• 2012, 2013, BONSAI (Tribal) - FREE DOWNLOAD!

    2012 is slowly ending and we have to say that it was (as they all were) a fun year. However, not to reminisce or dwell on the past too much - after all, we all know what & how it happened, we are already looking forward to 2013 and better times that lie ahead. Our plans are, as usual, ambitious and are aimed towards the stages in Slovenia and outside. We just don't seem to can't get enough of you live. :)

    To ease the wait and as a little and modest thank you for your support and devotion we re-arranged and re-recorded Bonsai. We did so after two very successful unplugged concerts, still feeding off the incredible energy that is present whenever our good friend, Buco, is around. He joined us in the studio and the result is Bonsai (Tribal). We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording and performing it for you.

    That said; we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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    Maribor was our second unplugged destination. Enthused over how Ljubljana came across we aimed even higher in Maribor's Štuk. We invited six girls from Pandora (pole-dance group) to join us on stage and they stole the show during Baroko and … . It is a shame that the front line of the band couldn't admire their skills on the pole. 3 times hurray for the cameras. Full Štuk venue always – we know that we say this every time, but it's just the way it is – provides an amazing atmosphere and the Maribor crowd lifted us into unforeseen heights and gently let us back down onto the snowy ground. Damn, how welcome we always feel in Maibor! Until the next time …
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    Cvetličarna opened its door for us again and hosted us in an unplugged version.  The renovated club is fair match to any club outside of Slovenian borders and we were deeply impressed. We had some complications with sound on the stage during the sound check, but this was quickly forgotten when we felt the honest energy of the crowd. We have to admit that we didn't enjoy a gig like this for a long time or have received such a thunderous cheering from the crowd. Absolutely crazy! The gig was over far too quickly, you dragged Na Soncu out of us (even though we haven't rehearsed it) and cheered us with bis request as we left the stage. It was a pleasure mingling with you afterwards. We took some photos, signed a few autographs and had a great time hanging out with you. We will remember this night for a long long time! Thank you, dear friends!
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    It is almost holiday time and time for all those creatures that are sneaking around (all of them with big bags, obviously) leaving gifts for younger and older kids.
    To make sure that these creatures don't run out of ideas what and where to get, we decided to give them a helping hand with a little suggestion …

    We are starting a special holiday offer "3 4 2" (you pick 3 items, the cheapest one is for free)!

    The offer is valid from 2012-12-01 till 2013-01-14.
    You can choose from all the items available!

    Get your fingers ready and see the goodies at http://store.siddharta.net!
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2012, 2013, BONSAI (Tribal) - BREZPLAČEN PRENOS!

2012 se počasi izteka in lahko rečemo, da je bilo (kot vsa do zdaj) zabavno leto. Kakorkoli že, da ne obujamo spominov in ždimo na preteklosti - konec koncev vsi vemo kaj in kako se je zgodilo, lahko rečemo, da so naši pogledi že uprti v 2013 in boljše čase, ki so pred nami. Naši načrti so, kot ponavadi, ambiciozni in uperjeni proti odrom po Sloveniji in tujini. Zdi se, da nam nikakor ne more biti dovolj druženj z vami na koncertih. :)

Da vam olajšamo čakanje in kot majhno, skromno zahvalo za vašo podporo in predanost, smo na novo prearanžirali in posneli Bonsai. Za to smo se odločili na podlagi dveh zelo uspešnih akustičnih koncertov. Še vedno črpajoč izjemno energijo, ki je prisotna vsakič, ko je z nami Buco. Pridružil se nam je v studiu in rezultat je Bonsai (Tribal). Upamo, da boste v njem uživali vsaj toliko, kot smo mi med snemanjem in medtem, ko smo ga za vas igrali v živo.

Skratka; želimo vam vesel božič in srečno novo leto!