• Concert at the Repanšek Gallery

    Tonight is a special concert for us, quite special indeed. In cooperation with our sponsor Telekom Slovenije we came up with a unique trick. Here is the story.

    We announce that at some point in the near future Siddharta is to play in an unknown venue. We organize a prize draw for 150 lucky winners and bus them to a location they have no clue about. Indeed, it works and our winners receive their invitations.

    For the venue of this show we choose the Repanšek Gallery in close vicinity of Arboretum in Volčji Potok.

    It is around 8 PM when the first bus brings in the winners of our trip into the unknown. These and all to follow are offered a welcome drink and greeted in the sensuously decorated tent. The tent in the gallery's courtyard fills up quickly and within an hour all 150 guests have arrived.

    The concert starts, the atmosphere is seriously unique, somewhat magical, intimate and packed with pure positive energy. With the help of our fans we rock the place in our own best manner for about an hour and a half, and afterwards we spend the rest of the evening talking with our fans - till about 2 AM.

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  • Maribor concert

    Woohoo, Maribor! Another year has passed and it is again time for the annual Piše se leto concert. We can't wait to hit the road to Maribor, where we'll be playing in the Ledna dvorana hall. Yeah, unfortunately this year it's not open-air, but we don't mind.

    The usual routine - the place, gear, bus, coffee and off we go to Styria for probably the best concert of the season. The line-up is amazing - Dan D, Siddharta and Elvis Jackson! You could hardly do better at this point in Slovenia. And we've got both Ross Robinson and Ryan travelling with us! Tomaž wrote them an invitation and they both gladly accepted. They flew in to Venice yesterday and today we have the honour of taking them along to Maribor.

    When we get to Maribor, the Elvis Jackson sound check is in progress. The guys rock the hall, literally. We spend some time nosing around, then move backstage to unpack and afterwards we go have coffee in a near-by bar.

    After sound check we take the van and go to dinner. After dinner some of us decide to take a swim in the pool, while others hit the Pohorje slopes to see the preparations for tomorrow's downhill.

    Show time is close and Dan D have done a great job filling up the hall and warming up the fans. Once we're on stage, the feeling is phenomenal. The hall is packed with people expecting a great party. And that's exactly what they'll get. The concert goes as planned, without any complications. And even the Americans are beside themselves seeing the audience. They say that you can't see such audience too often, not even with the bigger bands.

    After the concert we decide to stay in Maribor and show the Americans the way we party in Slovenia. Yesterday they explored Slovenia's landscape, today it's time for us to show them some genuine Slovenian rock'n'roll. The night ends early morning in one of the clubs in Maribor.

    Thanks to all who came to see us play. There is no us without you. Over and out.

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  • Baroko now available!

    Third of the Saga EP's, Baroko, has finally arrived. Since yesterday it has been available through the Big Bang and Müller stores across Slovenia, through the Čarli TV sales, at www.svetglasbe.net and of course in our official online store. The CD includes 4 versions of Baroko: Baroko, Baroko Sinmfo, Baroko Angeltrap Mix and Baroko (acoustic).



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  • Baroko

    Here comes Baroko!

    The runaway single will finally be officially released and that will make it the third single within the Saga project, which is slowly taking its final form.

    Baroko will exclusively air on-line on www.siol.net/siddharta-saga on Wednesday, 17 June, 2009 at 20:00 and later also on all radio stations.

    Because Baroko managed to "suddenly appear" on internet torrents, we decided to premiere the "American" version of the song as the main single. This was recorded during our stay in Los Angeles and was produced by world renowned producer Ross Robinson. This will make Baroko but the first glimpse and taste for our fans of what our new record will sound like.

    The new CD will feature 4 different versions of the song and will be available in our official webstore at www.masterofmetal.net/siddharta, at www.svetglasbe.net and also in Big Bang and Mueller stores throughout Slovenia and via Čarli TV.

    The visual part was provided by Veto Group with an exceptional talent of Blaž Porenta who managed to stun us again with an amazing illustration.

    Saga is powered by SiOL. Main partner of Saga is Telekom Slovenije, d.d.


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Koncert Galerija Repanšek

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Danas smo se zaputili na jedan specijalan koncert, nešto čisto posebno. Naime, u sudjelovanju s našim sponzorom, Telekomom Slovenije, smo smislili zanimljivu foru. Dakle bilo je odprilike ovako.

Objavimo da će Siddharta uskoro održati koncert na nepoznatoj lokaciji. Organiziramo nagradnu igru, izvučemo 150 sretnika te ih odvezemo nekamo autobusom. I zbilja, akcija uspije i izvučeni dobiju pozivnice.

Za lokaciju izaberemo Galeriju Repanšek blizu Arboretuma Volčji Potok.

Oko 20h dolazi prvi autobus sa dobitnicima puta u nepoznato kojima, kao i ostalima koji dolaze, osoblje posluži welcome drink te ih odvede u ugodno uređen šator. Šator pred galerijom se ubrzo napuni i za manje od sat vremena je prisutno svih 150 gostiju.

Koncert je uspješno odrađen, atmosfera je zbilja prisna, nekako čarobna, intimna i puna čiste pozitivne energije. Nakon približno sat i pol divljanja na pozornici i pod njom se s obožavateljima zapričamo do približno 2h ujutro.