on the stage full of energy and began playing. Japan, Rooskie, Rave, etc. Something was different though. The audience was different from Ljubljana though. They were more into the symphony orchestra performance; they were somewhat taken aback by our music and our performance. But we never lost heart and we brought the performance to a successful end. And it turned out that we broadened people's horizons. For most of the audience this was the first concert of this kind and-- They showed unbelievable enthusiasm over our music. We could see it from track to track and until the last beat, after which we were given a huge round of applause.

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  • Concert dates 2004

    Siddharta are announcing a few smaller concerts across Slovenia, with which by the end of this year they will try to grant their devoted fans' wish for live performances of some of their older tracks, which last year's Rh- Tour left somewhat neglected. At the same time these will quench Siddharta's thirst for live performances before their home audience, who throughout the years have shown great fondness and offered strong support of the band. Due to accelerated promotion of Siddharta's latest album abroad, these will probably offer some rare opportunities of hearing Siddharta perform their older materials, some performed in a manner slightly different to what we have been used to.
    Concert dates:
    25th November 2004, Maribor / Štuk
    26th November 2004, Maribor / Štuk
    4th December 2004, Kranj / Primskovo
    9th December 2004, Ljubljana / Cvetličarna – Media Park
    10th December 2004, Ljubljana / Cvetličarna – Media Park
    Ticket price in advance sale: 3,000 SIT, on the day of the concert: 3,600 SIT.
    The tickets will be on sale from 11th November 2004 at the stores listed below:
    Maribor: dm - drogerie markt, Europark, 18, Pobreska St., 2000 Maribor and at the Štuk cashier's
    Kranj: dm - drogerie markt, ONC, 71, Stane Zagar St., 4000 Kranj
    Ljubljana: dm - drogerie markt, Citypark, 152 g, Smartinska St., 1000 Ljubljana

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  • Online store update

    Two new products have been added to our online store: the keychain and new T-shirts. Both products proudly bear the new Siddharta logo. Old T-shirts will only be available until sold out.

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  • ...after the documentary...

    On 13th September the public was shown the premiere of Siddharta's documentary movie in the Kolosej cinema building in Ljubljana. As we walked in, we were awaited by quite a bunch of fans, obviously quite eager to see the movie as it was our first documentary and for that reason perhaps even more personal.
    It feels great to see how important through all these years we have been for these people, how much hard work has been done and will yet have to be done to reach the goal we all believe in: belonging to the very top of the world's music scene. :)
    We noticed familiar faces from Ljubljana the next day in Maribor and Celje, some in Koper as well, where the documentary presentation concluded on 15th September.
    A sincere thank you to all the fans who believe in us.

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  • Siddharta on music TV stations and in the cinema

    Siddharta meets great response and strong support from music TV stations across Europe
    On Monday 13th September, MTV European will introduce Siddharta's latest video in their 'MTV New' show. On top of that, Siddharta have been chosen as 'Artist of the Week' and the presentation of the band will be up on MTV's web page www.mtv.tv. Hence Siddharta's presentations will join those of the world-famous bands like Metallica, Maroon 5, Lenny Kravitz, Dido, Prince, and others.
    From 20th September the video will be aired on domestic, as well as other significant European music TV stations: MTV (France, Germany, Holland, Nordic, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain), Viva (Germany, Poland, Plus) and VH1.
    All attending the premiere of Siddharta's documentary as a part of the event in Ljubljana will have the unique opportunity of seeing the new video on big screen in a live transmission of the MTV European programme.
    The documentary movie will be shown in the Kolosej cinema buildings:
    on 13th September at 5 PM in Ljubljana
    on 14th September at 5 PM in Maribor
    on 14th September at 7 PM in Celje
    on 15th September at 5 PM in Koper

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  • The Ring / My Dice video premiere

    On Monday, 13th September, a year after the big Ljubljana stadium concert, the fourth video from the Rh- album will be aired as world premiere. For their latest single Siddharta have chosen their song My Dice, which has been made a video in two versions, an English and a Slovenian one.
    The English version entitled My Dice will premiere on MTV European in the 'MTV New' show, which presents the latest videos in the world production. From Thursday, 16th September, the video will be put on power rotation in the 'Super Rock' show, which is dedicated to rock music lovers and is on every Thursday at 11 PM.
    The Slovenian version, Ring will premiere on Saturday, 18th September in the 'World Chart Express' show, whereas from Monday 20th the video will be aired on all other TV stations.

    Both versions of the video, Ring and My Dice will, of course, be available on Siddharta's web page www.siddharta.net.

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  • New S.A.M.O. skin

    A year after the release of the special-edition album Rh- the so-called Bloodbag, which stopped by music stores across Slovenia for a short while, we gave S.A.M.O. forum a brand new, bloody look: the Rh- Bloodbag Skin.

