• LIVE IMPRESSIONS, 2013-03-28, BUDAPEST - R33

    The temperatures finally got above zero! We arrived with sunshine in front of a relatively new club, which reminded us a bit of our Metlekova. Even the technology required quite a few of our improvisational skills. Sometime one has to imagine a piece of hardware so one can calibrate oneself into a demanding situation. But, at the end of the day; "it's only fuckin' rock n' roll" and everything works just fine. The locals prepared some sort of a stew after the sound check. When we were done with the intaking of the nutritionalities (another one of Tisa's new words), we each assumed horizontal positions on the bus, waiting for the late start of our show. Outside it was still snowing. The female part of the crew managed to finish off  the chocolate candies, that we had since the beginning of the tour. Eva managed to chocolate herself sick. She was extremely diligent on this tour and had to have a new package of merchandise delivered from Ljubljana because she sold all of the rest (if she wouldn't she wouldn't be allowed home anyway).

    The clock struck 11 PM and we hit the stage as loud as we could. And the Hungarian audience was just as loud, screaming their support. Thank you, Budapest, we had a really nice time! We have to move on and soon we'll be home. Ahead of us is the last gig of the tour, Zagreb.
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    We bid our farewell to Poland in an unforgettable way. The most beautiful gift that we received was and exceptional energy, which we won't forget that easily. The candy will be gone, beer and sour-cherry vodka also, but the memories of this evening will stay with us at least until we come back! Thank you for your throats at Ring and for another sit-down during Samo Edini. Thank you also to both groups who warmed up the audience. With everything going on we were left speechless. We spent the night at the club with some music from the 90ies. And in the meanwhile – outside the snow kept falling.
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    The night trip to Bzayla club was nothing short of a battle that didn't end until 11 AM. The bus was skipping and jumping over the pot holes and our backs desperately tried to stay as close to our beds as possible. At the end we were greeted by Ljubljana-cold and beautiful Poznan sun, which made our tour manager Andraž sing;  “Jst ne morem več na busu živet, jst bi hotu na kavo, jst bi hotu met svoj skret…”

    But the battle took its toll; Primož woke up with a broken toe, Tomi's hand was in pain, Tomaž's shoulder is FUBAR as it is and the rest of us would gladly just leave our backs at the massage parlor for the whole day. No, we're not old. We'll just blame it on the roads.

    The locals prepared some strong coffee as we plowed through the sound check and the left the stage to an upbeat group Envia. We proceeded towards a steak house to get some vegetables and proteins. Not necessarily in that order. Outside, believe it or not, it was still snowing. Poznan is a very nice town and we wanted to see it such as it was; moon-lit. The moon's effect was, accruing to Jani, extremely positive and despite the obvious tendencies towards disability throughout the group we gave it all our best as we plowed through the setlist for our Polish fans. They surprised us with more gifts after the show; different kinds of beer and special edition t-shirts.

    Thank you, Poznan, for beautiful energy and an exquisite evening!
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    Luckily the bus somehow managed the bouncy roads to Krakow, right up to the parking lot in front of the club where it dramatically broke down. Before this the toilets froze due to the –20 degrees Celsius. Maybe we're just being too mean to it and now it's holding a grudge. Dear tour bus, from now on we will be kind to you… It's a good thing tomorrow's a day off.

    This time around the backstage greeted us with a fair share of uncooked vegetables. Klub Kwadrat hosted almost an infinite number of interesting names, Gabage being one of them, this fact gave Tomaž a "brilliant" idea that he has the honor of showering in the same showers as their singer. Wow! Just wow! Girls from the opening act group Brain's All Gone, who are known from some Polish music TV show warmed up the stage and the crowd in their own punk-ish way. Outside, believe it or not, it was still snowing. We could hardly wait to unleash the thunder over the waiting audience who are chanting our name even before we step on the stage. And so we went through two hours of amazing energy flowing from us to the grateful audience and right back. Thank you Krakow, you have also been awesomely insatiable!

    Duši and Darjan packed our gear back onto the already repaired bus. We drove across the city, where we plan to spend tomorrow's "day off".
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    Well massaged from a long and not the most comfortable drive we awoke into a beautiful, sunny and cold morning. It took quite a bit of courage for us to go for a walk through the student campus, where the club is situated. No ice skates were used even though the ground was frozen solid.

    In the afternoon we entered a really nice concert venue with a bit of Spinal-tap-is backstage. At that time we had no idea of what we are in for on this beautiful day. The evening crept upon us with a blistering speed and proved itself so amazing that it seems nonsensical to lose words on the dinner and cooked pickled cucumbers.

    The third concert of the tour couldn't possibly end on a higher level or with a better atmosphere. Those who were there, and there were more than a few, know exactly what we are talking about. Together we knitted an evening of immense atmosphere, jumping to the ceiling, picking out the songs (the ones that are missing from the playlist that proves every day to be too short), technical exceptionalititties (Tisa loves to make up new words) and another simultaneous sit-down during our most balladest ballad. This amazing evening needed to be documented even by Boštjan who "helped" our light designer Vido with constant flashing of his phone while playing drums. It's a good thing he has two hands. And it's an even better thing that Vido doesn't lack sense of humor, also.

