Day of extraordinary achievements, day for partying, day of remembering, day of records, day of youth. And we felt right at home. The local promoters treated us like counts. The logistics were spot on, the food at Štorman Hotel was great, even the weather sorted itself out. And don’t even get us started on the crowd ... You were wild! Our friend Buco joined us on stage, Domine was his 5th gig on that day! We toasted (repeatedly) with old and new friends and congratulated Dani from Big Foot Mama for his birthday.
    Celje, Celje, Celje, what can we say in conclusion so we can be as fair as possible?! It was exceptional, unbelievable, devoted, unforgettable, royal... It is true, the youth is the corner-stone of the world and we are happy that you understand rock n’ roll!
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    Cankar’s peak claimed. It was won by Majske Igre festival.
    Tuesday was a great day. The melancholy of previous rainy days was obliterated by the Sun and good spirits gave way to sport & music on their way to success. The harmonious FNM crew prepared the stage impeccably and the promoters of Majske Igre gave it all their best in making sure that everything ran smoothly. Sound check was amazing, followed by culinary awesomeness and endless sea of crowd at the show itself. We felt the energy of the students and returned it empowered with our music. Two hours passed in five minutes. It was insane! We can only wish that we’ll be able to return as soon as possible. We also wish all the students lots of success at their summer exams!
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Cankarjev vrh osvojen, Majske igre so zmagovalec.
Torek je bil res super dan. Sonček je razbil deževno otožnost preteklih dni in dobra volja ter športno/glasbeni dan sta imel prosto pot do uspeha. Uigrana ekipa FNM je imela oder brezhibno pripravljen, organizatorji Majskih igre pa so prireditev vzeli resno in z vso predanostjo skrbeli, da vse teče kot po maslu. Super tonska vaja že dopoldan, za tem kulinarične dobrote na Cankarjevem vrhu ter odlična in zeeelooo številčna publika zvečer na koncertu. Čutili smo študentsko energijo in jo vrnili ojačano z glasbo. Dve uri sta minili v petih minutah. Noro! Kar si lahko zaželimo je le, da se kmalu spet vrnemo, našim prijateljem študentom pa veliko uspeha na poletnih izpitnih rokih.