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  • One year of Rh-

    It has been a year to the day since Siddharta released their third studio album 'Rh-', which was sold in both Slovenian and English versions. The latter was a limited edition and was packed in a bloodbag; it was sold out in a matter of days.
    During this last year Siddharta have achieved and surpassed many an important goal and have won several awards, e.g. the Viktor award for Band of the Year, the Viktor award for Special Achievements, the Slovenian Radio Festival award (best song by the choice of radio editors: Insane) and the highest possible recognition of sales in Slovenia, the Diamond Record, for over 25,000 copies of 'Rh-' sold. The bloodbag packaging itself is not far behind on the awards list. It has won the Golden Drum Silver Drumstick and the Slovenian Advertising Festival Grand award. The Magdalena Festival awarded it the Golden Bra award for creativity. Lately it has been entered into the Cresta designer and advertising awards program shortlist of finalists.
    Until now the album has produced three singles (Rave, Insane, and T.H.O.R.), which all met an outstanding response from the listeners and for which Siddharta have made videos, which have also been shown on some foreign TV stations.
    The band of course is not standing still. In the next few weeks Rh-'s fourth single will swarm radio stations. A video for it has already been made and will soon be up for viewing at the band's web page www.siddharta.net.
    In addition, the great Ljubljana concert anniversary is approaching, which the band is about to celebrate in a thoroughly exceptional way.

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  • Siddharta live

    In the almost 10-year-long history of Siddharta announcing the band's concerts / performances or merely appearances at certain events without prior final agreement has oftentimes been abused by the event promoters or their agents. By doing that, they undertook actions with which at the expense of Siddharta they were unfairly provided with additional sponsors and moreover they mislead Siddharta's fans and listeners by advertising bogus performances.
    We would like to once again remind our fans that the up-to-date announcements of all our events and concerts can be found on our web page www.siddharta.net.

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  • Bloodbag makes it to the Cresta short-list

    Siddharta's special-edition CD bloodbag package has been entered to the Cresta short-list of finalists. Cresta is the world's toughest and most prestigious designer and advertising awards program and if the bloodbag, designed by Sašo Dornik and the Ventilator group, wins this award, it will be its fourth, probably the highest possible award for his highly creative packaging design.

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  • Top selling award for Rh-

    Menart Records have presented to their bands achievements and popularity awards. Siddharta have won the highest possible recognition of sales in Slovenia named a Diamond record.

    Siddharta wish to express their deep gratitude to their devoted fans for all the support the band has received from them.

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  • Europa XXL festival cancelled

    Due to a tragic accident, in which the bass player of the Latvian band Brainstorm was killed, the Europa XXL festival, which was to be held in Duisburg, Germany on 13th June, has been cancelled.

    Siddharta wish to express their deepest condolences to Brainstorm for the sad loss.

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  • On-line store

    New to our web page: an online shop selling all our CDs, T-shirts and posters through the “mimo vrste” system. Our products can now be bought from anywhere, charged on your credit card and delivered by DHL to your door anywhere around the world.

    Click on 'Store'

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  • Bloodbag wins yet another award

    This year's Magdalena, international festival of creative communications, that took place in Maribor, Slovenia, recognized Siddharta's Rh- blood bag unique design.
    The international jury awarded the design perfection with the first prize in the category of Other means of communication, Golden bra award. Sašo Dornik and the Ventilator group that produced the Rh- limited edition package, therefore place another award on their shelves. Accompanied by the Golden drum's Silver drumstick award and the Slovene advertising festival Grand Prix award it will be an additional motive for their future creative surpluses.

    Golden bra

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  • Concert in Zagreb (CRO)

    The long-awaited Tvornica, a spot Ljubljana can only dream of. May this dream finally come true!
    A magnificent view from the stage on the auditorium. Semicircular in shape. No intimacy-providing dividing barriers under it. The curtains promising a good sound. The lights set on calm when enjoying and on wild when shaking. The only thing missing was the crowd – who and how many.
    Off to the stage, Rh- poured into Japan and into two hours of stirring the feelings of our Slovene and more and more dedicated Croatian listeners. All for us, for others three quarters of the crowd. Right up to the bis, to the Apocalypse in tension and heat.
    After the concert a pleasant surprise from our S.A.M.O. fans: a cake with Nord album motif on the sides. Some sort of quasi-separation of the fans and the band soon ended up in a common mingling and autograph-signing in the auditorium, handily transformed into a dance floor.

    A concert is never merely our own, we craft it together – we on stage and you under it. Bravo. Thank you.

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  • Concert in Mursko Središče (CRO)

    This was Siddhartas first Rh- appearance in Croatia. A crowd of over 1,500 exceeded our expectations, which ultimately grew to the atmosphere we were used to at home in Slovenia.

    The presence of our devoted Slovene fans added to many a chorus being backed up by the audience. This left an imprint even better with our southern neighbours. After a long time a slot in the almost two-hour-long concert opened for Stipe.