    Dear fans, we know that we said this yesterday during our show, but we need to do it again: Thank you and our deepest respect! We WILL be back. As long as you are there, so will be we!

    We prolonged this beautiful evening with a party on our night-liner, where we ate too much Smoki, listened to the right amount of good music and didn't drink enough water. The road took us towards Krakow. Outside the snow continues to fall.
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    After arriving to Wroclaw some of us took up the opportunity of relaxing with an anti-stress therapy in the pools and saunas of a wellness center. And we finally managed to get our hands on some coffee grains for out top-notch expresso machine so we can wake up easily after the bouncy nights on Polish roads. In Madness club, which was almost torn apart by the Polish audience the last October, the soundcheck (BTW – Primož can pull off the entire drum-check) got extensively prolonged due to technical difficulties (not Primož's fault).But it all played out well at the end and the locals served us with much anticipated specialty, Pirogi. Outside it was – still snowing.

    At 9 PM we hit the stage with full force. The audience exploded and later we witnessed the first-ever spontaneous sit-down of everyone in attendance during the first notes of Samo Edini. This time even Tomi had to follow this charismatic stunt of the audience. Great moments, filled with laugh-out-loud rock n' roll silliness, brought a few extra songs in otherwise locked playlist. The audience couldn't get enough.

    After hanging out with fans and loading the equipment in extreme cold we headed off into the night … And towards Warsaw.
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    We started towards Dresden good spirited and totally knackered from rearranging  our new rehearsal place with a collective goal of getting some rest. Given the suspicious "springy" smell that was present in Ljubljana, we could expect nothing less than cold and snow throughout the entire trip. :) Well, this time around the winter proves to be a bit too long and the tour bus a bit too short. We had to cram ourselves in our little hostel on wheels like potato in Polish Pirogi. We are sure we'll get used to it by the time we get to Zagreb just as we are sure that we won't be as cold as we are at the moment.

    We couldn't go sightseeing in this exceptional German city as much as we did the last time around because we got blown right back on the bus by gushes of cold wind. And we didn't get off until the club opened and we warmed our frozen limbs under warm showers in the biggest backstage ever. Outside it kept snowing. Soundcheck went by and we had some time until dinner so we amused ourselves picturing the same little group of people from the previous gig, each of them placed in their carefully chosen spot.

    The reality was quite different once we hit the stage: amazing turnout by the audience who awarded us with "Zugabe!" and a phenomenal energy.
    Thank you, Dresden!

    Now let's see what Wroclaw will bring, beside the Polish Pirogi, of course. :)
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    The day started in Ljubljana with us leaving the old rehearsal place for the last time. Meanwhile the new one is in its final stages of construction. We headed for Kranjska Gora and arrived there early even though we were late leaving Ljubljana. The organizers made sure that everything ran smoothly the whole time. And as far as their efforts are concerned we can only congratulate them for their professionality and kindness. The weather was slaloming its way between drizzle and rain with a few stops in between. After the soundcheck we went for a walk through Kranjska Gora, stopped for a cup of coffee and then headed for lunch. After lunch some of us hit the beds and couches in the nearby apartment. We didn't even properly close our eyes when they yanked us out and escorted us back to the venue. There Elvis Jackson just finished their set and everyone was getting ready for the draw of start numbers for tomorrow's slalom run. Then it was our turn. Kranjska Gora never let us down. And you kept to that tradition. After an hour and a half long set we handed the stage over to Sausages, while we made sure the party didn't end too soon. Kranjska Gora; you were great!!!
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    MTV Adria honored us with a golden MTV Video Play Award 2012 for our video HOLLYWOOD feat. Lara B. The video got the rotation of over 200 plays which was enough to win Golden Award.
    We would like to thank our fans and MTV Adria for their support!

    Thank you,
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Bus je poskakovanje na poti v Krakow na srečo zdržal vse do parkirišča pred klubom, kjer je nato dramatično crknil. Pred tem mu je na poti na -20 stopinjah celzija zamrznil wc. Morda ga preveč šimfamo in nam je zameril. Dragi avtobus, ne bomo te več zafrkaval … Še dobro, da je jutri day off.

V backstage-u končno poštena, nekuhana doza zelenjave. Klub Kwadrat je sicer doslej gostil že skorajda nešteto zanimivih imen, med drugim tudi Garbage, iz česar je Tomaž potegnil idejo, da se je najverjetneje imel čast tuširat pod istim tušem kot njihova pevka. Vau. Deklice iz predskupine Brain’s all Gone, ki je poznana iz nekega poljskega glasbenega tv šova, so po punkovsko pridno ogrele oder in občinstvo. Zunaj pa je vseskozi rahlo naletaval sneg.  Komaj smo čakali, da zagrmimo pred nestrpnim občinstvom, ki se na vsa grla dere naše ime še preden stopimo na oder. In tako sta nas tudi tokrat pričakali približno dve uri izjemne energije, pretakajoče se od nas do hvaležnega poslušalstva in nazaj. Hvala Krakow, tudi vi ste bili odlično nenasitni!

Duši in Darjan sta z ostalo ekipo v pozitivnem vzdušju in negativnih tempraturah našo opremo pridno zabasala nazaj na prikolico, pripeto na ponovno delujoč tour-bus, ki nas je odpeljal na drugi konec mesta, kjer bomo jutri preživeli dela prost dan.