• Concert in Postojna, Slovenia

    Despite different conditions (a different PA system, other performing artists) we staged one of the last concerts in the concert string of the Rh- tour very well. The performance was a bit shorter this time, but no less energetic.

    Merry Christmas!

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  • Concert in Prevalje, Slovenia

    Even this happens sometimes: in the middle of Kloner the power went out in the venue. But it motivated us and the audience even more. Together we were even louder and more powerful. The more the end of the tour comes closer, the more energetic our performances are. We are now facing a long way home. And tomorrow we are off to Kranj.

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  • Concert in Ptuj, Slovenia

    One of the last concerts in the Styrian end of Slovenia... and we were right to have looked forward to it. Amazing audience and great sound - that is all we need and that is exactly what happened. Despite the long journey and the early departure from Ljubljana we never regretted a single second. An acoustic hall, loud fans and a powerful performance filled us with the energy to last long into the night.

    A concert goes by but the memories remain! Forever...

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  • Concert in Vrhnika, Slovenia

    Stepping towards the stage, a huge round of applause brings a smile, I catch the eyes of all band members, they say this will be a good show.

    Correction.... not good, this was the best one we've had on this tour by now. The moments of dizziness were the peak of the heated atmosphere in the Vrhnika sports hall.

    And at the very end presents from members of the one and only S.A.M.O. forum. Thank you all very much!

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  • Concert in Velenje, Slovenia

    Velenje has never let us down and this time in the renovated Red Hall was no exception. We had some trouble with the sound, true, as the hall is a bit ungrateful in that regard but the hall being filled with energetic audience pushed the unpleasant fact aside immediately.

    An unforgettable evening, filled with energy, heat and loud rock n' roll.

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  • T.H.O.R. video

    The new video for the song T.H.O.R. - live from the concert in Ljubljana.

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  • Concert in Sežana, Slovenia

    We will remember this concert for great organization, the fantastic response from the audience, a full venue and more. The hall was acoustic enough for us to feel great on stage and the chit-chat with the fans lasted long till the morning hours.

    Way to go Sežana!

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  • Concert in Brežice, Slovenia

    Brežice. A smoothly run two-hour-long show before a big audience, full of energetic euphory and playful. Just like with skaters dancing on icy surface, where you can feel and hear the friction between the ice and the skates, it can be felt when we play before any audience where the various sensuous emotions come together and bind us together in one single whole.

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  • Concert in Litija, Slovenia

    In the acoustically best venue by now we could hear a huge round of applause in the darkness of the first chords. A smile on our faces foretold two hours of pure positive energy transfer in both ways: off the stage and back again.

    I'm sitting here now back stage thinking what to write about how it was.... and I've decided not to tell you. Come and feel for yourself!

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  • Concert in Nova Gorica, Slovenia

    Šempeter near Nova Gorica. We are used to slightly delayed shows in the Primorsko regions of Slovenia and so today we started the show no sooner than 9:30 PM. A cosy ambiance, not windy this time, fell to the sovereign vibrations of the audience of over two thousand after a concert of over two hours. Our fans here are a demanding audience and we will love to come back to heat them up again.

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  • Concert in Novo mesto, Slovenia

    Back in Novo mesto after a long time... nostalgia and pleasant memories. We were not distracted by the full moon nor by the "funny" service in the near-by pizzeria. The organizers in Dolenjsko have outdone themselves and it was like playing at home. The sold-out Marof hall charged our batteries and the night became the morning..

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  • Concert in Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia

    Halloween... it went by without witches but it felt like magic nevertheless. We played the premiere performance of Venom E and had a thrilling acceptance of it. Almost 3,000 amazingly loud fans, both young and a bit older, concluded their evening after a two-hour show. Boštjan was well again and for Novo mesto we are announcing a new premiere.

    See you around!

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  • Concert in Murska Sobota, Slovenia

    At 9 PM in Murska Sobota freezing cold dragged us on the so far smallest stage in a hall. The heated audience of Prekmurje was braver, at least as far as the girls are concerned. Boštjan was still forced to play with a high temperature.

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  • Concert in Ajdovščina, Slovenia

    At 9 PM strong wind blew us to the widest hall stage so far, in Ajdovščina. It was the first time we tested how bold the girls are in various towns in Slovenia. Among the crowd of 2,000 barely a girl had the courage to take off her shirt for the competing photo. Boštjan was ill and had to play with a high temperature of 40 C and was brought to the venue later and taken home back to bed immediately after the concert.

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  • Concert in Domžale, Slovenia

    The soundcheck went by with no trouble at all... it was all set in less than an hour. While waiting for the concert to start we sat in a bar near-by and cheered for our football team. During the show of our opening act, Plan B, we were told that the power went out on the stage and we were somewhat worried if our instruments would work properly, especially the keyboards. But there was no need to worry... we were to have a truly unforgettable show.

    Domžale was loud!

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  • Concert in Zagorje ob Savi, Slovenia

    Before the soundcheck we had a few radio interviews scheduled. The doors opened at 6 PM already and the opening act went on at 7. We took our positions at 8:30 and remained there for two hours. Afterwards our fans joined us backstage. We had a few talks and signed a few autographs. We believe everyone was satisfied.

