Another day, another gig. This time we headed East, towards Koroška. During the drive there we entertained ourselves with yet another cinematographic masterpiece and as it turned out our driver, Lovro, didn't drive any slower than the drivers who were too fast and too furious. Somewhat cloudy weather threatened to turn to rain which soaked us on both concerts in the recent past, but as it turned out it took nothing more but a sound check to clear those clouds off the sky. We headed to our host, Nikolas, and his restaurant Saloon where they just don't cease to amaze with their abnormal, almost murderous (but very tasty) portions of food. The only one who managed a pancake (1) at the end was Kraški, but as it turns out he would eat an elephant we he was given the chance, so … Well stuffed with various assortments of Mexican cuisine we rolled (rather than walked) back to the bus and headed back to the venue. First tones of our intro and the venue began filling up. The part exploded with full throttle and the stage soon became flaming hot. We premiered (un)acoustic version of Novi Svet (Keaziree) and received and amazing feedback. When we finished we left the stage to Vlado Kreslin and headed to the bus to refresh ourselves with a few beers. On the way back to Ljubljana we were accompanied by "The Dude" Lebowski even though most of us (still culinarily weighed down) sunk into a light sleep.
    Slovenj Gradec – you are always a pleasure! See you soon!
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    It was around 2PM when we started from Ljubljana and the short drive to Kranj went by in a blink of an eye. We stopped in front of ZAPORNICA that leads to old city center. It was here where we noticed a sign that clearly stated that only vehicles under 3,5 tons are allowed to cross the bridge. As we drove across it, it was Tisa's heart that stopped as she tightly held onto the seat in front of her, looking into the abyss below. We unloaded our equipment and headed to the venue. Summer Theatre Khislstein is a newly build amphitheatric venue which bathed us in the sun throughout the sound check. Shortly before dinner the organizers brought us the good news that the concert was completely sold out. As the doors opened the venue filled up quickly and soon it was time for us to hit the stage. Cold evening soon flared up and the amazing venue with an awesome crowd returned everything we put in; sparks of energy kept igniting till the very end when, shortly before 11 PM, almost in the middle of the night, we finished with Na Soncu.
    This truly amazing evening was over almost too quickly. A few words with friends and extremely kind organizers and then we headed back to Ljubljana.
    Kranj – thank you! You were – awesome!
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    For the 10th anniversary of our cooperation with Symphony Orchestra RTV Slovenia we present you with our new song – Novi Svet (Keaziree). The song was recorded with Symphony Orchestra RTV SLO on June 17th and 18th this year on a sold out concert in Cankarjev dom. We both joined forces with Martin Janežič – Buco (percussions), Milko Lazar (arrangement for the orchestra) and Simon Krečič (conductor).

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    The day started with us reminiscing over the previous, phenomenal night in Nova Gorica. But there wasn't much time to dwell on things past. We boarded the bus a few minutes after 2 PM and headed towards Frankolovo. The spirits were high, and the multiple-Oscar-winner Expendables 2 had a lot to do with it (our crew rarely disappoints with their diamond pick of cinematographic over achievements). But the cherry on top was (as it proved during the course of the day, evening and even during the night) the gift that was presented to our Melinda. The gift full of effects, plug-ins and AA batteries soon got its own slogan; let it shake, let it shake!

    At Frankolovo we were greeted by the sun, a huge venue and a little smaller speakers placed on a slightly tilted stage. But this didn't ruin our good mood. After the sound check we went to Turist restaurant where we also got a visit from Magic Aleksander. Looking at the cards and how fast they changed in front of our very eyes, we had no choice but to be deeply impressed by his incredible skills, while Jani kept repeating to himself "ten of hearts, ten of hearts, …"

    Soon the time to hit the stage came. And then it all started. Incredibly warm reception kept ascending to the very last note of Vojna Idej. The evening soon gave way to a damp and cold night and we warmed ourselves with a few cold ones and hung out by the bus with the organizers and friends who dropped by to see us.

    Comfortably tired we arrived to Ljubljana at 4 AM and then slowly dispersed towards our homes.
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Ob 10. obletnici sodelovanja s Simfoničnim Orkestrom RTV Slovenija na razprodanem bežigrajskem stadionu vam poklanjamo novo pesem - Novi Svet (Keaziree). Skupaj s simfoniki smo ga posneli na letošnjem 2x razprodanem akustičnem koncertu (17. in 18. junij 2013) v Cankarjev domu. Poleg Simfoničnega Orkestra RTV SLO smo združili moči tudi z Martinom Janežičem – Bucotom, ki se nam je pridružil na tolkalih in Milkom Lazarjem, ki je poskrbel za orkestralni aranžma. Vse skupaj pa se je odvijalo pod taktirko dirigenta Simona Krečiča.