New musical project of American Embassy in Slovenia, that pays tribute to R.E.M. and environmental issues

    As you know we responded to the invitation of American Embassy in Slovenia and Chris Eckman and remade R.E.M.’s song Imitation of Life.
    The time has come for the album’s release. This will be supported by a free promotional concert at Kongresni trg on 8 September at 18:00 in Ljubljana.

    The concert will feature all the bands, each of which will present its remake of R.E.M.’s song and one of their own. The bands involved in the project are: Siddharta, Elvis Jackson, N’toko, Vlado Kreslin with Croatian band The Bambi Molesters, Zoran Predin with Massimo Savič, Melodrom, Severa Gjurin, Murat & Jose, Boštjan Narat, Lollobrigida, My Buddy Moose with Chris Eckman, Polona Kasal, Mia Žnidarič and Steve Klink Trio, The Toronto Drug Bust, The Tide and a couple of surprises. The song, chosen by these bands, go all the way back from the early 80ies to their latest album.

    See you at Kongresni trg!

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    What is there to be said after a crazy weekend like this? Over 80.000 visitors, more than 80 different beers and Siddharta’s musical “blitzkrieg”.
    The sound system was provided by our friends from FNM – it was great as usual. Our crew set the stage to perfection, awesome sound and lights which added their amazing feel to the show. We could really dive in and enjoy the gig. Energy was bursting from the stage and the fans returned it with just as much force. Wild! The hospitality of the local organizers took us through the night and into Sunday, when Robi drove us home. Safely.
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    After 3 years we returned to Schengenfest. It is amazing how the festival developed. Magnificent venue near river Kolpa, now with a huge camping area and with a stage of epic proportions. The festival team is working in the right directions and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that they don’t give up because Slovenia needs this kind of festivals. We also invited Lara B, who sang Hollywood, and Buco who joined us for Domine. During Na Soncu we hosted ourselves; Tomaž played the guitar, Tomi took over as the drummer, Jani got a hold of the keyboards, Primož went for 4 stringed bass and Boštjan took over the mic. It was a blast and we had a hell of a good time!
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    We took over Slovenski trg in the city center and gathered quite a crowd of some of our most interesting supporters with our sound check. Nice. :) Everything was great as it always is with our friend from Agencija 19. Great lunch in Buf, meeting with Petarda, some of us went to the pool, joined a poker session and a couple of hours until stage time passed like minutes. Kranjfest was loud and great. You came in great numbers and we gave you just as much. Our friends from Čupakabra quite literally set the “Na Soncu” on fire. Rock on!
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    It is really great to come to a venue where you can instantly feel that the organizers and the local community live for the event! Where every one has their own role and place in a mosaic called Rock Batuje. And that is probably why they endured for 10 years (BTW – Happy anniversary!) and why the people keep coming back. We were there for the first time and hope that not for the last.
    During the sound check we kept our eyes closed since the early afternoon sun was shining directly at us. :) Grilled food at Dule and a great festival in the evening! A bow and cheerz till the next time!
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Kaj lahko zapišemo po takšnem norem vikendu? Več kot 80.000 obiskovalcev, več kot 80 vrst piva in Siddhartin glasbeni "blitzkrieg".
Ozvočenje so imeli čez FNM-jevci - super kot vedno, naš crew je poštimal oder tako kot se šika, dober zvok in luči so pridodale svoj nepogrešljiv delež in mi smo se res lahko posvetili samo brezskrbnemu nastopu. Z odra je kar bruhala energija in publika nam je vračala v enaki meri. Divje! Gostoljubja smo bili deležni še pozno v noč in Robi nas je utrujene v nedeljo varno pripeljal domov.