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  • Golden Drum

    Today, 10th annual Golden Drum - Advertising Festival of the New Europe - www.goldendrum.com - awards went to the best in the advertising business.
    In the category of 'Print media' Siddharta's limited-edition album Rh- CD cover was awarded a Silver Drumstick. The award went to the cover's designer Sašo Dornik (Ventilator).
    The cover of the limited-edition (1,500 copies only) album Rh- is designed as a transfusion bag and was sold from transfusion hangers.

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  • Concert in Bled, Slovenia

    The Ice Hall in Bled may be freezing but when 4,500 eager fans fill it, the heat soon goes up to the boiling point. Watching fans go wild before the stage is inspiring! Two hours of wild partying tired us down pretty well but we were still up to meeting the fans and after a third concert in a row to having the earned drink in a near-by club. A beautiful and sunny day was over early next morning.

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  • Concert in Koper, Slovenia

    After the soundcheck we had a few interviews and then waited for our moment in the pleasant coast climate. At 20:45 we took our position on the stage and did what we like doing most.... live shows rule! The sound on stage was great and accordingly, such was also our energy. The audience didn't hold back either... with the 4,000 voices we almost couldn't get a sound in edgeways.

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  • Concert in Maribor, Slovenia

    There... the first in the row is behind us. Maribor. The Tabor hall. A crowd of 5,000 people. Our audience keeps surprising us over and over again. They are an indefinite source of first-class and most pure energy. Fantastic! We stepped on the stage at 8 PM and offered a two-hour rock n' roll experience. It ran like a well-oiled machine. After the concert we signed a few autographs, toasted to a great concert and waved goodby smilingly to the Styrian capital.

    Moving on tomorrow.... we will go wild, go wild!

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  • Concert Photos

    Photos from the Ljubljana Stadium concert have been added to the photo gallery.
    Photos by: Tomaž Košir & Stane Sršen, Memento Agency

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  • Siddharta 99-02

    Today a selection of Siddharta tracks from the years 1999 to 2002 has been released with our former record company, Multimedia Records. It is an independent project of Multimedia Records, in which Siddharta took no part. In this respect we wish to tell you that Siddharta's views mostly point to the future, to projects, from which much quality music should sprout. At this time we are not considering looking back to the past in the form of releases of anthologies, best-of editions, etc. We believe the time for such editions is not right. This is why the mentioned project of Multimedia Records DOES NOT HAVE OUR SUPPORT. We do not consider this project one of Siddharta's projects but rather a way of exploiting the band's popularity, especially following the successful concert at Ljubljana's Central Stadium on 13th September 2003.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    We are happy to announce that the September 13th 2003 concert at the Ljubljana Stadium has officially been sold out.

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  • Concert in Ljubljana

    All working on the project of Siddharta and Symphony Orchestra concert in Ljubljana on 13th September, 2003 wish to inform you that the concert has almost been sold out. Some advance sale vendors have already run out of the tickets. Advance sale will start closing today in the most remote parts of Slovenia as we take certain safety precautions, trying to assure a safe realization of the concert. Nevertheless, we will make sure we withhold some tickets for the foreign visitors who were unable to buy them before. For them tickets will be available on 13th September, 2003 from 3 PM at the stadium cashier's desk. From 5 PM and until sellout tickets will be available for everybody.

    We would like to take this opportunity to ask the concert-goers to appear at the stadium from 4 PM and to not park their vehicles in the stadium vicinity as traffic will be running as usual with the exception of Vodovodna Street, which will be closed for traffic.

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  • Insane

    The Insane video can be found here.

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  • Rh- Limited Edition

    The special-edition album Rh-, due to be released on 1st September, is quantity-limited and all 1500 copies available are numbered. All the songs on the album are sung in English and among the already known ones, there are two bonus tracks.
    Packed in a bloodbag, the bloodstained CD bears the characteristic feature of the album Rh-: blood. A point of interest: the bloodbags were labeled by the band members themselves, with a little help of their closest friends.

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  • Live premiere of Rh-

    SIDDHARTA live premiere of Rh- featuring 92 member RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra.
    multi-stage performance including 50 dancers.
    Gates open at 1600
    Show begins at 1900

    Central Stadium Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Special guests: DJ UMEK and others!

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  • Rh- internet

    Siddharta present a new version of our web page, signalling the release of the album Rh-.

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  • New Record Company

    Siddharta are closing their cooperation with Multimedia, the record company they have worked with for the last four years of their successful musical journey. In cooperation with Multimedia, Siddharta have released all their previous discography projects: their debut album Id, the single Lunanai, their second album Nord and the remix album Silikon Delta. The band and the record company have now agreed to discontinue their cooperation.
    The band wishes to express their gratitude towards the record company for the support it has received on their way and is proceeding to work with KifKif Records. Having foretold the release of their third studio album with the Rave video, Siddharta are now announcing its release date. The album entitled ″Rh-″ will be on sale from August 13th, 2003. The album will include 15 new tracks.

    In addition, the band is announcing the release of a special-edition, quantity-limited version of the album Rh-, available solely in the English language and uniquely wrapped. It will include two bonus tracks and will be released on September 1st, 2003.

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  • Rave

    The new Rh- video Rave can be found here.

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  • New email address

    Siddharta's new email address is info@siddharta.net.

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Concert in Postojna, Slovenia

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Despite different conditions (a different PA system, other performing artists) we staged one of the last concerts in the concert string of the Rh- tour very well. The performance was a bit shorter this time, but no less energetic.

Merry Christmas!