    The concert was for us generally a good start and a positive push in the promotion of our music outside our homeland.

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  • Concert in Prague (CZ)

    We took off at 4 AM. Normally this is the time we return from our gigs but on that night it was when we left. It meant we had a long way ahead of us. And we did.

    We arrived in Prague at 4 PM and it took us another hour to find our hotel. We took a quick shower and left for the venue, which was on one of the ten islands on the Vltava River.

    At 8 PM we had an hour's time to prepare for the concert, including setting up the stage equipment and at 9 our music broke out in full. We played 13 numbers, mostly from the Rh- and Nord albums. The concert was – as usual – an energetic one and I believe convincing enough for all who came to hear us play despite the rain.

    After the concert we took some time to see the sights of Prague but soon we were off to bed and on the next morning on our way back to Ljubljana.

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  • New photos (Tomo Brejc)

    Photos by , taken last week, have been added to the photo gallery.
    Styling: V.o.o.d.o.o.
    Hairstyling: Salon Mali, Ljubljana.

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  • S.A.M.O. interview

    We took a little time to answer some of the questions asked by our devoted fans from S.A.M.O. forum -- the official Siddharta forum found at http://www.siddharta.net/samo

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  • New wallpapers

    We have added new wallpapers, sent in by Tanja Zrinski.

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  • New photos (Aleš Bravničar)

    We have added some photos taken at the Ljubljana Opera house.
    Photo: Aleš Bravničar

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  • Viktor awards

    Today the 2003 Viktor media awards were presented: Siddharta won two - the Popularity Viktor and the Viktor presented by the panel of expert judges.
    The public voice brought Siddharta the title 'Music performer of the year 2003' and a confirmation of the success the band has achieved with the release of their third album Rh-, the sold-out stadium concert and a smashing tour which followed.

    The panel of experts awarded the band another Viktor, the Special Achievements Viktor for 2003. Siddharta took the opportunity to thank all who helped them out to bring the huge Bežigrad stadium concert project to life.

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  • Blood Bag wins SOF

    The Grand award of the 13th Slovene Advertising Festival (SOF) in the category of miscellaneous means of advertising (packaging and sales place decoration) went to Siddharta's special-edition Rh- cover designer Sašo Dornik and the Ventilator group. The cover of the limited-edition album (1,500 copies only) was designed as a transfusion bag; the album was sold from special transfusion hangers. In its rival group the cover was awarded the main award, the Grand SOF award.
    Siddharta wish to congratulate Sašo and his team. Way to go!


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  • Bleiburg, Austria

    We made some noise again. This time in Austria's Carinthia.

    We left early in the morning as before the soundcheck we had a pile of interviews scheduled. The "Culture Home" in Bleiburg has a wonderful and very accoustic hall with a big stage and we had no problem fitting all our stuff up there.

    We came on stage a little after 10 PM. We spotted many familiar faces in the front rows. What followed was two hours of rock n' roll, going wild on and off stage. We got back that stage feeling we really had missed. And the atmosphere. And the fans.

    We took a quarter of an hour off to change and breath in some fresh air, and then members of our S.A.M.O. forum and a few other fans joined us backstage. By the way: they hired a bus to come to Bleiburg. They created a great atmosphere there too. They congratulated Alf, Tomi and Primož for their birthdays and presented us all with S.A.M.O. keychains. Thanks again to all! We are proud to have fans like you are...

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  • MTV Europe

    MTV Europe approached Siddharta with a request to use their song 'Ring' (from the Rh- album) as the title music for MTV Europe's new chart show called the Rock Charts. Siddharta gladly accepted the proposal and now you can watch the Rock Charts two times a week, scheduled in prime time on Sunday and Tuesday at 19.00 (CET).

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  • Trans Slovenia Express

    Trans Slovenia Express is a compilation of various artist performing Kraftwerk songs. Artist like Laibach, Coptic Rain and Random Logic took part in this project.The album was released by Mute Records in 1994. Thesedays the sequel is in the making. Siddharta will be contributing their vision of Kraftwerk's The Robots. More updates coming soon.

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  • SRF

    Siddharta's song Insane has been presented the Slovenian Radio Festival (SRF) award as over 40 Slovenian radio stations' music editors agreed it was the best of the best.


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  • Be creative...

    While we are taking time off to make new plans, you are invited to join in on an interesting project: creating artwork of any kind, as long as it has to do with the theme of Siddharta.
    Jure Vukovič has sent us an Rh- wallpaper.
    You are welcome to send in anything from wallpapers, skins, icons, ecards... anything that comes to your mind. The only condition is that it sticks to the theme and does not exceed the size of 5 MB.

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© Siddharta

Rh- re-released

After a year the doors outside Slovenia are opening. We hereby announce the release date of the international version of the Rh- album in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: 21st March 2005.